The Longest Day Of The Year And A SuperMoon Sunday

As of last night or early this morning we have officially crossed the midway point of the year.  It’s the one day a year where daylight and darkness are equal lengths.  Such a great reminder of what’s possible for each of us in balancing, don’t you think?

We all have those moments where we veer into the dark side of thoughts, feelings or actions.  But just like in nature nothing stays fixed.  Even if it is small, we do shift and change.  We progress from balanced to unbalanced and back again.  Full moon to no moon – full emotion to emptied out.  We can trust that it all balances some of the time…

Two things occurred to me as a did a reading on the longest day of the year, first is the words of a teacher who shared that I have the benefit of being blessed with insight for myself every time I do a reading for someone else.  Second was a friend who said he didn’t think he would live long enough to experience everything in life, so he was going to enjoy and learn from all the experiences around him as his way of taking in more than he might actually live to do.  Hmmm, lots of good stuff packed into two sentences.  Read abundance-thinking!

In the reading I found myself talking about her expanding array of choices.  She had some really compelling options ahead of her that meant she would be moving on both in work and in her personal life learning that she no longer had to decide between a bad choice and a worse choice.  Instead the reading clearly showed her undoing years of programming where she had to struggle for a mediocre option in work or in love.  It was a process but a positive and powerful one if she was open to it – she assured me she was more than ready.

The challenge in front of her was to simply let the ‘day to day’ show her where she expected too little, offered too much and didn’t trust she could have more choices – and good choices at that!  Often we don’t want to see that truth when it’s served up, we have to be willing to look in order to learn.  How often do we all struggle with this biting reality!  It also reminded me to review my choices and see them with fresh eyes.  There are options, more options than our brain is comfortable processing with the security system it has in place to keep us safe from too much expansion.  Our opportunity is to learn how to step into some discomfort and stretch.

Which is why we have reminders in front of us – me in the form of a reading for someone.  You – well who knows what’s around you to remind you?  Stop a moment and see what is there on offer to show you a lesson in someone’s life that opens up your perspective.

Here’s where I put those two bits of wisdom together.  I did a Life Purpose/Life Lesson reading for someone who had a particularly unusual set of fingerprints.  As I wrestled with his information trying to make it fit into a pattern more easily explained, I had to laugh.  Part of his Life Purpose was to explore creative options through action.  So I was inspired to trust the pieces would all come together as I explained it to him without tying it in a neat bow ahead of time.

Sure enough, his reading wound up being more than I could possibly have outlined for him alone.  The dialogue we had sitting and discussing what was true for him just kept taking on bigger and clearer dimensions than I could picture when researching his Life Purpose.  He also had coaching/mentoring as part of his life lesson, which means it was not in the forefront of what he did.  Instead he was teaching me to trust what I knew for him, without him having to DO anything but be him.  He got a solid example of how his Life Purpose/Life Lesson worked, better than I could have simply told him.  I get the biggest charge out of those kind of synergies!  When we let it, life opens door after door after door.  Trusting yourself, trusting life around you.

The trick is to let it… This full moon Sunday early morning is a chance to explore where you have and haven’t done that for yourself.

Part of that is the leap of faith.  A bigger part of that is really seeing the support and guidance you have all around you to help you trust what you cannot see, touch, taste or hear YET.

Which is why I am writing – to remind you of what is possible, available, waiting for you to receive right now.  Take a fresh look.  See what’s on offer under this Super Moon – great for the bigger truths grounded in solid reality.  Who’d got a key to something you are wresting with when you look around your life?

And for those of you who are curious, I love doing Life Purpose readings.  We use your fingerprints, the one aspect of you hand that remains fixed from before birth until death (short of medical intervention).  It’s the biggest story of you and it helps in how you do anything, so much more than in just telling you ‘what’ to do.  That ‘how’ is incredibly powerful.  You bring that ‘how’ to every single day and watch it really support you as you craft out a life more in line with your heart’s desire – and it almost always gets easier!  This full moon right after our summer solstice is a perfect time to dig deeper into YOU, however you choose to do it.

I love doing this reading for you.  So much so, that everyone who wants to purchase one of these between now and this Sunday 6/23/13 gets a $200 bonus reading with me.  That’s right.  One extra hour to follow up your Life Purpose or just additional time about you  – my gift to you with the purchase of a Life Purpose/Life Lesson Reading.  That’s almost half off the combined readings about you and your unique Purpose and Lesson here on earth.  Let’s dive in together whenever you are ready!  Say yes by Sunday and you can also collect on the bonus hour any time between now and year’s end.   Click here to be one of the lucky ones for this bonus offer.

Here’s to a SuperMoon, light-filled weekend and more (That’s if you are in the Northern Hemisphere.  For my Southies – the days only get lighter from here).

What’s waiting for you in the playground that is our world?

Lisa Greenfield




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