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We start not only a New Year but a new decade this month. It helps to understand why this month offers such a potent mix of work and opportunity. We have a once in a lifetime transit happening that we’ve felt most of last year, that lingers a while longer. We are past the critical tipping point and it’s easier to feel some release of tension. However we are not clear of the challenging energy yet.

This is a testing time. Can you separate out your habitual response from what really suits you now? It’s important to call in your inner observer. That is the part of you who can stand back from a situation long enough to see more than the immediate trigger and response. The more you can do that now, the smoother the integration will be as you expand.

Picture this. Your old response pattern and the stories that fueled them are like dirt, crumbs and debris on a table. You’ve got a handful of brightly colored clay to craft whatever appeals to you. If you throw that clay down on a dirty table, you’ve got to do it with intent, knowing what you want the debris to do. Or you may want to sweep it clean and start fresh. It’s your choice.

Hands On Help

If your heart line is Earth or Water, sweeping clean takes a little more concentrated effort. Separation is less comfortable to you and even the crumbs can represent connection to people, moments, memories. Best to remember that memories are portable. You can write them down in journals and take them with you even as you release the tangible evidence that the connection was real. Allow the process to unfold in perfect time, just keep the goal in mind of fresh start.

If you are Fire or Air heart line, then release is easier. Fire leaps into the future one moment at a time, yet patience serves you well to remind you that little daily effort is required to maintain bonds. Air suffers from too much or too little organized thought. You either drown in debris or fixed on categorizing it all before you clear it away. You do best with a buddy to help sort it all out. Both Fire and Air can quickly change direction, you just want change to be more than skin deep. Attention to detail in healthy balance serves you both well.

Where Your Heart Line Lands

The Cards & Stars

The first New Moon of each calendar year is always in Capricorn. This year’s first lunar cycle was an eclipse, the mirror of last July’s eclipse. We don’t immediately see the results of eclipses, they tend to reveal themselves in partnership with the second or in some case unfold over three cycles. This eclipse season wrapped up with the historic meet up of Saturn and Pluto on January 10th. We live in a pivotal era.

The way you start this year is foundational for you and it also impacts the whole world. How, you might ask? It isn’t about doing it perfectly so exhale on that fear that you somehow started this year wrong. The only way you get it wrong is to mindlessly repeat what you’ve done your whole life, even when it doesn’t fit you. Time to get to know you a lot better. After all, we use only about 10-15% of our brain, so that’s a whole lot of unexplored real estate just in one aspect of you.

One of the fun things I’ve done is get my hula hoop out. When I am caught in a mind loop or bearing down too hard on a deadline, I get it out and put on some music. I hoop my way to a break through. Or just refresh my thoughts. The goal is to feel better doing whatever I am doing. Period. If I’m going to do it, I want to find the element of fun. I’m going full on Mary Poppins here – “In every job that’s to be done there is an element of fun, find the fun and snap the job’s a breeze”. It makes the day lighter.

Where can your world lighten up with a few small adjustments? Sustainable growth is build on small consistent building blocks of change. Find those moments brick by brick and build a bridge out of the past and into a future that you love, no matter what happens around you. The Cards and Stars will help.

Thank you,

Lisa Greenfield

New Moon Card: Queen of Pentacles

This receptive Queen is a star at grounding what comes her way. With the right attitude she turns anything that happens to her advantage. Ceres was opposite the Moon for the Lunar Eclipse on 1/10/20, sitting with the Sun and a host of other planets. This meetup requires you see where your ego and pride color the stories you tell yourself. Injured pride or wounded ego causes you far more distress when you act from this view then it does when you sit down and examine the lie behind the injury.

Most people aren’t out to make you feel worse about yourself. Some do, but far less than people believe it happens. More often than not people are self absorbed and oblivious. An adult conversation can go a long way towards closing the gap in understanding. What happened that distresses you may have a wonderful outcome when you can wade in on the adult level and clear up miscommunication.

Separate out behavior from the person. Actions that feel like an insult or injury can be addressed without demonizing the person doing it. Ask for what you want and need in a way that invites them to meet you there rather than shaming or blaming them for what they do. Attitude affects how you go about it. The more clearly you know your goal, to honor your needs while respecting another’s, the faster you get to quality connection. Try it and see. This Queen is all about practice makes perfect.

