12 Month Tarot Reading and A Gift Call With Lisa – time sensitive

It’s time…  One of my favorite things to do with you is your look ahead at what’s in store for you next year!  Are you ready?  Curious?  You write and tell me throughout the year you’ve had deals close in the month that promised money, new relationship start (on the first day, no less) of the month that promised love.

Sometimes there is a disappointment or two that comes with looking back on the last year.  The dreamed of new job wound up being a part time side gig that didn’t quite let you jump ship for a fresh start or the new love went south not long after it revved up.

After all the cards reveal what is possible and then you have the power to dial it up or dial it down.  Which is why I am including a special gift Q&A call for you with your New Year’s reading!  I want you to get all the good promised in the readings and sail through the challenges using your customized insight ‘on hand’.

On the call we can cover where to be more active, where your guard may be up making it hard to be receptive or where a little strategic pause can give you just enough time let the good things expand without you doing anything more.  I want to help you take a good year and make it a great one!

We can do that together.  When you purchase your 12 Month Tarot reading in the next 48 hours, you’ll be invited to join the call as my guest.   After Friday, you can still join the group call for $59 which includes Lisa’s assessment of your hands.

Get it now and both are yours for the price of the full year’s reading!

Ahhhh, a New Year, insight into what you are creating with coaching customized for you.  Doesn’t that sound good to you?

I know I’m excited to share this with you, and the added bonus to help you get more of what’s ‘in the cards’ for you.  Take a half an hour with me to see where you are heading, share your prints with me and then jump on the call.  See just how much is there for you in 2016.

Grab yours here – and get the best selection on when you can have your reading for your look ahead!   There will be two choices for call dates and times sent out to you, I don’t want you to miss your coaching time!

I’m keeping this email short and sweet – I don’t know about you but I’m on information overload after the weekend.  Lot’s of baking and less electronics feel much more seasonal to me.

Here’s wishing you well.  I look forward to sharing a bright New Year ahead together… with your BEST self and the real Truth in hand.

Lisa Greenfield


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