Tarot With TruthinHand – 10/8-16 Relationship Tensions & Respect

This week packs a punch for relationships, especially Tuesday and Wednesday.  Transformational tension is the name of the game.  Change is required and if you want the change to serve you, do everything with respect in the mix.  That includes respecting yourself, your wants and needs and then extend the same courtesy to others.  You don’t have to agree on things and you don’t have to supply what another wants.  Rather you regard another’s wants and needs with the same consideration you wish for yourself.  This week is an adaptation of the ‘Golden Rule’ stretch.

Speak, act, interpret another’s point of view with the same courtesy you’d like to be shown to you.  It may be a shock to the system for some, we’ve gotten into such reactive operating modes.  But try it.  Stick to it, even if you aren’t immediately met with a return on your energetic investment.  The pay off for holding that frequency of Respect raises the level of all you do.  It doesn’t require anything more than you keep that point of creation and let those who can’t meet you there fall by the wayside.

It requires less effort to hold this frequency than it does to battle all those who can’t meet you there.  This gives you a lot more energy to put into advancing your point of view, which ultimately offers you a larger group to connect with of like mind.  Change happens when small or individual actions reach wider and wider circles of influence.  Remember that when the person in front of you seems to beg for a dressing down.  Also good to know that facts don’t change minds.  Feelings do.  People interpret facts based on their feelings about them and you.  NOT just because they have new data.

So feel your way through the transformational tension.  Connect with others from a better point of view.  If they can’t hold a level of civility that feels right for you step back.  No need to educate them or punish them.  They reap the rewards of their choices, just as you do yours.  The Cards and the Stars will help.

Thank you,


Lisa Greenfield




Card of the Week:  Nine of Bows, Respect

Funny how these things line up.  There was already the energetic of this Nine in the Stars and then it winds up the Card of the Week.  There are no accidents.  Nines mean you have completed a whole level of education in your world.  Like graduating High School, this week wraps up the old in preparation of the New that comes at the end of the 40 day Venus Retrograde we just began.  It’s worth noting how far you’ve come, particularly since last August’s full solar eclipse.   Relationships are highlighted with Sun in Libra in tense aspect with Pluto, the Deep Transformer.  You are finished with this chapter, whether you like it or not.  If you cling to the familiar out of fear of your future, this could be a bumpy week.  But you will survive it.  Best to breathe deeply and review how much progress you’ve made.

You have support, you always have it.  Take a moment and count the places where you had what you needed when you needed it.  If it helps, make a list so when fear pops up you can remind yourself, the Universe works with you.  Turn whatever you have in front of you to your advantage.  Sort out what to keep, what to change and what to leave behind.  That goes for Mind, Body, Spirit and Heart.  This way you can give thanks as you clear through it and ready for the leap ahead lighter and prepared.  That’s what self respect looks like.








Monday:  Balance – Libra New Moon

New Moons start a new roughly 30 day cycle of creation each month.  Venus Retrograde invites us to upgrade our relationship skills, this New Moon in Libra in tense aspect with Pluto insists on it.  A quote came to me this week that fits here.  It was, ‘focus on the work, not the time’.  Take this as a gentle reminder in a turbulent day that what you begin matters for HOW you begin it more than the results you may be impatient to see.  Ceres is conjunct the Sun and Moon, and further emphasizes nourishment of partners.  Does your view on each other feed your connection or does it starve it?  Behavior is changeable, people require acceptance for who they are.  You win when you come from the belief that a person is always acceptable, their behavior is not.  Work from this viewpoint to adjust those things which damage the trust and strength of your partnership.  Or admit that there are differences that take you in separate directions.

Don’t try to force another to change to stay connected, don’t twist yourself into a pretzel either.  Instead face the hard Truth with compassion and courage.  This Venus Retrograde which covers this New Moon cycle will help.  You’ve outgrown the container of some relationships – be it to people, places, things or beliefs.  Recognizing this helps the transition be kinder and opens you up to what comes in to fill the void.  There will be something better on the other side, when you let go and trust.  Be gentle with yourself the next few days and get support when you need it.  Libra highlights balanced partnership – that’s the goal and pay off for your efforts.






Tuesday:  Three of Bows, Fulfillment

Three is the number of Mercury for communication, and Mercury transits are all over the place today.  This is a day for lightning strikes of understanding where your patterns are concerned.  Whatever happens, be it group or individual awakenings, there is a double whammy of ‘I get it’.  It’s as if you walk through one of those high tech Thermo Scanners and you see the hot and cold in your body.  Talk to this person, whoops there’s the cool contraction.  Talk to that person, the temperature spikes.  The understanding of what those brilliant flashes reveal build through out the day to peak at 11:05pm.  Don’t rush fulfillment, savor each and every layer.  All you are required to do is pay attention and be present as best you can.  Don’t worry if you struggle with that, the light will dawn on why it happens and where as the day unfolds.  Once you’ve seen the light, there’s no unseeing it, you have the benefits the rest of your life.









