Daily Tarot 8/6-12 Caterpillar Soup & Confusion

If you have been a little fuzzy or confused, you are not alone.  With five planets retrograde and the third eclipse of the season on Saturday, we are officially in what I call the caterpillar soup.  In case you didn’t know, a caterpillar crawls into a cocoon once it’s stuffed itself full of nourishing food and then it dissolves into a sort of soup. It sloshes around in confusion in a bit of a battle between the old and new until suddenly one of the ‘imaginal cells’ collects enough support from other cells to overtake the old caterpillar formatted cells.

When it wins the day, the other cells follow the imaginal cells lead until a full butterfly is formed.  Ah, but the job is not complete until the newly emerged butterfly fights its way out, dries off and recovers from the deep transformation it just underwent.

That’s the energy of August and this week is the place where the old caterpillar cells and the butterfly cells are likely to be squared off and in conflict within you.  Of course it may look like disagreements both from and with those around you, yet those are just a reflection of the transformation going on inside of you.  The best course of action is to find still points, slow down and take quality time to investigate what you ‘think’ about anything that happens.

Your interpretation is part of the old caterpillar being dissolved.  The old story doesn’t have wings and it won’t take you up and out into the world as the beautiful addition you are.  Those stories got you this far, but no farther.  Let them dissolve.  Feel the fear, watch for your shadow side which is where fear always runs the show.  Courage is to feel afraid and do it anyway, it isn’t the absence of fear.  Let this week show you those places where you scare yourself, so your ego steps in and settles for something that doesn’t satisfy in the long run.

We have three different signposts around this eclipse that mean what’s been hidden can come into view.  Our blind spot is going to be conspicuously center stage, so much so that you may smack yourself in the head and ask, ‘how on earth did I miss THAT?’  Don’t worry, you’ve got a bead on it now.  Let’s see how the Cards and the Stars help…

Thank you,

Lisa Greenfield




P.S.  Working with what is, I have the video this week with a minimal write up.  Using my time and energy as judiciously as possible between my private clients and my writing.  Thank you for your understanding.



Card of the Week:  Seven of Arrows, Insecurity

Fear or Love, which one drives your choices?  The Arrows are our mind so you win or lose depending on whether your mind talks you out of what you love or strategizes with you on how to connect more with what you love.  Fearful minds separate.  Loving minds build bridges that connect the separated parts in unique ways.  Which will it be for you this week?











Monday:  Queen of Bows

Can you trust divine timing long enough to let the good emerge or do you rush in to bend it to your will?  The Fire in you can sense change and see what’s possible.  The bigger challenge is then letting all the parts come together when it’s ready.  Can you assist in getting ready or are you busy pushing it along… you don’t help a butterfly by tearing open the cocoon.












Tuesday:  Four of Bows, Celebration

Uranus goes retrograde and all relationships are under review.  If you are the sum of the five people you spend the most time with, how well do they do relationships in their life?  What’s the quality of your connection?  Look in the mirror and see where you’ve got it right and where it could stand a fix up.











Wednesday:  Queen of Vessels

There is good fortune when you connect from the heart to what you do or who you do this with in life.  Today look for where you can connect heart to heart as an adult rather than the young wounded part of you.  There are rewards and easier progress when you do this by nightfall.











Thursday:  Eight of Arrows, Struggle

This eight is the closed loop of fear we travel in our mind and then find others to confirm we are right to be afraid.  There are exits to this closed loop today if you look and leap bravely.  It’s uncomfortable but not as miserable as the endless loop of repeating struggle.











Friday:  Queen of Arrows

Three Queens in a week is deceptive women on the shadow side and strong bonds on the sunny side.  Which one is more present in your life?  Do you trust people you are close to with the unpleasant truths in your life and do they trust you with theirs?  Or is it just fuel for gossip when you aren’t present.  Trust is a learned behavior, can you bring more trustworthy behavior to your relationships?










Saturday:  The Seer, The Solar Eclipse in Leo

Incredibly there are three aspects that point out a glaring blind spot in our lives that is revealed starting today.  This third eclipse forces you to look at where your fears have boxed you in to limiting behavior.  There is no one outside of you that is nearly as responsible as you are for changing all your relationships to a better, harmonious, happy connection that can stand unpleasant truth and share difficulties.  Now it’s up to you to create them, you have the power and learn from what is revealed.  This occurs throughout the next 18 month cycle.










Sunday:  Knight of Bows

As Mercury Retrogrades back into Capricorn this impatient Knight wants to get things moving with all you’ve learned this week.  Patience and you will progress.  Take a break, take a short trip and let everything that the confusion of this week brought up come together.  You’ll be flying to new adventures by the end of August.












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