Daily Tarot the Week of January 25th-31st

Here’s your Daily Tarot a Week at a time – thank you for your investment with me and I look forward to all this year has to offer!  If you’ve stumbled onto this page thanks to someone sharing it with you and want to be sure you get your own copy emailed each week to have it right in your inbox HERE. Or you can check back Sundays as my gift to you.

It’s my way of giving you some of my favorite creation tools, to make the best stories of each day.  Share them with someone you love.  There’s power in the story we tell ourselves and these visual symbols help make your world a bigger, better creation!  Feeling like a little Tarot just isn’t enough?  Book your session with Lisa Here.

The Card of the Week gives an overall theme to help kick in extra layers of meaning around the card of the day.  Use it as a pair of night vision goggles to help clarify what’s been out of focus or shadowed.


This week’s Card of the Week is the Wanderer


The Wanderer

The Wanderer asks us to look at everything that happens this week with fresh eyes, a beginner’s mind.  Try seeing whatever is happening as if it were happening for the first time.  Can you drop old stories, hurts, wounds long enough to let a fresh perspective on what is going on emerge.  Remember Einstein says you can’t solve a problem at the level it was created.  This week is all about up-leveling to a new playing field where possibilities exist you didn’t even dare to dream of before.  Trust yourself, trust the Universe, everything is working for your greater good when you let the story reveal more of itself to you looking through kinder eyes.






Day One – Four of Wands

Four Bows

This is take it easy day, celebrate with friends day, enjoy the good relationships you have with food and feasting.  This is not a day to focus on hard work.  Instead let the joy of shared fun with those you care about be the way to kick off the week.  Fours are always the firm foundation either being built or inviting you to do more to put things on solid ground.  Wands are Fire, the spirit and it is necessary to feed your spirit with happy connection to those you love or enjoy.  Make time for a that today!

Take Action:  Take a break from the grind, long or short and do something unexpected with someone you care about.





Day Two – Four of Stones

Four StonesThis is the second four in a row and these two fours together signify strong relationships, solid connections that bring about tangible results in all the new possibilities in your world unfolding.  Four of stones is the safe space where you can be yourself, you are protected, you are home.  What we love we fear losing, so be aware of the places you’ve put up defenses that felt necessary to guard your ‘home’.  Be those mental guards, emotional guards or actual physical defenses, it’s important today to honor what you require to feel safe and then realize how much stronger you are then your old defensive boundaries.  Trust yourself and those around you enough to take a little more risk being seen by those you love.

Take Action:  Celebrate what is ‘home’ to you today with a little ritual of some sort.  Stones represent the body, so make it real with your actions, maybe even choosing a touch stone of some kind to hold a place of honor in your home.



Day Three – Nine of Vessels

Nine Vessels

Ah my friend, this is the wish come true card!  This shows you that what you longed for and dreamed of is unfolding. While you may not have it in hand right now, it’s close enough to see the promise being fulfilled.  This is the bounty of the Universe being poured out to you in fun and surprising ways.  Drink it in, feel the love and know that you are a valued and beloved person.  Whatever difficulties are there in your life are balanced out with the sure knowledge that everything is unfolding in unexpected ways that will benefit you when you let it!

Take Action:  Hold the picture of this card in your mind and make a wish.  Tell someone or write it down, then watch it come true!





Day Four – Ten of Arrows

10 ArrowsNow traditionally in the Tarot the Ten of Arrows is one of the hardest cards in the deck.  But in Wildwood Tarot and because of where this one is placed it signifies the end of an era, the completion of something, or plans that didn’t work out.  However, the difficulty of this card is altered by the two cards it sits between.  The Nine of Vessels and the Ace of Bows on either side show you that if you are willing to let go of how you ‘thought’ it should happen, you can have a whole new life that is bigger, richer, more love filled than you knew to imagine prior to now.  Trust that what you let go of in the plan that failed, will only bless you in unknown ways.

Take Action:  Give yourself permission to be royally pissed, hurt, disappointed at what didn’t happen or didn’t work in order to clear the way for the new to come in to being.  Schedule at least 10 minutes of grieving and know that it will open doors to more possibilities than you can picture now.



Day Five – Ace of Bows

Ace BowsNew life, new beginnings, fresh possibilities are ushered in with today’s card.  Aces always represent the start of something.  With the Ace of Bows, Fire is spirit and intuition.  Let the spark of a new desire light you up today in the space cleared by releasing the old plans or ways of doing things that yesterday’s card called for.  What would you choose if you knew you could have more than you’ve asked the Universe to give you up until now?  Roll the dice, believe in the impossible and play with the potential before you get ‘logical’ or ‘practical’.  Start there and have fun with where your mind takes you.

Take Action:  Be delighted by the leaping sparks of desire in your brain for what you haven’t dared to ‘want’ before.  You are a miracle of imagination!




Day Six – King of Arrows

King of Arrows

This King promises the 10,000 foot view.  From a clear perspective, looking out on all that you see from the highest point of view, new truths, ways to make things work and assistance in making your dreams of yesterday happen emerge.  Balance and the desire to see a practical way forward for plans is what this King offers you.  The executive ability to strategize, make sense of and apply discretion to the rich vat of potential you’ve been cooking is here for you today.  Let the big picture take more definite shape and make plans according to the information.

Take Action:  Notice how your mind can serve your desires rather than choking them off with too much fear and doubt.  It’s job is to take you higher in to making dreams real, not talking you out of them!


Day Seven – The Guardian


You’ve arrived at a resting place.  Pause today to see how far you’ve come.  This heavy hitter represents the Death of an old way of thinking, being or doing things that has out lived it’s usefulness.  Spend some quality time today being quiet and still.  In times of great change our fears come up to restrict the risk of the unknown.   See where you’ve outgrown the old, while you’ve also begun the new. It has so much to offer you, but not just yet.  Trust yourself in the unfolding and master your fears.  They always show you where your power rests waiting for you to take it up. Let the beginnings ushered in this week get rooted.  The blooms will come by spring.  Rest, relax, be still.  The change is here, you are already living it.

Take Action:  By pausing in any action for at least 20 minutes you will receive rich replenishment of spirit.  Be still….and know that fear lies.  Doubt your doubts and trust yourself.

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