Daily Tarot 10/16-22 Pleasure/Pain Principle New Moon

We’ve got an interesting week ahead of us.  Don’t be too surprised if something happens similar to a place where you once had to risk hurt or rejection.  You may well be reminded of it, especially around the new Moon Thursday.  It’s for a good cause, my friend.  It’s not just to torture you, it’s to cover old painful ground in new shoes, and boy what a fine pair of shoes they are.  In fact with a little help from the Stars and the Cards, you may find you can turn old pain into a pleasurable playground.

It’s a crazy line up Astrologically this week to shake things up so that nothing quite lands in the same place or the same way.  Be prepared for being shaken or stirred.  It’s up to you how you want to hold that thought.  Do you tighten up and cringe a little or can you find some anticipation in that knowledge.  It’s a good place to practice for what’s on it’s way.  Can you imagine the very best case of being surprised?  I already know how easy it is to imagine the worst case.

Every time your mind moves you towards contraction or apprehension, breathe into it.  Know that avoiding pain is hard wired into you for survival purposes.  This week wants to help you get past the place where it’s felt so shocking the last few months that you are more easily prepared for the worst and can hardly find the best.  Remind yourself you are still here.  You’ve survived a lot of challenging and unfamiliar things in your life and they added more than you may realize.

Your wise self knows it though.  So even if you don’t remember, part of your core self does.  Draw on that this next week.  It’s there in your muscle memory, how it feels to have a surprise windfall that feels almost too good to be true.  Something you wanted and worked for lands in your lap almost without noticeable effort in these few days.  It’s all the time and energy you’ve put into it up to now that pays off in the shift this week for you.

What you have to do is be open to it.  That’s harder than you may realize.  We get used to being on defense and so those great moments of shift can have a hard time finding a toehold. Which is why I want you to check in and see where your mind takes you when I tell you about a place where you felt defeated in the past being brought up.  The thing is, this time you win.  If you are willing to face that scary place.  That’s the first and most important step.

It may wind up being much ado about nothing.  You’ll forget about this, get through most of the week and then remember.  Boom, the bandaid is off, you already did it and didn’t even realize how easy it was.  Hold that thought.  The Cards and Stars will help.



Card of the Week:  Ace of Wands

Uranus the Great Awakener is hanging out with Eris, the Goddess of Discord in Aries this week standing all the way opposite the New Moon and Sun in Libra.  We have the beginning and the end of past relationships all mashed up into one.  That one is your relationship program.  How well has it worked for you?  Anyplace you’d like to start fresh?  Well this Ace of Wands says, ‘do over’ is right here in front of you.  Start fresh.  Aces are new beginnings and this one is a spark of imagination that burn as brightly as you feed it.  When you give yourself praise, applause, recognition and respect for the risks you’ve taken whether they turned out well or not, you are on the right path.  When you are willing to see where you’ve been out of balance with listening or talking, you are on the right track.  When you are willing to see the person in front of you now without an image imposed on them from history when they may not be the same at all, you’re definitely on solid ground.  You are different so the outcomes can be different even if the situation feels eerily the same.  Trust your heart, feel your way and let the story be very different this time.  It’s up to you…









Monday:  Nine of Arrows

Today you may catch yourself in a situation you normally might worry about, only to realize you can’t quite work up the same enthusiasm for that old fear.  It can’t scare you the way it used to and instead it might actually look a little smaller than you remember.  This Nine is the needless worry card and stands for your ability to not only master the mental realm but show others how it’s done.  The Sun and Saturn show you that this success is one you’ve trained for over time.  Old enemies reveal their weaknesses, threats that unnerved you in the past don’t carry the same charge.  Nope, just can’t stay worked up over it thanks to a little help from the Moon in a sweet tango with Pluto the Deep Transformer.  Now isn’t that a sigh of relief.  Good, you got this.  Now you can invest that energy somewhere better spent than worrying about something you can totally handle.

Take Action:  Help someone else who’s caught in a loop today, pass on the mental mastery.









Tuesday:  Ten of Stones

Ah, home sweet home.  That’s the promise of this ten.  You are on solid ground and what’s more you know it in body, mind, heart and soul.  There’s places and spaces today where you find yourself in your own personal genius zone where you feel good about what you are doing, or how you are doing it.  The focus isn’t frantically tied to getting a result.  Instead it’s more about that place that feels easy being you.  In fact, a little chaos can even add to your ability to spot the places where you can zero in on a choice, a decision, an action and it feels synchronized with your heart, head and body all engaged.  Boom.  Because Mars is trying to decide whether to waltz or tap dance with Uranus, sometimes you like the results and sometimes they don’t even turn out as expected.  But somehow you find yourself laughing at what you learned rather than tensely worried about any idea of failure.  Because you know you haven’t failed.  Instead you are plumbing some interesting depths of you with a little help from Mercury, the Messenger’s movement into Scorpio.  There are a lot more layers to you than you knew, and today offers an exciting peek at some intriguing possibilities.

Take Action:  Stay in the moment and breathe when you catch yourself off balance today and see how easy it is to get right back in the swing.








