Mercury Retrograde & Saturn, Adult Communication – Poor Me VS. Powerful Me

There’s a little family gathering ahead and whether it’s a warm and safe place to be or whether it’s a battlefield is up to you.  I’m not talking your literal family (although it can certainly be a mirror) but rather the inner structure inside you to help you connect with others in a way that serves you, really serves you.  It’s like a complete software update on your own nurturing and resilience skills – those inner parents in you.  This short audio walks you through the gifts and landmines of this Mercury Retrograde with Saturn stationed prominently.  (

Thanks to a conjunction between the Sun, New Moon, Saturn and something called the Galactic Center, we have a cosmic starter pistol on a whole new chapter.  It’s also why I called it a family gathering inside you, one that helps you release and heal the wounded decision-maker in you.  This weekend’s celestial line up especially stirs up old traumas so you can do them differently.  After all, you’ve changed a lot this year.  You take care of your own needs with a more empowered way of communicating I touch on in this audio, a conversation I’ll add to going forward.  If you’d like an actual conversation do join me for a live call on Wednesday when I’m guest on the B-Now Women’s Network Radio Show.  Check out the details on my Facebook page and you are welcome to call in with your questions. It’s always a pleasure to talk with you.

You’ve probably already felt it.  For me, I’ve had to face some of my own inner demons and stare them down and turn my inner family into a loving stronghold.  It helped me face the the place that looks to others to validate my point of view before I felt safe to speak up.  Time for me to give that up and stand in the place that acknowledges my right to feel the way I do even if no one else shares that point of view.  Or how about when you wish people didn’t feel the way they did, particularly when it is an unpleasant emotion.  For me to grow up I have to let them feel what they feel and speak up if I need them to stop sharing it with me.  Instead of resenting them using me as an emotional garbage dump, which is how I feel at times, it’s my responsibility to say I am not the one to talk to about this rather than trying to get them to feel something differently than they do.

This way I honor what they feel but also what I feel as well. It isn’t comfortable, it isn’t easy, but it is very important to do for quality relationships and that’s what I want in my life.  The authentic me has to have a voice, allow others theirs and be strong enough to navigate healthy boundaries in how and where we come together.   I’m finally ready to face my fears around this young place so I can grow up.  Of course it is scary, and my first steps haven’t been a work of art.  Still, I’m celebrating those steps.  Luckily this is a gradual downhill slope thanks to the help from Saturn and this New Moon, so once you get the first step, it’s easier to take the next and the next.  There’s more on that in the audio.   Communication upgrades are always possible when it comes to how we see and say things with a brave step forward.  Want to join me?

Because when you know you can feel and deal with your own emotions, then the sharing of them is a rich place to play rather than a minefield where you get blown to bits.  Others add good perspective, shared intimacy and abundance rather than filling a void or desperate need that ultimately makes you resent your own emotional dependency.  Doesn’t a mutual exchange between adults sound much more appealing?  It does to me.

A good test for how well you’re doing is the strength of the connections in your life.  How many places are you safe to be you, more of you, and be acknowledged even in disagreements?  That’s one good test of where to upgrade your communication skills.  How many of those close to you would say you offer that to them in return?  Do you know how to fight fairly?  Can you stick to the present, ask for what you need or share what you feel without justifying it or blaming them?  Can the other person see it and meet you there? Do they even want to try?  Hmmmm….All things that we deal with, especially through January 10th under this Mercury Retrograde.  The audio touches on this, too.  I do love to share the support of my favorite tools for insight.

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Meanwhile, wishing you and yours the best of the Mercury Retrograde Holiday Season.  May you grow up with ease and grace in your communication and help start a trend the world will benefit from as well.

Lisa Greenfield

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