Get Your August Eclipse & Mercury Retrograde Report

We have Emma Roberts as a platinum blonde, Anna Faris and Chris Pratt split up and the Lion King debuts never before seen footage.  Individual style is bursting out all over thanks to the eclipses and Mercury Retrograde.  Brad Pitt gets a parenting makeover, Anna Farris a relationship makeover, Emma Roberts a style makeover.

Where will yours show up?  Where is it going to be easy, where will you celebrate and where can you prepare for some challenges?  With a little insight, you don’t have to struggle during your makeover.  Whew.

Get your personalized recorded Astrology Chart reading from Astrologer & Celebrity Hand Analyst Lisa Greenfield.  This audio file will cover where and what this month’s makeovers have in store for you.  Is it home life, work or perhaps fame that waits for your attention to transform and launch your personal style forward this month.

You need to include your birth time, date and city for the report. If you don’t have your birth time, don’t worry.  We can still do the report, it just isn’t specific on timing for things.  Appreciate your patience for the minimum two, maximum seven days before you receive your audio, based on demand and how much is there in your chart.  The busier the chart, the bigger the makeover!

You receive specific insights, action items and what you can expect the next six months to a year.  If you want to focus on one particular topic be sure to ask Lisa in the notes section at checkout.  What will your makeover give you?

Get your personalized reading HERE.

Wishing you all the best,


Lisa Greenfield


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