Full Moon – Sweet The Victory Hard Won

Tuesday’s full moon is a powerful one and welcome after passing through the Pluto activity the last couple weeks.  Where have you stood your ground, spoke your piece and made your choices?  There can be sweet rewards served up for you!

This week it’s less about what you do then how you do it.  The inner parents of Neptune and Saturn both light up this Full Moon begging you to spend some quiet time reflecting on what matters to you and how do you show up for it?  I’ll bet you’ve had changes in how you act on things along with the beliefs that fueled those actions when you stop and reflect a moment!

I love that in your hands Neptune and Saturn are opposite ends of the middle of your hand.  Your Saturn finger is the middle finger, with your thumb and pointer on one side and your ring and pinky finger on the other.  Neptune is the very center of your palm at the opposite side down where your wrist joins the palm.

These two reveal how you were nurtured and how you were disciplined.  It’s the backbone of everything you have going on and relates to the mothering and fathering principle that created a new life in you.  So it’s the blueprint you inherit about how you create anything and how you relate to authority.

Notice if you have a lot of markings in the corridor between the two?  When Saturn and Neptune are involved these markings have a double edged sword.  You can create powerfully with a star or a triangle there, the question is for good or for bad?  Power always depends on how you use it.  Is it constructive or destructive in your life?  Grilles and islands can be challenging but with these two mounts it can also build character that makes you a leader.

What I love is how much your hands can reveal about how you were programmed and what you are doing with it now.  Stay tuned for a little gift fun with hands for you at the end of the post.

This Full moon definitely requires some quiet time to reflect on what you really want and how you are going after it.  Obstacles have a funny way of showing us what really matters to us.  The things we have a real attachment to are ones we can’t quit on even when they get hard.

The question is are you attached to something that makes you feel better about yourself or is it fear that drives the attachment?  Who’s authority are you being influenced by or listening to in this attachment?  The biggest win comes from being your own best authority on what is right for you and then plugging into the world around you.  Now a healthy fear of negative consequences can be a great inspiration if it is used well.  But is someone else’s input or fear too big a part of the equation for you or too little?

Or do you hesitate to act on what you want because you may get it wrong, or fear you will be judged and found wanting?  That’s part of this full moon, too.  Look at what your actions were July 16-17th.  There was a sweet lineup that had you unconsciously aligned with a more balanced approach to life.  Notice how this weekend unfolded for you.  Now that it’s past, what do your choices show you?  There were some real moments of getting it just right for you.  You will recognize them by how they felt so necessary and organic.  Let today serve up some flashes of insight on YOU.

I found myself moving much more easily between doing work that needed to be done, exercise I crave and down time that was also sorely needed these past few days.  When I looked at the transits before writing this post I was pleasantly surprised to see they offered a nice feedback loop to gauge what a different choice looks like.  What was yours?

This full moon sits right between Saturn and Neptune in the constellation of hard won Victory.  It’s one that required your patient, persistent effort to achieve (a Saturn trait) in the gate of Inner Truth with the Asteroid Lilith, (Neptunian influence).  Lilith brings feminine independence to this full moon that helped to bring the Victory in to being.  After the hard hitting masculine dominance of the machine age, the feminine is coming back into view as an equal partner and you are living as part of that shift.

What’s so impressive about this line up is the strength of each part, the masculine and the feminine.  It doesn’t mean that it came together perfectly, rather that you learned more about how to work with the best parts each to achieve it.  It’s about working out a new harmony between your own inner discipline added to some creative confusion and comforting behavior.  This sweet spot you glimpsed this weekend creates your life from conscious choice and to work from this blend spells VICTORY.

I’ll bet you can see progress for yourself when you allow yourself some quiet time Tuesday to reflect on it.  I highly recommend talking with a trusted friend once you have had some quiet time because you may discover even more to amaze you in the discussion.  Balance between solitude and connection!

Please do celebrate your win or wins and feel free to comment here.  When we see each other achieve we can compare and dare in our own lives.  Towards that end, I’m inspired to do a Facebook Live session – try out the technology.

If you are interested in joining me sign up here for the sessions and I’ll get you the details for the fun.  I’ll be doing more on transits, how your astrology ties in with what’s ‘on hand’ and doing some mini readings.  I love doing this with you!

Meanwhile, be good to yourself for the Full Moon.  Make it a nice blend of comfort and discipline, solitude and sharing.  After all you have a Victory to celebrate!  Something you did this last weekend showed you how far you’ve come – so take time today and anchor in how good it can feel to create from there.  You may want to do it again…and again…and again.

All the best,

Lisa Greenfield






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Well I had the worst date on the 15. I didn’t even have to energy to be upset about it. I have a lot to reflect on.

Gen so sorry to hear that. Right now we have a chance to face some of our worst fears and do the differently! It can feel almost unbearable in the moment but then the feeling of having dealt with it can come in and show you new solutions that more than resolve the issue. The old is being cleaned up and moved out! Which is why it can be so muddy at times. Hang in there. Be kind to you!!!

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