Dark Star Eclipse In The Month of Love

The Heart of the Matter

On February 10th, we have a lunar eclipse at 22 degrees Aquarius/Leo and it’s lighting up the Dark Star in Leo that is literally called “Our Own Worst Enemy.”  It governs the places where we feel we have no freedom to act on our own behalf, and where we acted against our own best interests by shutting down or shutting up about what is important to us.

When we feel like someone or something has power over us, we feel restricted and helpless so it builds up pressure inside of us to break free and even lash out.  The teenage years are one example of where we do this.  We explode out into the world and what held us back actually provides the fuel for us to grow into the place where we can stand up tall for ourselves.  

The picture I get is a plant seed.  Did you know that the hard shell around most seeds is their protective casing to keep them from being destroyed until they find fertile ground?  Once you plant it, the emerging plant bud shreds the shell and it becomes a food source for the infant plant?  No one sees the hard shell once it’s planted and it just does its job and disappears.

So too are the forces in your life that have pushed, pressured, restricted or held you back.  What if your new story is one where some of those ‘enemies or opposition’ also carefully protected you with those frustrating limitations while you build strength to bloom, bloom, bloom my friend.  And this year you build your strength on the destruction of those old limitations.

How much you enjoy it all is going to be defined by a few key things.  With Leo in the mix our ego is at play but Aquarius says the whole community matters too.  Mercury is well ahead of the Sun during this lunar eclipse, so be mindful in speaking up.

In short, don’t swat flies with cannonballs.  Yes, you kill the fly but you take out a lot of collateral damage too.

A lot of pressure built up behind this eclipse point and the need to speak your mind can be fierce.  Still, wouldn’t you prefer to do it so you don’t spend the next six months mopping up the carnage out of proportion to the triggering event?  Back to swatting flies again…

There is no evil dark force against you, there are only dare to be great moments waiting for you to step in and SHINE.  In fact, whatever sets you off helps bring those rotten places of powerlessness to the surface for healing.  With Chiron in the picture, healing is happening too as you gain awareness of your power and use it. 

The Challenge

With bold Leo highlighted by this moon, you’ve been waiting for your spotlight.  It is time.  But there is a catch my friend.  You must, must, must consider others as well as yourself.   When you are right, can you be gracious, ask questions and still hold firm in a conversation?  That’s what is needed here.  

The Tarot Card for this eclipse is Strength, which is the lady pulling a thorn from the Lion’s paw.  Courage, kindness, strength even in difficult circumstances are required.

There is a lot of pent up hurt, resentment, and rage too behind this eclipse that can easily become a lava flow that buries some poor sucker who crossed your path at the wrong time and in the wrong way.   Not your best use of power…Especially in this year of Relationship Revolution.  

We have outgrown old relationship patterns, personally and collectively, but we are feeling our way into a new paradigm.  You are part of the solution, if you are willing to let go of being the problem.  Less fly swatting, more courage, kindness and strength are badly needed now.  

In The Shadow

The eclipses of next August link back to this point now with a big fat bill for how you use your power.  August’s an eclipse point where ego-driven power players ‘lose their heads’.  In old days this degree of the zodiac meant a beheading for unpopular leaders.  Now it means that where power is cut off from reason you lose all connection to making things happen.  

In your life, even if you have the upper hand, be mindful how you use it so you don’t lose your head and return to powerlessness with an out-sized backlash against you.  Aquarius with Leo says you must include both points of view to win the whole show.  

This does NOT mean you have to submit or accept behavior that hurts or damages you.  Or that you are justified in paying someone back who treated you that way.  Power plays by another are just an invitation for you to stand tall for yourself without punishing the offender.  Instead, show them a different path when you find your own courage to add a fresh perspective, a new and different choice for you both.  

When you know your own shadow, you are less likely to be swallowed by it.  Fear has you or those around you hiding out in old stories, justifications and retribution.  Courage lets all that go and says, what can we do NOW that respects us both.

Consider Nelson Mandela who came out of prison prepared not just to forgive those who imprisoned him but willing to work with them to forge a stronger government.  This is how our shadow brings in the light to lessen the darkness for everyone.  That’s how you win honor, recognition and reward in your life right now.  

