Tarot With TruthinHand Love & Manipulation

One definition of manipulation means to use your hands, manually, to shape what’s in front of you. The shadow side of that is to use a ‘sleight of hand’ to conceal the truth of a situation – which is where the word gets a bad reputation, especially in love. People tense up at the pairing of Love and Manipulation. Did you?

It helps to get clear on that before you get wrist deep in things this week. We almost all have fears of our vulnerability being used against us. Shift that this week when you recognize fear of loss drives the shadow side of manipulation especially when the fear is deeply tangled with what you love.

Have compassion for your own fear and still make a choice that doesn’t resort to a cheat to get what you love, then you start to erase scarcity as a driving force in your world. You attract less of it as well as practice less of it, because it becomes a key that won’t fit the lock in your heart.

That’s important, because this year lays the foundation for the authentic life you have in front of you. This requires you to see what you have for resources, connections, dreams and desires so you can rearrange them like pavers to move you ahead on the path to your preferred destination. Abundance is available, you need to remove what blocks you from seeing it so you can use all the benefits around you to construct the ground floor for those dreams.

It helps to know where you are going, get very clear on where you start and then get hands on to create the path to your heart’s desires. It will be a year of adventure when you have direction and foundation strong enough to handle the twists and jolts that lay ahead. The Cards and Stars will help…

Thank you,

Lisa Greenfield


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Card of the Week: Ten of Vessels, Happiness

“True emotional stability and freedom” is how the Wildwood Tarot describes this ten. Ten’s are an empowered one and this week brims with vessels, so emotions flow freely. The question is, how will you shape them?

We create our own happiness with how we shape each conversation, connection and interaction. It’s a good week to manage your reactions and see where lack or scarcity cast a shadow. There’s solid support to move out of conditioned responses into creative molding of what’s on hand. When you keep that in mind as you move through each day there is an ease and flow as tangible proof of what’s possible for the new normal. Now that is stability and freedom.

Monday: Six of Vessels, Reunion

Six represents the Virgo energy of wholeness. It reminds us that we have everything we require for what’s at hand. It invites us to see things with a beginner’s mind. You have help thanks to the Moon and Uranus, the Great Awakener, teaming up to help break free of rear view mirror navigation.

Time to drive with your eyes on the road in front of you instead of what’s behind you. Mercury cozies up to Neptune but Jupiter wants to look at life through a rose-colored windshield. Dream big but don’t lose sight of the practical realities on the road right now. This is how you manipulate what actually is that transforms the raw clay of possibility into the reality you want one step at a time.

It’s the place where ‘what is’ and ‘what can be’ meet up through small but significant choices in action.

Tuesday: Two of Vessels, Attraction

Exploring potential is the hallmark of this Two from Wildwood Tarot. Today the battle is between the mind and the heart. Hint, the heart wins when the card is ‘Attraction’. The mind wants to separate us from the sea of emotions. The heart pulls in resources, opportunities and can ride the waves with ease when you work with flow.

That requires presence. The Taurus Moon gets major support from Saturn to help offset the our minds tendency to get ahead of itself feverishly mapping out a thousand feet ahead. Good opportunities get shut out with tunnel vision of too much planning.

Stay in the moment, feel your way. Select the people, places and things that feel good, light, expansive. Even a tough choice feels lighter when you know it’s the right thing to do. Don’t get too far ahead of yourself. Picture driving in the dark with the headlights on the road ahead. You can get all the way across country just 100 feet at a time.

Wednesday: Seven of Stones, Healing

The key word for this Seven is healing with forgiveness as a key component for health. The Sun is conjunct the South Node, which is where we are often blind to repetitive mistakes that cause us pain. The Moon helps the Sun shine light inside and out to free you from a rush to fix what may not even be broken any more.

Tune in to where time has already given you the gift of scar tissue. The wound left it’s mark but is no longer open or raw. Often the anger we throw at others is a cover for being mad at our choice or the Universe for what turned out badly. So forgive yourself (and others) for whatever caused you past pain and free up your energy to nurture what feeds creative juices for what is ahead. It’s the kindest thing you can do for yourself today.

Thursday: The Mirror

You cannot rush the future into being, no matter how hard you try. When the Mirror appears you must surrender to what is. The celestial storm today with Moon, Neptune and Jupiter schools us on how to stitch together the present and the future guided by your whole self, body, mind, heart and spirit. That’s not a small task and you haven’t had access to this much you before.

So stay in the moment, trust yourself, feel your way and believe that even the odd moments or unfamiliar options represent new territory begging you to be curious at the very least. Even if something is a ‘no’ for you, take a moment and marvel at the rich abundance your life offers you every day. It’s a gift to say your authentic yes and no. Surrender to the combined wisdom of each part of you to guide you ahead.

Friday: Eight of Vessels, Reversed

When this card flips upside down, the fear of leaving the past behind is in the driver’s seat. Don’t worry, the Sun gets a big push from Uranus to set you free from old trauma patterns driven by selfishness. The fear of scarcity is never a good place to create life from, yet it is often at the root of behavior.

Tune in to where you don’t trust abundance is there for you with your dreams. Jealousy and envy show up when you see lack rather than good fortune. It’s often when the ‘sleight of hand’ appears to trick your way into results you want. Problem is there is no trust in the results, and for good reason.

If you don’t have all you want and someone else has it, let the physical reality that exists imprint a belief that you can have your version of it. Let go of exactly how it looks and it frees up magic to happen. But not until you honestly confront where that isn’t your reference point now. The light of honest inventory banishes your darkest shadow.

Saturday: Nine of Bows, Respect

Integrity and Respect are on deck today. Integrity is being true to yourself no matter what the outside pressure is. Respect is allowing for others to do the same. Honor another’s yes or no the way you wish yours to be. Unhealthy compromise costs you far more in the long run than the discomfort of disagreement in the present moment.

This year will challenge you to stand firm on your own two feet, it’s a foundational year. You can’t have solid ground until you can suffer conflicting points of view without demanding surrender or waving the white flag. Collaboration requires flexibility and openness, yet without healthy boundaries it’s not safe to collaborate. To succeed at teamwork, you must practice and require Integrity and Respect.

Sunday: Ace of Vessels

You end an emotional week at a new beginning, just ahead of the total Lunar Eclipse. The Moon is opposite Pluto, so it comes down to this. Do the obstacles between you and what you desire help you deepen your bond with what you love or does it weaken the bond?

They are both natural reactions. Obstacles help determine what is worth working for and what was merely a passing fancy. When you understand this simple truth, the bumps in your day start to take on a rich meaning. What is their effect on you?

Determine how to deal effectively with those bumps with curiosity on what they show you about your commitments. Do you need to shift your time and resources to other areas that aren’t so rocky as you continue on down the path? When you let it, every single thing in your day gives you some insight, wisdom, pleasure or amusement. Engage with that and this is the deepest form of Self love you can have. Now that’s a new beginning!

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