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Dreams or Disillusion

It’s a good week to create more of the foundation for your dreams to come true. To do that you have to work your way through limiting beliefs or old stories that separate you from the ability to shape your day to day life. Each thought you think sends you down one path or another. You actively have to choose – Dreams or Disillusion?

Be aware, however, that the state of Disillusion is one that frees you from an old belief and that is a good goal. While the dream state keeps you in unlimited possibilities of what might be. Each of these have a function and a place in creation. In fact you require both before you can truly get to a life inhabited by those breath-taking moments.

This week you feel your way, moment by moment, through the spaces and places in your world to rework what you actively shape with each decision, choice and interaction. Trust your authentic yes and no. They have a different feeling than a programmed response. Let yours reveal themselves, be curious enough to spend quality time and notice the differences. It will serve you well, very well indeed. I see some Victory Dances ahead of you. The Cards and Stars will help…

Thank you,

Lisa Greenfield


Card of the Week: The Pole Star

This card falls on the calendar wheel at February first so last Friday’s Mars Pluto square is important. Those two heavy hitters together can help bring about regeneration and renewal when you change your actions. How you do something winds up being an important part of what defines you. More informational that ‘what’ you do, the ‘how’ speaks to your inner self, your character.

The Pole Star is the ‘prophecy of renewal’ that factors heavily here. The reaction state that you learned in childhood to stress, conflict or challenge can operate blindly in us until trauma or education take you down a new response pattern. Trauma is what happens to you to get you to change, education is when you choose to do it differently.

The outcome is the same, you change. This week, you can cobble together a kinder understanding of what has happened to you and how to put it to work for you rather than having it unconsciously work against you. The end result, you see where you have more influence to change the present than you knew. This is the path to make your Dreams come true.

Monday: Ace of Bows, New Moon

This New Moon has layers to it. A good theme song is the Rolling Stones, “Can’t always get what you want… but… you get what you need.” We still feel the fallout of the Mars/Pluto pushing match on February 1st. Our actions are the limits of how we create visibly in the world, so if you want a different outcome, you need different actions.

Watch where you are blocked, delayed, rerouted on the way to your chosen destination. Now do things differently. You have to consider what you feel and need first. Then you have to integrate it into the world around you. Have you considered their feelings and needs as well as your own?

The combination of both sides gaining from an interaction makes success a much shorter and more enjoyable route, marked by vitality and enthusiasm. If you are gritting your teeth to get through it, change something now. Grim endurance won’t shape what you desire into anything worth keeping. The Stars and Cards say laughing in the face of adversity is a skill worth honing today.

Tuesday: Four of Bows, Celebration

There is progress made when you celebrate even small changes and victories with your tribe today. When you win against challenges, and mental ones count double this week, you feel better with a victory dance. Invite a few friends into the winner’s circle and whoop it up together, even if it’s a virtual celebration.

Four’s always signal a firm foundation and the spark that caught fire on yesterday’s New Moon, has real oxygen to expand it when you share, share, share. It’s also in those closer relationships that you get the best practice for your authentic Yes or No.

The more you do that with your tribe, the more they reinforce that in themselves and between you. Expectations, which are mostly premeditated resentment waiting to happen, fall by the wayside and get left behind. What you carve out in this present moment feels much more authentic and therefore has a sweeter impact, a more powerful one too.

Wednesday: The Great Bear

The Great Bear is the card of inescapable truth in the Wildwood Tarot. With a little help from the Great Awakener, Uranus, you get the light turned on so you see more of where you’ve boxed yourself in when you underestimate yourself and over estimate threats from the world around you.

Most of what you fear will never touch you. For the percentage that does, the majority of that has less impact than you imagine. Meanwhile it costs valuable sparks of creation and joy to constantly be on fear patrol.

You get to see that Truth today in big or small ways. The size of the reveal has more to do with how much you’ve been underestimating yourself and overestimating the threat. Enjoy the reset and let the Truth of what you can really do in the world sink in to your bones.

Thursday: Ace of Stones, Foundation of Life

This is the second Ace this week and two combined mean union. So when you take the spark of inspiration from Monday’s New Moon and combine it with conscious actions on your behalf, you get potent conception that will bear fruit this year!

Do a good check of what you bring to your partnerships. Time to inventory the shadow, so much easier to see thanks to the eclipses this year. Where do you land on the power spectrum. It stretches from absolute victim on one side to absolute tyrant on the other far end. The goal is somewhere closer to the middle.

We play different power positions based on who we team up with, too. Take stock of that as well. Do you have a range of partner power displays or are they stuck in one mode. They are your mirror. No shame or blame is helpful, just thoughtful adjustments. You release the tug of war when you come from a core self that shows up as your honest yes or no, without explanation or apology. Practice makes perfect… so practice.

Friday: Seven of Vessels, Mourning

Both the Card and Stars say breathe in today, then exhale. It’s all too easy to let emotions get stormy or drown you in excess because some old must be released to make way for the new. Emotions around this process need a container. They travel our nervous system in roughly ten minute waves before subsiding. Which is why rituals help us process emotions.

Originally a funeral was a way to help move from the connection with someone through honoring their place in our lives and then saying goodbye by planting them in the ground. Instinctively we recognized that winter gives way to spring. What is lost in one form, returns in another.

Memories are a shared connection that is yours to take with you. So honor what you need to give up or let go of – which can be a sense of self linked to a job title or a role in the family. Then find your way to let go, even if it is just visualizing the release with each exhale.

Saturday: Ten of Stones, Home

Your inner state is your home. It combines acceptance of what is along with a sure sense of healthy boundaries. The Card and Stars both urge you to tend your inner home today. Because when you have your own inner sanctum you rely on, you can drop unneeded armor in the world outside you.

Defensiveness is one of the top traits that cause conflict between people. When we underestimate our own strength and overestimate the threat of another person, armor comes in to view. This empowered one, Ten of Stones reminds us that we are not helpless children and most of the time, it’s not you that provokes another’s bad response. It’s remembered trauma.

This is the year we have a chance to stop being wounded as an automatic response and choose courage to face the world in our real power. That is what this Ten asks you to consider. You have the power, tend your inner world and make choices that reinforce that Truth. Then you are never far from safety.

Sunday: Six of Vessels, Reunion

We had the Seven of Vessels which calls us to release the past and mourn it. Now we have the Six which reunites us with what is truly ours. You cannot lose what is meant to be yours. What you want and what you love could be lit up in profound light today.

There is a line up in the heavens to help you see who you are and what you love in clear, brilliant light. Take some time today to review your dreams, goals, desires for the life you most wish to live. Drill down on specific wishes to get to the story that drives that want to help you open up to more than just ‘a job, partner, raise’. What do those things give you when you achieve them?

Knowing what you want and what drives those desires is where the whole you comes together beautifully in a gentle rise and fall this Sunday.

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