Daily Tarot June 5th-11th Inner Calm In The Center Of A Sh#t Show

Well the cards and stars have kind guidance to help manage your mind – it is the key to survive the celestial storms rolling around the next few days.  This Full Moon Friday has Chiron and Saturn in the mix so long-standing hurts and fears are like a hurricane brewing this week.  You can discover how to navigate those external forces because there is an eye in the middle of the storm and it’s within you.

Inside you there is a quiet, still, strong force at your core that knows “I can do this.”  You may have to repeat to yourself this week as often as needed.   Use the Breath of Love if you want help to get there when your Fear Brain wants to take charge and run around with hair on fire.  There’s a better option and you get to practice, practice, practice this week.

The young place in us is active this week with Chiron in Pisces, so the “poor me” syndrome is alive and well in everyone.  Before you kick dirt over that thought and mentally say ‘I’m not a victim’, pause please.  Everyone has a version of it.  That includes you.  If you don’t own it and acknowledge it, it owns you and creeps in like water under a door.  You may not look at it but those around you see the tide rolling in around you.  Instead of denying it, know that ‘Poor me’ is a request for your OWN attention to the wounds.

Fear, rage, resentment and suffering come up when you’ve been hurt or disappointed in the past.  You relied on someone else, it didn’t work and adds yet another layer to the ‘poor me’.   Spend a little quality time to notice what hurts and what the story is, especially when it comes to being wounded by others.  Those are the places you require quality time and care from you.  Quite often the story we tell ourselves about being unloved or unlovable is crueler than the original pain.  The inner critic then turns on the other person with ferociousness linked back to the ‘Poor me” place.

You must, must, must give yourself the acknowledgement of your pain. Tempting as it is to make someone else pay, that way is destruction.  Instead, sit with how hard it was to feel, how much it hurt and how scary it is to be connected to others and have them fail you.  Then after you’ve comforted yourself with a real kindness, compassion or whatever feels soothing, repeat the phrase “I can do this”.   You need both your own softness and your own strength.  This is the eye at the center of any storm outside you.  Stop expecting others to be your rescue – first learn to be your own hero.  (My colleague Rhonda Britten says expectations are just premeditated resentments)

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a job, relationship, goal or government you face that isn’t what you hoped it would be.  You begin to harness your strength when you imagine something better.  Really give it some time and attention – the image of a better outcome.  When your mind wants to take you to the dark side, stubbornly refuse to stop there and add a version with the best possible results along side those fears.  Go ahead, you’ll get lots of practice this week given the cards and the stars.  You are building resilience for life and it comes with the Truth about you.  “I can do this”…





Card of the Week:  Five of Arrows

Five’s are the creative arena and the Arrows are our minds.  This five is the self-created frustration that listens to fear rather than digging down so you access your own power to shift things.  As the Card of the Week, the message is observe where your negative interpretations of information nibble away at happiness and self esteem.  This card is like the old video game PacMan where if you let it, those worries gobble up whatever good is in front of you.  Fear consumes creativity and joy.  Fear lies.  It does it deliberately to limit your expansion into the unknown where it can’t guarantee you won’t be hurt.  You have to risk loss and disappointment if you want to enjoy the full banquet this world has to offer.   This pesky little card is to remember those aggravating gnats of discontent are but an imposition on the road to something that matters to you.  Take command of your mind when you can’t control the world around you, especially this week and steer through the cloud of buzzing irritating fears, doubts, rumors and gossip.  You know the Truth and the rest is just someone else’s story.








Monday:  Page of Arrows

This Page is the inner state of mind that precedes communication.  In this week’s line up the challenge rests in the delay in getting this message.  I know at least three people close to me waiting for important information.  With the Moon’s move into Scorpio and Mercury sextile Chiron, these messages are heartfelt, deep and quite possibly raw.  Whether you find today serving up a delay in the message or it’s delivery, your work is to manage the story you tell yourself about what it means.  This card can sometimes stand in for the inner critic.  Do you hear criticism even when that isn’t what’s being offered?  Ah, yes, that’s the place.  Ouch, right?  Okay then how can you see the story, the interpretation of information (or the lack of it) a different way? There’s the sweet spot.  Go ahead, write a different interpretation, one that feels GOOD.  Sweet.  Now do it again…

Take Action:  Wherever you feel bad about yourself today, turn it around and interpret it another way – one that has you the hero who succeeds in receiving your heart’s desire in a spectacular way.






Tuesday:  Three of Arrows

Ouch, jealousy rears it’s ugly head.  This is the place where someone or something makes you feel like you lose if they win.  Are you ready to replace that belief with one where everyone gets their version of a win?  Sure it disappoints when you don’t get what you want, or don’t get it when you want it.  But that doesn’t mean you aren’t going to get your version of it.  The Astrology confirms it today with Venus moving into Taurus and Mercury into Gemini – that’s a strong combination for calling what you want into being.  IF you are open to it looking different then you first expected.  With Moon trine Pluto while it cozies up to Pluto, your patient investment in a different interpretation of facts pays off.  Tell the Truth about what you want, don’t edit yourself and be open to seeing what’s happening in a much kinder light.  Kinder to you will translate into kinder to others as well.  You help to make it a win for everyone, which only makes the world a safer place to play.  Then what you have to contend with are the places in you that resist having what you want.  Now this is a place to dig deeper.

