What does palm reading show for Hedi Klum and Seal

Heidi Klum recently announced her separation from Seal shocking many who knew her.  A closer look at her hands shows us that she has a heart line that makes her big hearted but also very analytical.  Her heart line is on the border pulling from both water and fire.  (That tends to make her a steamy dish).  The challenge can be whether to stay connected or dip into all the possibilities out there she can’t help but see.  You can see that her ring finger is longer than her first finger.  Experts determined that this relates to being exposed to higher than average amount of testosterone while a fetus is still in the mother’s stomach.  So higher testosterone gives more drive and competitive edge to a person.  This is not always an easy placement for women!  Heidi’s  long list of projects is a good indication that she has more than the average amount of energy – also more of a testosterone indicator.  Her multiple marriage lines is also a good hint that she has more opportunities ‘in hand’ and will likely act on them.  If you want to know what those lines are you can take the online sample, my gift to you.  Just click and play… You may not have quite as many options as Heidi, but what do your hands reveal about your current state of commitment potential?


Heidi's Hand

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