Wednesday:  The Seer

Well when Jupiter, the Great Expander, joins up with Mercury in Scorpio of course The Seer is the card of the Day.  You have a wise self that you are meant to know better, especially this week.  It’s the part of you that you may unwittingly dismiss when you beat yourself up for those choices you made that didn’t turn out the way you planned.  I have a secret to let you in on, and it’s a big one.  Those weren’t mistakes.  Not a bit.  They may not have turned out as planned but they had a purpose and it isn’t for you to keep beating yourself up with ‘woulda, coulda, shoulda’ thoughts.  Instead laser in and see where those moments challenged you, stretched you, forced you to rely on yourself.  Yes they were painful and this is not to dismiss that pain.  But suffering over it still is where you miss the wise part of you.  It won’t be so easy today because the Sun and Moon are both in challenged aspects to help you transform.  It can be easy to drop back into the wounded place that wants to blame someone or something.  Keep going, because that’s not the right place to stay stuck.  There’s more, a lot more when you tell yourself a careful Truth.  One that honors your pain but also sees your strength, courage and wisdom that came out of that place too.

Take Action:  When the wound screams for attention, give yourself loving kindness.  Then once you have, move from helpless to empowered when you decide you are the better for whatever happened and really SEE IT.







Thursday: The World (New Moon)

Well doesn’t the New Moon come with a surprise.  When you are willing to take responsibility for your feelings, wants and needs without blame for anyone’s failure to meet them, you move into a freedom that can create relationships where your feelings, wants and needs can be met.  You must let go of the young place in each of us that expects our parents to provide for us and where they inevitably failed in some ways.  Adults carry that loss and betrayal pattern into adulthood and see each successive relationship through that first experience.  It can be buried deep underneath all kinds of logical reasons why you don’t want to believe that, and it’s still true.  With Mercury and Jupiter close together, you can get to the bottom of where your hurt feelings guide you to exactly the spot where you need to speak up for your wants and needs now.  Be mindful you don’t shout them at another or sit back waiting and watching to see if they fail.  This is honest dialogue that listens equally to another’s point of view, whether you agree or not.  From here, a whole new world of love and closeness is at hand.  It wont’ always be easy or comfortable.  After all you may not agree with each other as to what’s a priority or what is valued most.  It is a learning curve.  Conflict teaches you more about what you value and where you can stand up for yourself.  It reveals the same thing about another.  See it this way and bitter suffering ceases.  Pain will occur, it can’t be avoided in relationships.  The difference is it’s a cut that can heal with loving attention from both parties.  Now that’s a World worth exploring, isn’t it?

Take Action:  Review your relationship history for the pattern of where your greatest wound shows up and take responsibility for giving that to yourself daily for one week.







Friday:  Two of Arrows

Ah, this two waives the flag of injustice that requires your attention.  The Goddess Discord was ignored and so in her injured pride she caused a great upheaval.  She serves up a form of rough justice.  So too does the disowned places in you.  Tempting as it may be, don’t focus on where justice will be served to those you feel have wronged you or others.  They will have theirs to answer for and your best attention is spent on you.  Today the aspects help you understand where you may be unfair to those in your life now because you see them through the lens of an old wound.  Indeed you may be the one more responsible for re-wounding you when you insist that new relationships are seen through previous patterns.  This is something that is wholly in your power to fix and as soon as you want to do it.  You have to be brave enough to shoulder the responsibility for when you interpret fresh facts without fresh eyes to see.  There is more information available.  Ask for awareness and help seeing and Spirit will guide you.  Time for you to balance your own scales.  From there you receive more fair treatment yourself, because that’s the energy you put out there.

Take Action:  Ask for guidance on where you can bring more fairness to your view of someone you’ve been in conflict with and would like to see it improve.  Then listen and learn.







Saturday:  King of Bows

This King can signify working through a difficult situation and with Mercury opposite the brilliant strategist Pallas Athene, it won’t be a logical answer.  We also have the Moon square both her North and South nodes adding to the unrest of the situation.  Instead of looking for an answer, don’t.  Instead let the situation reveal your pockets of hidden hurts and resentments.  Where have you been ignored or overlooked and how much pain does it still cause you when something comes up that reminds you of it?  Rather than having an outside focus today, turn your gaze inward and let the challenge or problem reveal more about your deep inner workings without worrying about the situation that stirred this introspection.  Transform the need for a resolution and instead turn it into an exploration.  Let go of any external outcomes just now.   Take all that you’ve learned this week and apply it to you.  The outcome may exceed your expectations with the results in days ahead if you can try it this way.

Take Action:  Anything that triggers you today is your green light to explore what’s at the bottom of those emotions.









Sunday:  Five of Bows

This card means activation and it’s perfect for the day that Mars moves into Libra, the Moon moves into Sagittarius and the Sun moves into Scorpio.  Now that’s a whole lot of activation right there.  Fives are always about creativity and this is inspired creativity since it’s the bows.  Passion is at the heart of the best creations, so today, what are you passionately creating?  This card often signals difficulties in the beginning, like a chick pecking its way out of its shell or a butterfly fighting to get out of its cocoon.  Those struggles help to bond you to what is new and untested yet.  When you overcome those obstacles you begin to bond with your desire in a deeper way then if you simply fulfilled it immediately.  When you bring passion to bear on any bumps in the road today or notice where you just can’t be bothered, you’ve harvested some good food for the soul today.

Take Action:  Notice what is worth your effort versus what you can’t be bothered to try to achieve.


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