Daily Tarot Aug. 27-September 2nd, Mars Direct – Communicate With Passion

Eclipse season is finished, Mars is direct and the potent full moon Sunday capped it off with deep seated ripples that will need months to understand.  How you interpret all the shifts and changes of the last few months is the key to your power.   Which stories do you communicate with passion versus those that are simply an organization of facts to fit old beliefs?  There is a reason for all the emotions and mental gymnastics of the last few weeks.

Those feelings that go deep touch on the places where we aren’t quite sure of our power.  It highlights where you seduce (or are tempted by) others with a passionate explanation or invitation and where the persuasion is forcible.  The added layer of power rests in how you listen.  Yes, listen.  Active listening is the art of paying attention to understand the other, without quickly forming your reply – which all too often takes the form of defense.

When you use a quieter mind to hear, you better understand what they see, then you unlock power in you that is almost superhuman.  It also strengthens your sense of security in connection with others.  A defensive posture is frequently unnecessary and a block to real intimacy.  Passionate communication is something that feels ripe, both secure and a little risky all at the same time.  It has some lovely side effects as well for personal relationships, but it applies to the dreams, goals and projects you have as well.

After all, ideas don’t change anyone’s mind or bring people closer together.  It’s how we feel about those ideas.  When we use passion with integrity, it becomes the fire that burns off unnecessary dead weight so you can lift off on what you’ve only imagined.  Integrity involves hearing and caring about what matters to the other person and it’s like an oasis in a desert when you find or create it.

For those still committed to the scorched dirt path, Pluto the Dark Lord of Transformation sits in the Gate of Truth.  Attempts to manipulate others using passion to seduce or coerce them away from their authenticity is going to have harsh penalties.  It may take from fifteen months to six years for the correction to emerge but there is little grace for those who misuse power right now.  The first shake out happens in February of 2020 when Pluto and Saturn meet up in the last degrees of Capricorn.

Much more appealing instead to learn to live with the uncertainty of shared vulnerability. You aren’t alone in the feeling. There is creative power rich with life there when you actively listen.  Try it in at least one space this week, take a bit of this stretch, chew and swallow.  If it tastes good, take another.  If it doesn’t, try a new bite in another direction.  The cards and Stars can help.  Thank you,

Lisa Greenfield


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Card of the Week:  Three of Bows, Fulfillment

Three’s represent Mercury the Messenger and bows are Fire, our Intuitive nature.  You can’t think your way into connection through a conversation because the mind sorts and separates. It’s place is observing data.  Fire represents Spirit that connects us all even while it burns off the old form to make way for the new.  Make no mistake, active listening will have profound changes in your world.  This Three promises Fulfillment that comes with this change.  It doesn’t say it will all be satisfying.  Because there are those in our world who are committed to the belief of fear and scarcity.  From this place they can’t truly collaborate and connect.  As you practice this place of speaking Truth from your heart once you’ve heard another, you may find there is no meeting place unless you surrender to the cramped space that another’s fearful perspective.  The time to be in relationship with them may be done, at least for now.  This is the only way there is space available for those who can hear you and trade viewpoints.  You don’t have to agree, you just have to stay open to the exchange.  Then see where the passionate exchange can give rise to possibilities rising like a Phoenix out of the ashes of the old.









Monday:  Ace of Vessels

Mars goes direct today but has yet to pick up any speed as it crosses back over the territory it’s covered twice since June 26th.  Do an inventory of your actions these last two months, what worked what didn’t.  Where did you speak up for yourself (Mars is action/protection) and how did it turn out?  Ace’s signal new beginnings and vessels involve our emotions.  Because Mercury Retrograde covered the last half of the retrograde, the theme of passionate communication is in the spotlight again.  Compassion for yourself, compassion for others is the key ingredient today.  Mercury touches both the great Expander, Jupiter and Chiron, the wound.  Time to let go of the ‘weakness’ point of view.  You aren’t weak, haven’t been for very long.  Not as long as your soul is in your body.  Flesh may falter, emotions waiver, mind play tricks to convince you another has the power, but you always have Spirit to help you build your strength.  You are up for life’s challenges and when you understand that you can begin to shape which ‘growth opportunities’ belong in your life and which ones don’t.  It’s your choice…when you know that and work from there, you are fulfilled.








