Full Moon Passion & Purpose Oct. 5th

We have quite a Full Moon today amidst global disasters and local tragedies.  There is good news and some work ahead, so I recorded what I believe will serve you best in the bumpy weeks ahead.  There is a way to find joy within you with a little support and some good conversations.  Our fears can tempt us to isolate or go numb or perhaps explode and act out.  There’s good reason for these strong emotions the next few weeks and how you navigate those feelings can help or hurt you.

This is the heart of what I wanted to put at your disposal.  Some insight into you and what’s there in the rising tide of feelings.  Hopefully there is at least one or two useful chunks of understanding or actions I wished to put in your hands.  After all, we are in this together.  This full moon highlights where bringing the real you to any situation improves it.  The more you discover how to do that in a way that feels natural to you, the richer even the worst situations can be.  Incredible good comes out of unspeakable tragedy, we’ve seen it over and over.  You are part of that…

The audio is about 20 minutes, since I covered key peaks and valleys the next few weeks.  My wish is some insight benefits you.


Towards that end, I’ve also included links for readings at 2014 prices.  If my support helps you, I want it to be an easy yes for you.

Plus, do stay tuned if you’d like more information about an upcoming online class I am teaching with Nightlight Astrology.  You can discover the Astrology in your hands.  There’s a world of you waiting for you to explore.  The classes begin Oct. 19th and will be recorded if you cannot attend live.  Can hardly wait to show you how much is ‘on hand’ in you.

Meanwhile, I wish you good connections and conversations in the month ahead as you explore your passion and purpose.  They are the sweet spot to making this month a huge success, although you may not realize what you actually succeed at until you’ve done it.  It’s an interesting month of adventure.  How intrigued are you now?

Wishing you all the best, always,


Lisa Greenfield



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