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Here’s your Daily Tarot a Week at a time – thank you for your investment with me and I look forward to all this year has to offer!

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It’s my way of giving you some of my favorite creation tools, to make the best stories of each day.  Share them with someone you love.  There’s power in the story we tell ourselves and these visual symbols help make your world a bigger, better creation!  Feeling like a little Tarot just isn’t enough?  Book your session with Lisa Here.

The Card of the Week gives an overall theme to help kick in extra layers of meaning around the card of the day.  Use it as a pair of night vision goggles to help clarify what’s been out of focus or shadowed.
This week has insight ahead of next week’s eclipse.  Feeling the build up?


Card of the Week – Seven of Stones

7 Stones

Seven is the number of partnership as seen by the world.  The seven builds on last week’s six of pentacles theme for the week, taking the imbalances in your world and helping to heal the underlying wound.  Look at this last week and notice where old patterns are presenting themselves for new approaches.  Is there a sticky issue that won’t go away?  It’s inviting you to look at it differently, allow it to reveal new pieces of the bigger puzzle.  Take a fresh look from kind eyes and let the situation start resolving for you from a more integrated place of both compassion and strength.







Day One – The Mirror

MirrorThe Mirror today emphasizes the theme of healing.  The primordial soup of your entire genetic history is up for changing.  This card says that the healing theme for the week goes deep today.  Notice what triggers you, where you struggle to let things be easier, richer, more fun.  Before you relax into the power of creating your ‘new’ ahead of next week’s eclipse, you have to take a good look at the old limits, stories and patterns.  Be patient with the releasing the old.  It served it’s purpose, it helped you get this far.  It has just outlived its usefulness.  Give them their due respect when you give them a burial.

Take Action:  Meditate today, even if just quiet focused breathing, whatever works best for you… The benefits your get from quiet time today are exponential!



Day Two – The Ancestor

AncestorThe Ancestor represents the clear light of dawn coming after the long dark night.  It is the view of spring near at hand.  With this card following yesterday’s Mirror, healing is fast in coming to you.  Trust your body today.  If you are tired, rest.  If you are hungry, eat.  Choose healthy and generous choices.  If you crave comfort food, let yourself have some – just call a halt before you consume the entire bag of Oreos.  Balance, patience, forward motion that is not rushed or frantic will serve you soooo well today my friend.

Take Action:  Put your hand on your body and ask yourself what feels good today.  Then find a way to give yourself some of that!



Day Three – Six of Arrows

6 arrowsThis six is the calm after the storm.  You’ve come a good distance through the rushing tempest of fears and doubts.  Sixes always represent wholeness, sufficient to yourself, self-sustaining.  With Arrows meaning your mind, this is the place where you remember your mind is a wonderful servant but your heart is the Master.  Let your mind help you figure out what is possible to help you achieve your heart’s desire, rather than talking you out of wanting what you want.  You’ve come far enough to leave the punishing conversation where it belongs.  On the fringes of your awareness to remind you of what your true nature is – balancing your heart with how to get it keeping your community in mind.
Take Action:  Give yourself a mental checklist of some challenges your mind has offered up that you have successfully talked yourself down from old responses.



Day Four – Page of Bows

Page of Bows

Believe, believe, believe, believe!  When you get this card, the pages are the inner child and Bows are spirit or intuition.  This Page says trust the possibilities, trust the magic!  There is more unfolding then you can see, touch or taste at the moment but even without hard evidence, be open to letting the wonder of the unexpected seep into your body today.  The impossible has been proved to be possible over and over down through history.  Where will you overcome the limitations of what we can see to help call down some magic for yourself today?  Believe and you will see!
Take Action:  Let the world surprise you today.  Be open and willing to see the magic unfolding.  Ask the Universe for a sign, then keep your eyes on full intake to watch it occur!




Day Five – The Blasted Oak
Blasted OakThis Card brings a shocking change to our lives.  In some cases it has been building for months or even years.  This shock is about burning away that which has kept us bound to struggle and suffering.  So even though it can feel jarring, the goal in today’s card is to free us from bondage.  This week has been building to the place where you can in one bolt of lightning thought or action loose the heavy chains of unnecessary responsibility or limiting beliefs.  That’s a lot to take in, so let me say it again.  Something you’ve been attached to – a pattern, a habit, belief, will be severed today.  You don’t have to lose a job or a person to let go of the pattern.  Instead know that the Universe, lovingly, is serving up a shock change that will help you create something so much more than what you knew to picture.
Take Action:  Today’s action is to have a trust buddy or friend you can reach out to and share the day.  It will help you see it in a bigger, gentler context.  You have help today!


Day Six – Three of Stones

3 StonesThrees are about communication, communication, communication!  Talk today.  Keep the conversation going from yesterday’s trust buddy.  As you talk, practical ways to anchor the new beliefs start to emerge after yesterday’s shift.  Instead of focusing on what is lost, or gone, you feel the solid impact of what is coming to take it’s place.  Without good conversation, it’s easy to slip into a place of dazed shock with the absence of old patterns or beliefs.  Now is not the time to focus on what’s going, going, gone.  It’s the time to focus on what is coming to be.  Have faith in the future and your place in it.  Your dreams can come true from a much bigger place than you dreamed!

Take Action:  Write a list of what is possible in place of what you used to think was possible.  This list helps you see how much more is on offer for you.  Run your hands over the words and see them unfolding in three dimensions!


Day Seven – The Shaman

shamanWow my friend!  This card represents clear insight, vision that takes in the whole world both seen and unseen.  Talk about a profound week!  Today allow all the information your body, heart, mind and spirit offer give you the assurance that everything, I do mean everything, is unfolding perfectly for you!  Trust yourself, trust the world around you and patiently walk forward knowing that you have all the wisdom of the ages working with you to bring about the most good for you and all those around you.  It’s a good day.  You’ve earned this place and yet it is more than what you earned – there is grace here for you as well.  Let the rhythm of life itself carry you forward.  Deep breath, life is GOOD!
Take Action:  Do whatever feels best for you today.  Find a swing set and soar.  Read a book and ignore the phone.  Indulge, indulge, indulge and delight somewhere in today.  It’s been quite a week my friend!!

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