Okay, the Prince has an Air placement for his heart and his head line in this picture. If you’ve taken the online sample you’ll understand better what that means.  What we know about the Air element is thinking is their gift.  (Big picture thinking which is why they tend to forget the little details, hence the nickname)  So feelings are where he is both the most powerful and the most challenged.  Air Heart tries to think feelings rather than feel them.  It makes them terrific at keeping things in perspective and solving big issues.  But knowing what it is they actually feel instead of what they think about a particular situation is often a serious challenge.  It may have played a part in Will keeping Kate waiting so long – he just didn’t know what he felt!  This is often a dilemma for the air hearts – finally making a decision!  They know a great deal about what they should feel, they know the consequences of every decision and can see the potential pitfalls a mile out.  But understanding and sitting with the emotion is the most difficult part of feeling their way through matters of the heart.   Stay tuned for more on each of the heart types and samples!  Or go to!/TruthinHand for more tips and videos.


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