Take Action:  Repeat this phrase ‘I can have what’s meant for me without depriving anyone else of anything, abundance is available for everyone.’






Wednesday:  Three of Stones

The second three in a row always offers you a choice.  Stones are the body and our actions and the first few days of the week have been spent more in our heads with the Arrows dominating the scene.  Now we move into action.  I love that the Wildwood Tarot refers to the courage it takes to create.  The choice comes down to this – will you risk your creation out in the world where they may not see it with kind eyes?  People value different things and what you put out there may not resonate with those around you.  Does this mean they are right about your creative contribution being somehow ‘less than’?  Or will you commit to what you do and stand by it?  It may need some editing, most things do.  There may be room for it to grow and mature, again, most things do.  Are you ready to back yourself for the long haul, use feedback to inform you rather than derail you?  Okay, there’s plenty of places to choose today.  Pick one and go for it when you put your actions behind it.  With the Moon trine Chiron, be gentle with yourself and others.  Being brave doesn’t mean those tender spots don’t sting when the world doesn’t fall in love with your first efforts.  Adjust and keep going, gently.

Take Action:  Be generous with others today – it will spill over onto you and your projects when you see things as tender new buds rather than the full flowering plant it will become.




Thursday:  Knight of Stones

This sturdy Knight is an invitation to see things through and a caution not to give up too soon.   To continue the theme of choice, persistence helps you raise your self esteem.  When you commit to actions, persevere even in the face of opposition, you build trust in your strength and dedication to a purpose.  You signal the world you are worth your time, your goals are worth your time.  This concrete demonstration is key to the belief you are worthy and you can give it to yourself, every day.  The shadow side is when you lack confidence and belief in what you do, what you create and so you quit rather than risk exposure and ridicule.  It is wonderful to have people believe in us.  But no amount of reassurance will ever be enough to quell the fear inside you when you don’t believe in yourself.  Let your actions demonstrate where your priorities are today.  Include yourself in anything that you do for others.  There is room for all and you need to act on that truth to move forward in a healthy way.

Take Action:  Stand in front of the mirror, look yourself in the eye and say “I am worth my time today and everyday”.







Friday:  Seven of Arrows

This Full Moon invites you to take a good look at your insecurities and see where you are your own worst enemy when you believe the lies your mind tells you to scare you back into safe space.  My colleague Emily Trinkaus referenced this Moon as a reality check on where you’ve fallen out of alignment (or integrity) with your inner guidance system.  In other words, where did you compromise the big Truth of you to please others or fit in and belong?  Or where have you been so adamantly opposed to fitting in that you’ve defended yourself to such a degree as to stand isolated and alone but self righteously correct in living your own way.  Insecurity lives in both those opposites.  When we live from our own ‘yes’ and allow others to have theirs as well, we can forge a rich, strong connection strengthened by the differences rather than weakened by them.  Even now our DNA is a blend of ancient species, some of who no longer exist except in traits and abilities that helped us survive when we intermingled.  Where can you own your fears, be your own cheerleader and risk being seen for exactly who you are?  The insecurities are a part of you, not something to be hidden or disowned.  Use them, work with them and find out where you can go beyond them.  What a gift this is for you.

Take Action:  Release any belief that doesn’t fit with what you feel to be true in your heart and soul.  It’s not a bad belief, it’s just not yours…






Saturday:  Balance

The tense astrological aspects today following the punch of last night’s Full Moon requires you to rest your mind today.  Sometimes the best way to disengage your mind is to engage your body in something new.  All your effort is focused on learning how to do some new dance moves or kick box.  Find whatever appeals to you and work through the push of energies with good old sweat.  The mind has been busy this week with a purpose, to drag old wounds and places you are afraid to risk into the light to heal.  Today is about giving all the mental noise and effort of the week space to settle.  You’ve been confronted with some parts of you this week that aren’t easily acknowledged let alone claimed.  The victim mentality is not one easily shed.  But like the snakes on the card, the old story of suffering is cast off in favor of new life.  One with much more of you in it.  You can’t think you’re way through this, you must just see and allow the shadow part of suffering each of us have inside ourselves.  Once you acknowledge it without shame or blame you can move through it without getting stuck.  Now that’s progress.

Take Action:  No heavy thinking today, instead dig a garden, walk a dog, go to the beach or lake if you live near water.





Sunday:  Star (Reversed)

This card is one of the few cards that is still positive even when reversed.  The challenge here is will you believe there is life after suffering?  Our ego can keep us mired in that painful place, inwardly wailing or demanding someone else take responsibility for all this pain in our lives.  Sometimes pain is just that, an ugly moment.  It’s not an agenda to hurt you, it’s not punishment for something awful you thought you did.  Can you believe that something bad can happen followed by something unspeakably good?  This card reversed says you have trouble believing the best can happen when things don’t look so good at the moment.  Optimism is hard to find and discouragement weighs on you.  With the Capricorn Moon square Jupiter you can feel like you’re endlessly stuck in the struggle with no end in sight as you get up in the morning.  Thanks to some help from Neptune as the day goes on a good conversation, an inspiring book or movie can help lighten the mood.   By early evening though Moon and Pluto hook up and it’s time to take a closer look at where you are going to double down and believe in your dreams no matter what.  Optimists not only live longer, they enjoy themselves more.  Lean on a friend if you need extra help, but find some today…

Take Action:  Pick a feel good movie, book, story to engage in today, one with a happy ending.  Believing is seeing.


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