The New Moon & The Astrology In Your Hands Class Today

Happy New Moon to you.  It’s a relationships turning point ushered in by the Libra Sun and Moon today.  While it may not appear to be a clear line and it may take some time to be able to look back and see, the shift is here.  You’ve already changed and in more ways than you consciously realize.  There’s often a feeling or approach when challenges come up that isn’t your old response.  Eris the Goddess of Discord and Uranus the Great Awakener are almost exactly opposite this Sun and New Moon in Libra so you can see the curtain pulled back and the ‘trick’ is revealed.

Conflicts, disagreements, delays and obstacles can finally show themselves for the allies they actually are for you.  Because when you are denied something or it is delayed, you have a chance to decide its importance to you.  The things in you that you won’t abandon even in pursuit of a desired goal are key places for you to examine.  It is less about obtaining your heart’s desire than it is to realize how much working towards it has given you that you didn’t have.  You’ve become more fully you in a way you wouldn’t have without those difficulties.  Think of a chick growing so large and finally uncomfortable that it has to peck its way out of the shell.  Ah, now there’s an interesting place to play when you look at the pressures in your life.

With that in mind, you can tackle any new bumps or rough spots with an openness that comes from understanding that everything, and I do mean everything, ultimately can bless you when you see it.  Not to say you need to want the pressure or even be thrilled that it happens.  Please, we get to have our feelings of disappointment, hurt, frustration or rage. The difference is there is strength in the next step, the one that says okay you trust that something more than just suffering or punishment is held within those traumatic places and spaces.

This is the place and time to heal.  

More often than not it is time that helps you translate the tragedy into something softer, richer, stronger than just the wound.  Saturn supports both the Great Awakener and Discord along with the Sun and Moon.  Saturn is our timekeeper.  So your patience is rewarded.  Take time to review all that has happened in your life due to delays.  How many more precious moments are there in your life now around the ones you thought were missing?  Take a little time to reflect on this today.  You are always worth your time.

If you want to spend some fun quality time on you, then please join the Astrology On Hand Class tonight.  It is by donation, no one will be denied entry.  All you do is click on the Go To Meeting Links underneath my picture on the Nightlight Astrology Events page.  You are most welcome to join us…

Wishing you and yours a very Happy New Moon with more love and connection.  When you open up to the way it looks and let go of what you think it should be, it can show itself.  Remember this Moon has a trick revealed so you may already have some rich opportunities in front of you.

Keep your healthy boundaries, negotiate those while you get closer to others, but don’t mistake hard defensive edges for boundaries.  You are strong enough to let others see the real you because YOU are your own best champion.  When you Trust this Truth you can see that others may trespass but it’s mostly unwitting or unknowing.  Educate them with compassion and strength, give it time to build and let it reveal each of your capacity to connect. You learn about each other together…  with patience, trust and a learning curve.

That’s the best gift this New Moon offers.  A fresh start in any relationship if you want one.  Where will you begin?

All the best,


Lisa Greenfield



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