2012 Mayan Calendar Links To Summer Solstice – Full Moon

This week the Full Moon was within 24 hours of the Summer Solstice for the first time in 30 years, creating a bookend to the December 21st 2012 Mayan Calendar ending.  You’ve traveled the darkest point represented by the winter solstice 2012 and the lightest part represented by the summer soltice 2016 to wrap up the end of your new beginning.  The baby is born and you are taking your first breaths now.

Look back over these last four and half years what were the significant changes in your life?  Right now we just passed through a gateway that lights you up for the next 30 days with some really sweet understandings, so taking a look at this now might offer surprises for you.

The contrast between the dark of that 2012 winter solstice and the light of the 2016 summer solstice, now in the constellations of the root to the crown, means means you finally get to understandings that are more comprehensive.  Mercury opposite the Sun helps clarify and round out thinking so you can see the bigger picture emerging about the story of you.

Arguments are possible now, disagreements are merely a way to show more contrast to what matters to you.   Dissatisfaction and frustration may come up to, as help to get you to rethink things.  What do you believe?  Now’s the time to put actions behind those new or expanding beliefs.  What has changed for you in the last 4.5 years?  All the places where you have a point of view or opinion now become a proving ground.  How are you willing to act on what you believe?  Will you hold steady, even when those actions cost you something?

Key planets are sitting in a place that signals waiting to decide.  So you are being given chances to be still a moment and review what you do and why you do it.  If you find yourself tired, under the weather or otherwise slow to move, that’s a little cosmic assist to give you space to bring your principles and what you do with them into closer harmony.

We are meant to slow the pace in places or even for a day at a time in order to synchronize these key aspects to our personality.  After we do, things that challenge us wind up providing us a lift rather than draining us.  Like the resistance of a chick pecking it’s way out of a shell or a butterfly working itself out of the cocoon.

If you find yourself grinding to a halt with opposition there is a good chance you need to recalibrate what you believe and how you act on it.  This is not punishment, it’s a powerful time to fine tune yourself so you lead from updated core values and now it’s easier than usual to get results.  Why not take advantage of this to give yourself additional strength.  (Check out my Summer Special – limited time offer – if you want to get some traction on good change now)

We still have the re-parenting ease aspects through September 10, 2016.  So how you do the fine tuning is as important as what you decide.  Watch for too much Saturn with it’s stern or heavy-handed corrections applied to you or too little Saturn where you want something but aren’t willing to risk being vulnerable or appearing foolish for it.

Include the Neptune adjustment which is too much dreaming without risk of putting it into action, or expecting someone to hand it to you without making any effort on your own behalf.  Or the converse of focusing only on what you can see touch and taste rather than allowing room for some magical moments that you didn’t expect.

Some of those adjustments are easier seen in those around you so pay attention to that as well if you can’t clearly see it in your own life.

When you have mostly short and/or straight lines in your hands (more than two) you likely fall into the Saturn adjustment.  Whereas if you have long and/or curved lines (more than two) more likely you’re dealing with the Neptune adjustment.

Your job is to notice, notice, notice you!  Being present for what is going on and also what is underneath it, those unconscious triggers is so useful for you right now.  As long as there is some possibility of slow down, why not reflect a few moments.  What’s the bigger story, what do you want it to be?!

There is good ground to be gained.  The planet of healing and the action planet are holding hands to give you an added boost, so choosing to do something different pays BIG dividends for the next 30 days!  Which is why I had to share this with you today.

With such intense news out there, know some of the same energy that demands change is cooking inside of you.  When you do the work inside first, the rest of the world gets easier as well.  You know the old saying, put your own oxygen mask on first… then assist others.  Well, now is a perfect time to do just that.

I’ve been working on my Saturn adjustment, factoring in quality rest time with working, working, working.  My trip to New York included a well rounded menu of fun, friends and readings that felt much more balanced then I created in the past.  As a result, I didn’t get sick, one of my historical issues, when I travel and work a full schedule in a strange place.

Letting myself have a down day there instead of tearing around New York trying to fill up the time with a few more adventures wasn’t easy, but oh so good in the long run.  I do hate to miss the fun when I stay quiet.  Change takes a little adjusting but I enjoyed the results of good health and fun, that payoff was sweet!

Which is what I want for you, your own brand of adjusting, tailored specifically to what’s in your hands and your chart.  After all, one instruction or program does not fit all!  It use to make me feel bad about myself when I would take a training program or class that a friend or colleague did and watch them shine while I struggled.

It frustrated me so much I decided to research what I know about our hands and our learning styles and match it to what people were taking and what they succeeded at.  Bingo!  It’s not rocket science to understand that we all learn differently.  But when mirror neurons in our brains start firing and we see someone else succeeding we can’t help but want to do the same – even if it’s not well suited for us to do it the same way!

Competition is wired into us for evolution.  I call it our ‘compare and dare’ reflex.  It helps break through our limits and accomplish more than we knew we could.  But when you don’t have the right support or tools for how you achieve best you fall into the ‘compare and despair’ category.  Oh I know that place… sigh.

Which is why what I do gives me so much joy when I can share with you how you can achieve what you want, using your own hands and charts to do it.  It doesn’t keep obstacles and challenges from appearing.  But boy it helps you navigate them so you use the hurdle to your advantage rather than feeling defeated!

If that sounds good to you, stay tuned for my 28 day Truth in Hand experience launching in August.  It’s an email a day to help you understand more of your own gifts, right there in hand.  My way of showing you how to be different without remembering to be different.  Just a bite-sized little adjustment in perspective each day to remind you of the strengths you have ‘in hand’.

For those of you who want a deeper, more personalized look, my Summer Special is combination of hands, astrological transits and more to give you more of what you require to leverage this galactic window for greater success (and peace of mind accomplishing it).

It’s almost 50% of the combination reading.  Not because it’s meant to be discounted.  I love what I do and want you to enjoy seeing the big Truth of you when it can do the most good – and right now is the perfect time!  This discount is gone in a matter of days so do jump in when you feel that pull…RECEIVE  your quality time Here.

As always, be good to yourself now.  It’s a crazy, busy, chaotic world we live in and you are taking it in on more than one level.  Kindness to yourself is never a bad choice.  It isn’t weakness, it’s a different form of strength.  Do let yourself have a little in those still moments.

Wishing you so well,


Lisa Greenfield



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