Wednesday:  Guardian

This card represents the Death Card in traditional Tarot and often evokes deep fear in people.  It is meant to do so, because it serves to bring you mastery of fear. “A coward dies a thousand times before his death, but the valiant taste of death but once.” said William Shakespeare.  Use the insights from yesterday to apply to your life today.  Venus Retrograde is square Mars, which strengthens the message to change what is out of harmony in your life.  If you don’t, your misery is truly of your own making.

Venus Retrograde is the shadow side of wanting to connect with people.  Power plays, victimization, struggle, perpetual disappointment and strife live in the shadow.  Mars energy divides or separates for us.  So face your fears and break up with the discord your shadow keeps creating in your life.  It is the end of a way of life because it’s invalidated by your growth.  Now that’s a death worth celebrating. It frees you up to be a more authentic you, as an adult rather than a blaming, unhappy child who waits or demands the world change for it.

Instead you create from a place that takes whatever happens and brings it into harmony in your unique way.  This includes being able to offer an authentic, no thank you.  You feel safe receiving when you know how to say no to what comes your way and doesn’t suit.  The ending begins today and builds over time.  Begin it one step at a time and trust your process.








Thursday:  Seven of Bows, Clearance

Build on the energy of those insights of the last two days to clear out the dark corners in your world.  The pay off is rich abundant emotions, happiness, well-being, generosity and life supporting humanity.  The shadow side will be dialed up today too, thanks to Moon and Jupiter in close connection.  Jupiter expands whatever it touches and so your attachments are more clearly visible.  Look for feelings of entitlement, compulsions, choosing materialism to fill a void, and prestige as a substitute for love.  Emotional dramatics are likely, because if you see them you can weed them out.

Seven is the partnership house so this clearance takes place in and to benefit your relationships.  The Sun squares up Pluto to bruise your ego if you refuse to own your shadow.  People are less likely to put up with bad behavior, which is in service of clearing out what doesn’t serve you or the collective.  Watch for confrontations and especially self righteousness.  If you feel it, you’re in your ego.  If you receive it, say no thank you in your own way.  The way you disengage may be what needs the once over.  Stay on task and remember how good it feels to have it clean and clear.









Friday:  Eight of Bows, Hearthfire

Ah, the payoff for this week’s work is today.  Eight’s symbolize that what you put out there comes back to you.  This is the report card on your tribe, your friends and relationships.  Is it a warm, cozy, safe space to gather.  Or is it a survival need leftover that is a devil’s bargain.  Mercury and Saturn team up nicely to give your communication maturity, common sense and potential for long term payoffs.  You want to put that to work because we still feel the Sun square Pluto, the ego struggle.  The Moon touches both these points as well so it can be the end of ego driven conflicts.

The fire in this Eight promises that all the current elements come together to burn off impurities and let something new emerge.  Like a Phoenix rising out of the ashes, review your relationships and give yourself credit for those with more harmony than discord.  Give praise where due to those who partner with you more equally.  Yesterday’s Seven, gives way to today’s Eight as a progress report.  Read yours and rejoice and/or adjust where needed.








Saturday:  King of Bows

Ah, balance of power is the issue today.  Mature use of leadership is this King’s hallmark on the light side. Bullying and self entitlement is the shadow side.  Today the Moon, Neptune and Sun all work together to shine light on the shadow and add strength to your light.  The beauty of this combo is radiant and glowing vitality because of how you show up for life.  You lead or follow well, without being diminished or demeaning others.  There is no loss of power. Instead it is shared power, credit, efforts and rewards.  What is shared grows exponentially and allows setbacks and challenges to be strength building exercises.  Some difficulties even become fun shared memories once you survive them.  They build trust between partners.  So whether you lead, follow or divide up the tasks evenly, how does leadership show up in your life?










Sunday:  Two of Stones, Challenge

We’ve reached a new level of maturity and this Two highlights challenge as part of it.  When you speak your truth, it may trigger someone else.  What you said is innocent, their interpretation is based on their past experiences and often includes pain.  So they are innocent as well.  But you have a challenge between you.  Today the Moon highlights what we love and our fears around losing it.  Can you stay present in a moment of challenge without blaming another or over reacting when someone blames you?

This is the effort required for adult communication.  You are blameless, as is the other person and what’s needed can actually bring you closer together as you work through it.  Don’t rush to accuse or defend.  Rather explore, what are the feelings underneath the trigger.  Sometimes all it takes is a little shared light for the pain to back off to manageable size.  Conflict resolution as an adult stays focused on bringing together different points of view.  Youtube has plenty of free videos on the subject.  I highly recommend them as resource to navigate successfully as an adult in partnership.  But for today, can you stay adult?  If not, can you get back there and do you know how.  Work with this and wrap up a wild week.








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