Daily Tarot 8/13-19 Retrogrades – Act Less, Feel More

Doesn’t it feel better to have an explanation for creative chaos when it swirls and we feel less in control?  It’s as if the explanation reassures us that we understand something about the confusion, even if it’s a convenient rationalization.  The bottom line is these retrogrades aren’t the cause of the drama or chaos going on right now.  Instead I invite you to see it as a bridge out of helplessness into creation.  With six of nine planets in retrograde position, the best place to start is with what you feel.

For example, I received an email from our building manager that a workman I have a troubled history with would be by to ‘secure’ the window air conditioner I’d added last fall.  The building refused to pay for mine or another female tenant but offered it for free to a male tenant.  The text felt like his attempt to follow up and balance the scales a bit.   However, this workman has been openly hostile to me in the past and the very thought of him arriving made my stomach knot up.  There is nothing I can do, as past complaints went nowhere so I watched my mind go down some dark alleys of worst case scenarios that had my heart racing.

Then I caught myself, did my ‘Breath of Love’ and asked ‘what’s the worst that can happen?’

No lives were at stake.  Some discomfort was the worst possible outcome and it was nothing I can’t handle. The Universe kindly had my neighbor who shares my history with this workman walk by at the perfect moment to commiserate and also hold out that we together would expect it to go well.  Sweet.   Fear had the upper hand, but not for long.

I didn’t shame myself or think I was being overly dramatic.  Instead I observed, empathized and moved through it.  How good it feels to have practice with that.  Chances are you have some of those situations occurring this eclipse season.  Best course of action is for you to put your own recipe together of compassion, strength and willingness to be supported.  Be open to the Universe’s generosity, you may get more than you know you could expect.

It was quite educational to feel what I felt, and move through it with help.  Turns out, I didn’t have to interact with him at all, his work never brought him into my apartment and now my window air conditioner has a more secure platform under it in case of earthquakes.  Plus I have an example of how to use the emotional sensitivity that runs through the energy right now to feel my way into better results.  Here’s wishing you all of the better results your way.  The Cards and the Stars will help.

Thank you,


Lisa Greenfield




Card of the Week:  Five of Bows, Empowerment Reversed

The Empowerment card is going backwards for this week of retrogrades.  How appropriate, right?  Another symbol to remind us, when we can’t move forward, get still.  Be curious about what you want to happen when it doesn’t seem to be within reach.  What does the outcome you want mean to you?  What is the feeling you want to have when you get it?  Where does disappointment or blocks bring up past memories of failure that you want to avoid now?   When you spend time with these questions the answers have a lot to offer you.

After all, how well do you know yourself now, in this space and time as opposed to a few years ago?  You are different, and you may not even be aware of how different you are.  Even if you do some of the same old things, the life you’ve lived added layers to you.  You are valuable and valued in your world and if you take some time to reflect you may get a report card that feels pretty darn good during this slow moving month.  Any place you don’t see the truth of your value in your world as of today, look closer at the feedback you may have rushed past when you are in full steam.  I promise you, there is more there than you realize.










Monday:  Six of Bows, Abundance

Sweet smell of success when you look for reasons to be grateful this Monday.  There is information ripe for the picking as we start the week.  The Moon is in sweet contact with Pluto the Great Transformer along with the nourishing Ceres and retrograde Mars.  This combination gives enormous courage for inner transformation of deep rooted fear into new stories and ways to act on them that feed us the Truth – Abundance is readily available.  This season of retrogrades can slow you down long enough for some of those riches to catch up with you.  When we set our sights on an outcome and race for it, we often miss many an interesting detour that has benefits galore.   Rather than a rush into action, our lack of it offers a chance for our Gratitude List to expand.  As it does, the energy of offered thank you’s can easily open to admit more good things to flow your way.  Try it, get out the pencil real or imaginary and get that List going.  Be sure to leave room at the bottom because you will have more to add by week’s end.









Tuesday:  The Mirror

Today is a day for contemplation.  If you’ve never done Mirror work, today is a good day.  Can you stand in front of one and pay yourself very real compliments about what you love about you?  When you made your Gratitude List yesterday, did you add yourself anywhere on it?  After all, you get to be YOU.  Your body, your thoughts your dreams and desires are all a special part of this World.  No one else adds what you do.  Today is a day to celebrate that.  The Moon and Venus get together and then Mercury Retrograde piles in for a group hug.  All this so you can see and fall in love with what is so unique about you.  Make sure you acknowledge how amazing you are on your List, you deserve it.










