Tarot With TruthinHand 1/28-2/3 – Disaster Management

No this isn’t a cataclysm prediction for this week. The Key to Disaster Management is in your mind, my friend. Think Christopher Columbus. Think 3M’s sticky pads. Both of those things qualify as a disaster if you only measured by whether or not they achieved the original objective.

Not everything you try will succeed every time. How well do you deal with correction, disappointment, mistakes and outright disaster? Can you picture Christopher Columbus and remember his ‘failure’ discovered a whole New World? What can your mistakes or misses become if you work with them from that perspective?

The older we get the more fixed our mental responses become if we aren’t aware. Like trees in a strong wind, the less you bend, the more you break. You’ll want flexibility for those winds of change blowing throughout the year. You get there one stretch at a time.

This week serves up practice to see where past mistakes and failures GAVE you something more than you realize. Let what happens show you where you’ve got a whole New World of potential to mine from your past if you ‘re-view’ with Disaster Management in mind. The Cards and Stars will help…

Thank you,

Lisa Greenfield


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Card of the Week: Ten of Arrows, Instruction

This is one of the most difficult cards in the entire Tarot deck. It means a whole range of unpleasant things, from things not turning out to being betrayed by those you trust. This is not a prediction for the future, however. Although difficult times are always part of life.

Rather it is an invitation to see where past failures and disappointments have left their mark on you. There is a deep seated need to change how we react to triggers that is active the next few days.

The most important moment is not the one just before things go sideways. It’s the moment AFTER it. How you handle surprise, disappointment, failure is key to having a great year or just a repeat of past battles.

In Wildwood Tarot, this card is labeled Instruction and has become one of my favorite ‘reframe’ images for this difficult card. What have learned about your core belief in you, your strength and resilience from past mistakes.

Your brainstem learned and can teach you more than just how to avoid any risk going forward. Rather it can help you suit up for the adventure life offers. Let each day teach you how to flex and bend so you don’t break in the expanding Universe in front of you.

Monday, Queen of Bows

This fiery Queen is adept at taking what life hands you and turning it into something more. Fire has the easiest time doing just that, so it’s a reminder to use your intuition rather than a strictly linear mentally driven path forward. Visualize alternate paths available if the one you want isn’t open.

The Moon is in an sweet position with Pluto which helps renew and regenerate those old response patterns. She’s also opposite Juno which insists that you look at your partnership patterns. Where did you give power away or avoid greater authority as a way to duck blame if things go wrong? If you inherited a frightening story that demands you or your partner do it right, time to retrain your brain.

Tuesday: King of Bows

The Moon teams up with Ceres and the Sun teams up with Mercury to tell yourself a new story. Yesterday’s Queen emphasized receiving what comes your way, confident in your ability to refine it and turn it into more of what you wish it to be.

Followed by the King, now it’s time to venture into new territory. When you aren’t afraid of how things will turn out, you choose things from a much sweeter, more excited place. It lets the enthusiasm and fire throw light and heat to all those involved in the adventure and those you interact with today. Take a risk, follow a hunch, try a new trail of thought just to see where it leads you.

Wednesday: Balance

The momentum of the last couple of days hits a snag. Timing is perfect to check in on where ideas may get inflated fast when you try on the mindset of ‘you can’t get it wrong’. Some paths are great to imagine but not necessarily the best to act on, at least not yet. It’s too easy to get swept away on shared enthusiasm and overlook details that need tending. Christopher Columbus did have well stocked boats before he set off.

Today requires you act in harmony with what you long for at the same time keeping a strong watch on where over optimism might mean a skipped important detail. Check and double check what is required. Your upgraded confidence you can handle whatever storms come your way is admirable, and it still may be possible to sail around some of them. Learn to choose wisely and trust you learn from any mistakes.

Thursday: Four of Vessels, Boredom

January winds down with a caution. Four walls and no doors leads to a limited view and mobility. Chiron is in the mix today with a painful reminder of past wounds. The excited or grandiose plans begun earlier this week land with a bit of a bump. Testing time. Can you take the threat of those challenges ahead using your broader range of emotions?

Play with a full palette of feelings, fear, doubt, anxiety, excitement, challenge, thrill and optimism, to name a few. See where those additions bring color, texture and dimension to whatever lies ahead. The alternative is to play out the not so greatest hits of the past. Familiar is boring and there is no escaping the limits served up by security. Be curious about how you learn to add the additional shades and layers to your life. Learn how you learn. That serves you well this coming year and curiosity is always a good antidote to boredom.

Friday: Two of Bows, Decision

More than doers we are deciders. Once you decide the doing gets done. This plays out today in both the Cards and Stars. The Moon and Venus get together with The Great Awakener to give some breakthroughs on the love front. There is a note of caution before acting upon the new insight, though. Begin as you mean to go on…

That means, don’t cut corner, rush, bully, let yourself be bullied. Mars squares off against the Dark Lord, Pluto. How you use your power is definitely up for review. This little two is the symbol for how mighty fires get going. Two people engaged in any activity kicks it up in results. Which way will you dial it up?

The way that offers the most riches, reward and satisfaction is shared power. You bring your best, let them bring theirs and build together so both benefit. When you can find the way to do the win/win scenario, you’ve just been handed the keys to Paradise my friend.

Saturday: Seven of Stones, Healing

Today your body needs rest. The tension of deep and powerful change can roll through your body and create real contraction. You may want to hit the gym or the hiking trail rather than hitting someone. In order to heal the places we felt powerless we must learn how to replace the old tapes with fresh perspective.

You are not powerless. In fact you have far more impact than you realize. Set sail today mentally like Christopher Columbus. When things disappoint, fail, shift or change in a direction you didn’t anticipate, stay OPEN to what this course of action offers. Where is your brave New World just beyond the known horizon.

Focus your efforts there rather than mindless squabbles in the momentary irritation or challenge of today. Get a massage, hot bath, soothing food. Give yourself time to adjust to a broader view of what’s possible. You are the captain of your soul, steer into the wind rather than cursing it. It could be what takes you to Paradise.

Sunday: King of Stones

What a difference a day makes, right? Today there is a view from the heights that helps make sense out of the changing horizon. While it’s not a day for strong emotions it is a day that grounds and satisfies after the storm of yesterday.

Kings of Stones pairs up logic with actions. Slow to act but strong and confident, this King stretches into the power there in every cell of your body. You’ve got this change thing. It may have bumps, bruises, twists and surprises but you’ve got this.

Every challenge becomes one more place where you stand tall and firm by the end of it. Doesn’t matter if it dropped you to your knees first. You are upright and in command by the end of it. So remind yourself of this, take it a step at a time. After all the body, stones, are the slowest to register change but hold firmly to it, once you do.

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