Tuesday: Ten of Stones, Home

Tens are an empowered one and you will need that sense of empowerment today.  You have choices throughout the day to repeat the old and feel it pinch or try the new and deal with nerves around the uncertainty.  You can do this.  It takes both the compassion of your inner mother and the courage of your inner father.  You make your world a safer place no matter what happens around you when you’ve built the inner ‘home’.  You’ve had practice that really kicked in last summer with the Leo Eclipse.  Now you’ve done it, more of it than you may realize.  Time to put it into action to day and see that you aren’t going through the same place again, you up-leveled by a big leap.  Congratulations – you play in the bigger leagues now.  Show it by how you deal with whatever happens.  If you slip up, catch yourself, correct and try it again.  Practice makes perfect and you have lots to practice on today.  You’ve got this… Give yourself some credit when you lay down for the day.  You earned it.










Wednesday:  The Green Man

Nature has an order to it that is older than mankind.  Today we deal with the corrections that Nature has always used.  What is too great is made small, what is tiny is increased.  This is more of an internal process than an outside job today.  So it’s less about dramatic events than it is about how you see, feel and interpret whatever happens.  Pay attention to meaning-making today.  It’s your own personal Superpower… use it.  Slow down, take it all in before you jump to any conclusions.  See the rich bounty of options, insights and connections that are possible when you take a big picture view.  The world offers a bonanza of life, take it in and dance with what appeals to you.










Thursday:  Seven of Bows, Clearance

Passion or rage, what do you prefer?  More often than not, we default to rage out of habit.  We have a Grand Trine today with the Moon, Vesta and Pallas Athene.  What does that mean if you don’t speak Astrology.  Time to see and make sacred our deepest desires.  We do that when we bring them into our lives and give them an honored place.  That happens in connection with others.  Let me share the words of Piero Ferrucci,  “Emotional risk is about moving beyond our comfort zone into areas of our inner being that are scary and embarrassing. It mean opening to another person, risking exposure and ridicule; putting ourselves in situations in which we feel vulnerable. It also means letting others know parts of us we are perhaps reluctant to admit even to ourselves; for example, showing we are moved, speaking of our fears or sexual fantasies, admitting our weaknesses and limitations. We risk being made fun of, or blamed, or judged. And worst of all, we may be rejected.”  Active listening is required to hear if another can meet us in this space.  Whether they share our views or not, do the have the capacity to try.  Time to be vulnerable at a new level.  Who you choose is part of the learning curve.  Trust yourself and learn from it.








Friday:  Six of Stones, Exploitation

It’s easy to default back to a fearful place when you open up to another.  It’s the inhale that follows the exhale, which makes room for another inhale.  Don’t be shocked or frightened at the pull back in yourself or another after this week’s progress into deeper connection.  The aspects today allow for an easier correction to get back on track or even catch yourself before you go off the rails.  Because you are also called to serve the greater good with this Six.  Efforts you make to relate to others from a space of empowered vulnerability improves the imbalance in an out of balance world.   People everywhere long for a world that is safe and welcoming.  Each time you find and expand your tribe of people who want to learn to connect, even in disagreement, you make the world a safer space.  Find those who share your integrity, cherish those you already have and live from this place.  It brings harmony to you and those around you.  Now that’s a world you want to live in, right?










Saturday:  Five of Stones, Endurance

Obstacles show you what is important to you.  Those obstructions you simply must get over, around, through are a gift to deepen your devotion to what you love.  If it’s not worth the effort, it was never really a desire of the heart.  Today’s aspects are a swirl of chaos in search of solid ground to rest your feet.  You will find yours.  Don’t quit before you do.  Equal partnerships are highlighted with both Pallas Athene and Juno in the mix.  It is all too easy to go off and do it yourself.  It reminds me of the African proverb, if you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go farther go together.  A little of both may help today, but watch for the place where it’s all or nothing for one of the two.  This five urges you to draw from both your own gifts and also benefit from the rich resources of those around you.  Why settle for just one?










Sunday:  Ace of Arrows, Breath of Life

This is the second Ace in the week.  We started with one and we end with another.  Two Aces together mean union.  See what came together this week for you as you practiced active listening and connected in a deeper way.  The balance may not be perfect yet in the partnerships, the risks may not be equal.  It’s a work in progress.  This Ace signals cutting old ties, clearing the mental fog, caution when over thinking things.  Before you bail on someone or something because it didn’t go as well as you hoped, trim the sails rather than chopping them down.  Small corrections are best right now.  What began is still in its infancy.  Remove the sharp edges, let obstacles teach you to persevere.









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