Wednesday:  Seven of Stones, Healing

There is healing in rituals.  We had a reason for burials, weddings, baptisms, birthday celebrations.  These rituals provide us with a chance to demonstrate what matter to us an individuals and share it in a group setting.  Too often we go on auto pilot when it comes to what we consider important enough to celebrate today.  The obligatory birthday card or graduation gift are sent with less feeling and more form.  It’s the by product of a busy life and a hurry hurry world.  Today is a chance to look at what is sacred to you and how do you mark the importance of it.  What rituals mean something to you and which ones are you giving lip service to rather than doing whole-heartedly.  Time to clean house and be brave enough to clean house.

Tell the Truth, at least to yourself, about what matters to you and where you will show up as part of a member of a community.  If you aren’t really into the event, can you find gratitude for the people that it does matter to and bring that emotion along with you?  If not, let it go.  Make space for some new rituals, ones that honor what has a special place in your heart.  The peace at any price Libra Moon is at odds with Pluto so it may be uncomfortable to disengage those events that you can’t get excited about any more.  But the Sun with Vesta says make room for new rituals that reflect an update on what’s of the greatest value to you.








Thursday:  King of Arrows

This high flying King is the one with the 10,000 foot view of this week’s turbulent emotions.  Which means you have good perspective today and you need it.  Because the Moon is opposite Uranus, the Great Awakener.  Uranus brings a separation energy to the day and that big picture view opposite the Moon has the inside scoop on what needs to be released.  Remember the Moon is what we love and fear losing.  So what you lose in the mix today may be unnecessary fears around loss or scarcity.  Because the Sun dances with the Goddess of Discord, Eris, Thursday shapes up to be a mental clean up day.  Where’s it’s been emotionally messy, unclear and possibly muddied by too many chefs in the kitchen, there’s a weeding out process to be done.

Don’t fret, you aren’t going to lose anything you value, but you can shed a few pounds of fear, jealousy, and emotional storms about what you love.  Put your clean up gear on and wade in, this King will show you a fresh take on what can be swept out of the present to make way for a tidier path into your future.









Friday:  Ancestor

We’ve got a stack of elements that speak to competition and scarcity mentality.  Thanks to an intense trigger point of Pluto and Juno, competition is an issue today.  The Moon is all triggered all over the place today so it’s wise to go back to childhood and revisit the scarcity mentality of survival that exists in sibling rivalry.  At the basic human level, we need to be assured of our parent’s love or care in order to survive.  Other children are potential threats for that.  If the ‘other’ is more lovable than me, I may die is the survival thought.  Depending on your childhood, you may have a sensitive survival instinct that rears up when someone else receives what you yourself don’t have, YET.  This is where the Ancestor comes in to play.

Time to set your own traditions, one that acknowledges there is absolutely no lack in the world for you to have what you want in life.  It just may be made up of elements other than the ones you’ve fixated on as ‘yours’.  The adaption of me versus you battle is on deck.  What is your sensitivity, who are your triggers and where can you bring a solid reassurance to the child in you that needs to know, there is more than enough to go around, and you won’t have to settle for leftovers unless you insist on seeing it that way?  Try this mantra, I receive what I want or better.  These are the only two options.  You get what you want, or you get more…  Now doesn’t that feel better?








Saturday:  Page of Arrows

Ah, from the King of Arrows with the highest view we descend down a few hundred feet so we can communicate what it is we now understand after this interesting week.  Perfect timing now that Mercury goes Direct.  The key thing to remember today is to speak from your place of personal power that can include others.  When you see yourselves as equally human, equally emotional beings, you can allow for differences rather than defensive moves to block another’s point of view when it is not shared by you.  It’s the space that allows even someone with an opposite point of view to enlarge your view of the world rather than threaten what you know to be true.  The Moon is in a sweet aspect to the wounded part of us that Chiron represents.

It’s a much kinder world when you work from a point of view where everything you experience has something to offer, even if it’s only to illustrate what you don’t want or believe.  Each day becomes more of an adventure instead of a battleground.










Sunday:  Lovers

Sweet to end the week on this theme along with a stack of aspects that promote harmony both inside and out.  The only note of caution here is to balance the compassion and enthusiasm that wells up easily today with a reminder that dreams don’t materialize fully formed and as perfect as you imagined them.  They take time and your personal investment in making the possibilities realities.  This requires you collaborate with others.  The good news is you have no shortage of people to help you accomplish that.

Take your time, use discernment to feel your way forward so that rather than being disappointed in your collaborators, instead you remember that setbacks or disagreements teach you how to overcome obstacles and gaps as a team rather than as competition or opposition.  Imagine it’s like seeing an incredibly tempting dessert in a glass case but instead of ordering your slice you get the ingredients and a recipe to make your own version.  Practice makes perfect, so bake away today on that delicious possibility and make it real.









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