Selfish Gratitude Thanksgiving

The Full Moon brings a lot of tension to the holiday of giving Thanks.  My recipe to make the most of it?  Practice selfish gratitude.  I have a short ten minute audio, so you can listen as you run around, which is all too likely this Thanksgiving.  Don’t let the push pull of the cosmic realignment of your giving and receiving knock you too far off.  Time to adjust the give and receive in our lives, like a chick pecking its way out of a shell.

See that any opposition or constriction you encounter where the shell that protected you is now cramping your style.  You’re going to break free to a much bigger world on the other side if you chose to stay in adult mode, no matter how tempting that childish outburst feels.  The tug of war between heart and mind short circuits effective actions if you aren’t aware.

In fact if you find yourself tired, that’s a sign you need to pause and let abundance and opportunities catch up to you. Overload won’t help and definitely can hurt.  After all your breaking out into a big new world.   Here’s a little breathing exercise that helps, one that’s calorie free and portable.  Use it as often as you need if you find your emotional flood waters rising in family settings.  Meanwhile, here is my Selfish Gratitude Thanksgiving podcast.  Get to real gratitude and power with a few important steps first, download the audio here.

My wish for you is you feel how very much I appreciate having you to share with throughout the year.  You matter and I am thankful.

Wishing you all the best,


Lisa Greenfield

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