Daily Tarot 3/14-21st Between Eclipses

Here’s your Daily Tarot a Week at a time – thank you for your investment with me and I look forward to all this year has to offer!  If you’ve stumbled onto this page thanks to someone sharing it with you and want to be sure you get your own copy emailed each week to have it right in your inbox HERE. Or you can check back Sundays as my gift to you.

It’s my way of giving you some of my favorite creation tools, to make the best stories of each day.  Share them with someone you love.  Where can you uncover your hidden power in the story you tell yourself?   These visual symbols help make your world a bigger, better creation!

Have questions specific to your life?  Feeling like a little Tarot just isn’t enough?  Book your session with Lisa Here for personalized insight.  The Card of the Week gives an overall theme to help kick in extra layers of meaning around the card of the day.  Use it as a pair of night vision goggles to help clarify what’s been out of focus or shadowed.

We are navigating between the solar eclipse last week and the lunar eclipse next week.  Quality time with yourself is always a good choice for the deep waters being stirred right now.


Card of the Week – The Ace of Arrows


Ace of ArrowsThis Ace is about mental clarity cutting away the old ideas that no longer serve.  We start this week with a chance for a fresh point of view, unencumbered by the clinging weight of sticky patterns that you’ve outgrown and cut loose.  Feel the lightness in taking a new look at the same issues.  Enjoy seeing more possibilities and approach it with a beginners mind.  With each day served up this week, let this Ace be the sword that cuts away the heaviness of the festering ways of thinking that keep you from seeing all that is in front of you to create.  Reaction or creation.  Old patterns will have you reacting, but this Ace says, ‘I think I’ll create something unexpected here’.  Then go play with those new possibilities and find new playmates to help!






Day One – The Eight of Bows

Eight of Bows

Celebrate the rewards of your efforts today!  With like-minded friends, those who know the hard work or challenges you’ve taken on, dance with joy, hear the applause and take a bow – you’ve earned it.  Fire is spirit and eights are about what you put out there coming back to you.  This says where you have joyfully served your purpose, risked and believed in the ‘yet unseen’, acknowledge your courage!  Your efforts are already bearing fruit!  Others will acknowledge you as well.  This card always speaks to praise coming to you from some quarter where your value or efforts are seen and appreciated.  Join the group and celebrate YOU today – you’ve earned the compliments or rewards!

Take Action:  See if you can count more than one way the compliments come to you today.  They may surprise you in unlikely form, but they are waiting for you to take them to heart.



Day Two – The King of Bows

King of BowsThis Fire King speaks to working out a difficult situation so that all parties may benefit.  One will be the clear leader but the other will know himself worthy of the challenge.  This visionary leader says charge ahead keeping all the parties in mind.  Balancing what is with what will be and still going for more.  Quick to make decisions, this entrepreneurial action-oriented king charges in and heats things up.  What requires your attention today?  Your efforts will be crowned with success when you  stand for your dreams and act on them in the face of any obstacles.

Take Action:  Give any resistance or opposition a new job.  Instead of seeing them as an enemy, they now help you refine and anchor what is the best choice for you.  Weigh what they say, factor it in and let it build the muscle of correct action in pursuit of your dreams!




Day Three – Pole Star

Pole StarWell, there you have it.  The fire theme of this week kicks up a huge degree with the appearance of the Pole Star.  This card says your dreams are coming true with the efforts and investment you put in with your heart, body, mind and spirit this week.  We are made up of the same matter that goes into the Stars we see in the night sky.  So believe in the impossible, let the night sky remind you the darkness only serves as contrast to frame the brilliant light of the stars that fill it!  Nourish your dreams with believing friends, actions that ground your heart’s desire and water them with possibilities.  Then watch them come true for you!
Take Action: Wish upon a star tonight and write the wish down.  Put it away for 90 days then take it out and see how much of it is unfolding.



Day Four – The Queen of Bows


Queen of BowsThis is one of my favorite Queens!  This Fiery lady says you can attract both work success and personal life success.  She’s the mirror to the King of Bows earlier this week.  Look for harmony in how you attract what you desire versus simply charging after a goal.  The Queens always represent the feminine receptive principles.  So let the warmth of your passion for a dream, goal, outcome be the fire that causes others to pull up a chair to sit by with you.  When your dreams burn brightly in you, it lights a path to your door that will bring others to help you, support you and cheer you on.  There is sooooooo much available when you attract and receive the help of those around you who want your dreams to come true too!
Take Action:  Do a fun little visualization of yourself sitting by a big roaring fire where you keep throwing obstacles to your dreams in like logs to help it become a bonfire!



Day Five – The Woodward


The Woodward asks you to use feminine persuasion rather than masculine aggression today my friend.  Call out the best in the situation, from those around you.  Don’t let aggressive behavior tip you into a reaction.  Simply hold your ground, feel your way forward and like water on a rock wear down any opposition with gentle strength skillfully applied.  Above all, trust you are more than a match for any obstacle and will win the day with your patient, centered calm.
Take Action:  Use the breath of love as your secret weapon today if you find yourself challenged.  Or share it with someone so they can keep their calm as well!





Day Six – Five of Bows

Five of Bows


Well hello masculine assertiveness!  This bold Five says to trust the struggles that may be in front of you today (little ones, not to worry) because they are there to help you build momentum to break free of the old and live in the open space of the new you are creating!  There is excitement and passion for the projects in front of you and any challenges offer you a chance to clarify what’s important to you and share that with others.  Fire is always about serving a greater good, the vision that takes us out of our comfort zone and into unexplored territory.  So this card promises creative pursuits will be met with enthusiasm and discussion to help move it along it’s growth.

Take Action:  Pause today if anyone challenges you and ask yourself how the question or wrinkle might actually serve you before you speak.



Day Seven – Two of Wands

Two of BowsThis Two says the last week is paying off!  With so much Fire in the mix with Major Arcana cards this week, can you feel the energy of spring starting to bubble?  Things are going to start breaking ground soon, shared ideas and vision is gaining momentum with those close to you.  Keep feeding the fire with fuel – vision requires praise, applause, recognition and respect in order to expand and thrive.  Be sure you get a good dose of it today and be willing to share the fuel with those sharing your mission!
Take Action:  Seriously, give yourself a moment to take a bow for the courage and efforts you’ve put in this week.  Celebrate you and the unfolding year you have in front of you.  Well done you!

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