Monday: 1/20/20 Two of Bows, Decision

Pay close attention to who you talk to today. The Moon, Mars and Neptune are having challenges getting along which means it’s easy to get hot under the collar for reasons not related to what’s going on in front of you. Misplaced anger, aggression, grievance can spill over if you aren’t careful. Be aware this is cooking for you and those around you.

You are always the Captain of your internal weather. Steer wisely today, no matter how big the waves and choose your mates well, too. Eris, the Goddess of Discord makes her presence known through disgruntled feelings. If you find yourself grumpy over unmet expectations, shift it up.

Where can you take a small bite out of something that satisfies? The chances are good that what you want just hasn’t happened yet. Don’t make yourself miserable because your mind is at the finish line when the rest of you is mid race. Soothe yourself with something that feels good and decide that you don’t have enough information to be disappointed yet. More than doer, be a decider. Once you make that decision, the bumps in the road get manageable.

Tuesday: 1/21/20 Page of Stones

The Moon is void of course today which is the rest period between cycles as it gets ready for a New Moon this Friday. The other planets lay low, taking their cue to pause, rest and refresh. Follow their lead and find space to take some long deep breaths, followed by slow sweet exhales. The Pages are the inner state the precedes our actions, symbolized by the Knights. Time to tend the inner landscape.

It’s a good day to give yourself credit for moments of clarity, strength, courage and risk that you’ve accomplished in big or small ways these last few weeks of the New Year. Stop and applaud your efforts, regardless of the current results. The energy right now is one of investing. Like the seed that breaks free of the shell, you still have to push upwards out of the dark soil. Each time you shine on yourself for those changes helps you steer towards more light.

Wednesday: The Seer

Your ego is dismantled in service of a bigger truth today. It may sting but there is also relief that goes with it. You are only human, after all. But being human is magic itself. Where else can you take the worst that happens and use all the elements to transform it into something exquisite. Okay, butterflies have a similar process. Still, being human is what we are so let’s stay with that for now.

The Sun gets some help and challenge today, to invite us to use the ego wisely. We need it to take risks. Without ego, would brain surgery ever happen? Would a man have walked on the moon? Probably not. Our ego is part of the vision and courage to dream and dare. A healthy balance makes it work for you rather than against you. Play with what serves and what hurts you in that arena today.

The Seer calls out the part of us that senses more than what we see. The ancient wisdom passed down through our DNA combines with the power of this moment to shape what unfolds. Let your day be richly informed from all the elements and slide forward a step at a time. Slow movement allows fresh information to land before you rush past it. The devil is in the details so move slowly and gather strength, guidance as you tune in to all that’s around you.

Thursday: Ace of Bows

The day unfolds in two parts, the first half being a chance to center and follow what lights you up. The second half of the day will test you to see how well you grounded yourself earlier in the day. This evening calls to mind the Mark Twain philosophy, virtue untested is not virtue but vanity. Until we can face change and actively choose to do things differently, we are stuck in trained response mode.

Even if you catch yourself falling into a habitual response, circle back and revisit it. Adjust and if need be make amends. It’s not about doing change perfectly, it’s about doing it at all. This Ace is a flame of inspiration inside you that looks for more fuel. Find what feeds your Spirit and stoke the fire. Respect, recognition, praise are all ways to give yourself positive attention for even small steps. Don’t miss the opportunity to recognize efforts internal and external. Feed the fire now and it will grow…

Friday is a New Moon in Aquarius. Stay tuned for the two week forecast coming by Friday… thank you!

Support For Bridge Building

These are interesting times. Who you are adds an incredibly valuable piece to what’s unfolding and it is no accident you live here, now. Discover more about what this year holds for you when you enjoy your half hour 12 Month, New Year Reading with Lisa here. Let’s go month by month for what’s unfolding, where you break free and what resources exist to do just that.

If you feel these transits and want to go deeper, then let’s add another layer of insight with where the eclipses in Cancer and Capricorn affect you most. This Year Ahead Transit Reading dials in on what’s shadowed and what is light. This way you can make the most of what’s to come along with the 12 Month forecast. Where you break out of the shell is shown by where the eclipses land in your chart, therefore your life.

Do know that change is unfolding in you, moment by moment. Just by being alive now, you contribute to the shifts in our world. My goal is to make sure you enjoy what’s unfolding and shape it according to your unique design. You make a difference, I can share just how… thank you for the opportunity to ‘see’ you.

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