Solar Eclipse, What The Death of the King Means

I’ve read hundreds of articles, posts and watched videos about this upcoming Solar Eclipse because it is that big of an event in our history.  It will take time to fully comprehend this impact, because it’s that big.  So as the next year and half unfolds, see what this Eclipse has to offer you.    It’s my goal in this article for you, to help make sense out of what I know in the hope that it offers some help as you navigate these wild times.

Due to a crazy set of circumstances, I recorded this for you rather than writing it.  I want you to have this before the event and time ran out.  I can speak much faster than I can write.  So here you go.

Who’s making the decisions in your life?  Really making the decision…

I’d like to help be sure it really is you.  Find out how here.

Please download it so you have it to listen to over the next 18 months.  This is layered change and profoundly deep change that takes time.

You may be able to shift direction powerfully when it comes to how you show up at work.  Then again you may find relationships are intensifying for good and for bad.  Money may be hard to manage but there is a big change coming when you take different risks for different reasons.

Customized details are revealed by your Eclipse report.  If more insight benefits you, I’d be glad to help.  Get your audio report HERE.

If you don’t have your time of birth specific dates and timing are not possible but where and how you harness this change for the best results for you still is possible. You decide. I’m here to help. Wishing you a safe and powerful eclipse.


Thank you,


Lisa Greenfield



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