Mercury Direct – Floods, Rage And Authority Served Up

We have just a few days left before Mercury goes Direct next week and here’s some tips on how you can make the most of it.  It’s time to revisit how we show up in the world to take care of ourselves.  We have an inner flood of emotions ahead of it to help us excavate our own masculine and feminine before we roll into action next week.

These last few weeks gave you good opportunity to discover more about YOU.  If you didn’t spend quality time there, this weekend is a great last chance to pick up some extra speed at seeing you more clearly.  Inherited traditions and mindsets offered security and survival but also asked a high price in places where it conflicts with a unique you.  Wherever you got lost in doing what was expected of you can be completely reworked to your benefit.

Small first steps are those choices how we interpret the world around us and our place in it.  .  The inner masculine and feminine help us do that.  I’ve recorded another short audio to help give you the best consolidation of key facts to help navigate this.  It’s important because Mars, the action planet, is sitting with Mercury as it goes direct and opposite Neptune.

All that means is where you need an upgrade about the level of threat in your life and your response to it has to be reworked for a better plan of action.  Those who are unconscious or unaware may well explode in rage.  Do be careful where your words and actions land.

You must and can speak up for yourself and hold healthy boundaries rather than run from confrontations.  How you do that is a learning curve.  So be kind to you as you get better at it and learn as you go.  It will unfold over the next 18 months.  You don’t need to perfect it in one week.

Here’s the audio for you:  Mercury Direct & Your Inner Authority Audio.

Your hands and your astrology give you a wonderful container to help make sense of what’s flooded in your world in you want it.  I’m extending my Audio Eclipse Reading Special through Tuesday when Mercury goes direct.  I’m here to help.  Be brave, be you and watch the flood waters recede.  Get your personalized map Here.

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Lisa Greenfield

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