A Remedy

In being set free, you are responsible for what you do with your newfound strength.  How are you going to use it?  This eclipse helps you see where you inflate the threat from others. It is in order to help you let go of the fear that they are an enemy that needs smacking down.  You consider they may actually be stumbling around looking for a better path forward, too.  When we forget that fact it is the source of too many of “Our Own Worst Enemy” situations.   

Kindness that empathizes with the pain behind others bad behavior at your expense isn’t weakness when you combine it with a firm line that says, “It’s not okay to behave that way.  In other words you can state, “You are acceptable, but your behavior is NOT working for me.”  Mutual respect while navigating any disagreement is the winning hand here every time.

The Sun in Aquarius is sitting with two fixed stars that signal good fortune and success (especially in government) with wise leadership. To pull from the movie Camelot, now you understand that it’s Might For Right instead of Might Is Right.

This cycle between now and August is all about your own leadership (government) of your life.  Wise leadership meets with good fortune this year and can move mountains.  This comes when you acknowledge your power and apply it toward goals that are much bigger than winning a momentary argument.  Each time you find a way to consider both sides and move forward together you are sowing seeds that richly reward you.

Good News

Not all things that come into the open this eclipse are unpleasant.  Some hidden things are deep feelings for another or real love for a cause or project.   It can feel so exposed to share something that moves us deeply.  There is risk there of rejection or ridicule because what we love deeply we also fear losing.  

Taking a risk sharing these kinds of feelings are the things that not only bloom but can bear fruit these next six months.  Not all of them do, but you have to risk it to see which ones will.

It’s time and you are ready.  The young place in us wants a guarantee that we can share those tender places and have it magically rewarded.  There is someone who is thrilled to hear what you have to share.   Other times, it doesn’t go so well and you have to acknowledge some defeat, delay or rejection.  

Have support in place when you are going to be brave and share your heart.  It helps you acknowledge your courage in doing so and buffers the risk when a trusted friend or loved one can cheer you through the big reveal.

The grown up part of us realizes, we can’t eliminate the risk without also wiping out the creative potential for happy surprises too.  So open up in the right time with the right support and trust whatever you create serves you.  

If you’re not sure you have what you need… I’ve got you covered here.

Wishing you a wonderful week ahead as your fear gets eclipsed this coming Friday.

Lisa Greenfield


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I got the email notification for this and something told me I had to read this first thing this morning. I swear I feel this reading was meant for me. First I’m an Aquarius and the person who I feel that would bring out these negative reactions out of me would be my ex, who so happens to be a Leo. I don’t speak to him, but he tends to contact me somehow for something. He does things, (I feel are unintentional but who knows) that are meant to get a reaction out of me. I think before I would cave in, make some kind of scene contact him or indirectly call him out and later be upset at myself that I even gave it the time of day. Now, even if it did catch my attention and bothers me a bit – I try (and so far have been successful) with ignoring him and not giving it any type of reaction. I don’t want to give him the satisfaction. He is now seeing someone new and is (sorry to say) a water downed version of myself… and I still think he’s doing it on purpose (again trying to get a reaction). So subtly, and treating her the way I had asked him to treat me at least on social media for example. When we were together, I never existed on his page and yet they start seeing each other and shes already very present. We were together for 5 years, it was like a divorce. He then completely erases me from his page with anything he may have posted with me or was tagged in. That would be fine of course except when he says things to me like, “you are always going to be in my life, you were such an important part of my life, I will always be there for you” he even bought cat food for me last month?? I never asked for help and denied it but he sends it anyway.

We ended amicably, but he treated me horribly and I think as time passes you don’t remember what people say or do but rather how they made you feel. All I can remember is how sad and upset he made me feel and I didn’t realize that until now. I think I understand how manipulated was, and I try not to get upset at myself for not leaving sooner. So I wonder how he feels about me, if I left a positive feeling. Regardless I know we both need to heal (preferably away from each other) in order to grow. I certainly know what I want and what I’m not willing to compromise in a relationship.

I see myself already getting worked up. What gets me is that hes a big bull*******, and i’m a huge anti bull*******. So I try to talk to friends, validate my feelings and try not to react. Certainly learning some lessons and hoping to just cut this guy out completely.

Also my birthday is on the 9th!!! Same day as the call!!

I’m going to see if I can sign up. Rent is due.. lol

But this article was extremely helpful!!


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