Sunday Solar Eclipse Relationship Revolution & The Sh*t Show

Have you noticed pairs are a big deal in humans?  Two eyes, ears, arms, legs, breasts, ovaries, testicles, lungs – okay you get the picture, right?  Well this year is all about pairs and partners.  Thanks to a big Uranus – Jupiter opposition that’s happening, we are going through a Relationship Revolution.  Who we are in pairs is evolving.  The Solar Eclipse this weekend plays right into the big changes going on in all our partnerships and water is the big theme.  All kinds of water, like tears, sweat and of course Mother Nature’s water.

The Caution

The Lunar Eclipse two weeks ago lifted the gag order and people have been bubbling up and over since then with things that have been held back.  Today’s tight square between Mars and Pluto has pressure behind it to help you bust through resistance or barriers where you were silent, felt helpless or unseen.  May I just say that going inward and applying that force to internal changes is the least problematic way to use today’s square.  Apply it outward and you get you results but it also can provoke a strong response back.  One you may be surprised and uncomfortable with when you get the corresponding return punch.

I cautioned you on the Lunar Eclipse not to swat flies with cannonballs due to the collateral damage you’d have to clean up.  Today it’s more like the fly fires back their own cannonball.  So be prepared if you explode for an equally strong shot back.  Inward direction of this aspect can give you much more lasting and satisfying results.

When you harness that energy to punch through internal resistance you really understand your individual impact on so much of what’s happened in your life.  With seven planets in Pisces in the constellation that symbolizes healing, 1000 hearers worth of help, this is a great weekend to tuck up and cry my friend.  Let it flow.

The Action

In the theme of Relationship Revolution this year, first things first, you need to clean the Aegean Stables.  I won’t bore you with the long myth, but one of the labors or Hercules was to clean a stable with an insane number of livestock.  No matter where you started to shovel out, by the time you got through even half the animals the first part was filled with the animal muck once again.

Much like our lives and relationships, there is always some sh*t to deal with, either our own, our past or our partners.  Manure is a constant in life and is hard to escape.  So with the water theme in this eclipse, we need to do what Hercules did.  He tore the fence down on one side and then a matching spot on the opposite side and diverted the rivers to flow through the stable and in one fell swoop wash it all clean.  Think about the where you are defended with your own walls and which ones need a hole punched in them to release the sh*t!

Traumas revisited accompanied by a good round of tears helps.  Trust me, the chances are you will have at least one moment where the impulse to put your head in your hands and weep comes up.  What I find fascinating is in the Pisces constellation (who is here to feel mankind’s pain to transform it into compassion)  Nessus sits right in the middle of seven planets.  This asteroid  ties in with Hercules and it’s the human part that feels greed, envy, lust and acts selfishly on our own wants without regards for others or consequences.

The Secret

Nessus invites us to see where our human needs are part of anything that has been done to us, particularly as adults.  In childhood, it’s a different story but let’s stay with adult trauma for the moment.  As adults often we play out the pattern we learned as children and have a hand in putting ourselves in similar circumstances so we can undo the old pattern.  But it’s not purely victim and perpetrator as adults, although our brain likes to reduce it to that.  See the role you played – all of it.  It helps you change what happens going forward from the inside out.  Revolution time.   Instead of trying to change another’s behavior, always a popular topic, this puts you back in the driver seat when you see the whole picture.

Changing another is a slippery slope and has very little success for any length of time.  When you catch yourself trying to do it, it’s always a signal to go back to your own behavior.  Always.  This year is the year to learn to trust yourself.  Really trust yourself.  It starts when you look back on every choice, every situation and every relationship you’ve had and deciding to accept it as perfect, including those all too human parts of you that were involved.  Where you are tempted to blame another and doubt your choice of them, stop.

It isn’t about choosing the wrong partner, it’s about believing every choice was perfectly designed to help you each grow.  Let go of blame, see your part and have a good release on it not going the way you wanted it to go.  How much energy have you wasted wishing someone else would change?  Take it back.  Focus on you.  Wade through doubt to get to the place you trust your choices.  All of them.

Revolution happens when you stop trying to get another to do what you want them to do.  Instead can you trust what you want, open up and share it, then find those who feel as you do or are willing to work along side you even if they don’t feel the same way.  It’s frightening to risk what we want and let go of trying to make it happen.  It’s about trust that let’s things happen when you open up and share.  Very different approach than trying to force another.  Back to cannonballs again.  Ouch.

The Release

Jupiter rules Pisces which activates the opposition of Jupiter in Libra and Uranus in Aries.  Mars is conjunct Uranus and squaring Pluto.  All that means this is the time to shift this pattern of suffering in relationships – it is over if you let GO.  You can break the victim cycle and it needs to happen NOW.  So cry your way through a good stable cleaning when you look at your history and know that every single choice you made, no matter how awful the partnership turned out, gave you everything you have now to create a better, richer, more authentically connected relationship now.

That goes for family, friends, lovers and work relationships.  That goes for relationships in our community and in our world, too.  We have to learn to trust the past so we learn what it can teach us and make an informed decision going forward.  When you lock into helplessness, victim mentality and suffering you cripple yourself and what you can create.  So let them go with a flood this weekend.

Take a long shower, run a hot bath, sit by a river or ocean and let the water help carry all your tears and the sh*t away.  Feel the pain of acknowledging your own impure motives, drives and actions contributed to the mess.  It’s okay, you aren’t alone there.  And when you accept appropriate responsibility for your part you also take back the power to effect change.  Not by trying to banish those base human drives, not likely my friend.  We have them, they are part of us.  Not by trying to banish them in another person.  Nope – equally hopeless.

No it’s in owning those sticky parts of us.  With Nessus sitting in the middle of all this along with Chiron, we can heal when we admit we have those unpleasant parts of us and be honest about where they’ve been part of what created our traumas.  When we own these things are there, we take back the power that went into denying it, hiding it, arguing about not having it and so much more.  Then you can start raising the bar for yourself, one situation at a time.  It builds your trust in YOU.

Acknowledge yourself, all of you and don’t waste time suffering over your suffering.  Feel how free it is to let that accumulated sh*t roll through and out.  The stuff from others bothers us in direct proportion to how fiercely we deny we have our own.   So clean that stable, let the manure enrich all that is coming into being and understand that while you learn to trust yourself you will first feel doubt.  Affirm you made the best choices possible in the past and you will make the best choice possible now and learn from it.

You feel so much more whole when you own all of you, release the past mistakes and bless them for what they taught you.  Tear down some of the walls to let the muck flow out and away with water, water, water.

Support For You

If you want more support I am doing a one question or two question reading for you on this eclipse.  If you want to see where this eclipse season hits you then let’s see where astrology can help you.

For example, if it hits your 2nd and 8th house and your Sun is involved you could find yourself free from sticky history that impacts your self worth around earning money and how you are valued.  Or if it hits your 5th and 11th house you could find yourself enriched around creativity with friends that really puts your unique contribution in front of all to see.

You send me your birth information and I’ll send you the recording,  We feel the impact on us up to six months from the Lunar Eclipses and up to a year and a half on Solar Eclipses.  So you have the recording to listen to when you need a refresher.

One question recorded reading: $40  

Two questions recorded reading: $75

Whatever you do this weekend, let it emotions flow.  Just choose a safe container to hold it all.  Then trust that choice is perfect, no matter what.  Wishing you a fluid and graceful swim through the downpour.


Lisa Greenfield





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