Live And Love Your Life Purpose

Does this sound familiar?

You’re successful, have built a good life for yourself, you have money, frequently see results that let you know how powerful you are, and by others’ standards seem to have it all.

But something’s not quite right. Okay, you know you’re smart, but can’t figure out why you keep repeating the same patterns in your life.  Others see your fun or glamorous nights out on Facebook and think you have it all.  Meanwhile you look at the coffee choices, the work dramas and/or the relationship ‘not quite right’ story unfolding again and think REALLY?

You know…

  • Relationships – patterns I keep attracting or repeating that so have to GO
  • Something’s missing – You seem to have it “all”‘ and yet you yearn for something more
  • Or finally, what works so well at the office just DOESN’T in relationships(or vice versa) and it feels so deflating that you can’t stretch that success into more than one part of your life

You feel stuck and wonder if this is your destiny and wonder why others seem to feel content, but not you. You question decisions you’ve made asking yourself if you chose differently would it have changed your life and how.


That’s right, change the past and rearrange the future!

I’m here to show you how.

I help you see yourself, your life choices and all that has happened with fresh eyes… with the Truth about YOU. Let’s unlock that Destiny wired into the prints on your hand – the secret code of YOU.

Everything you’ve lived reveals more of what you are ‘meant to do’ – when you KNOW your Life Purpose written right in your hands!

You’re secret powers are literally at your fingertips.  Isn’t it time you use them?

There is so much more to you than you know, and baby it’s absolutely worth your time!  I’m going to show you how to blow the lid off your brain stem’s little old 15% cap on how big of a life you are living!

Don’t you deserve re-viewing your life with expert help and a supportive group of people all reinforcing a brand new BIGGER life that’s waiting for you?

Are you ready to get started?  Click here!

What makes you special can first drive you crazy…You know what I’m talking about, don’t you.

Which means we are going to get into the less attractive things most prefer not to think about, let alone look at and help you TRANSFORM them, right!  How’s that for mental housecleaning – with expert help that is.

During our intensive, I’ll show you how your Life Purpose and Life Lesson are uniquely crafted to help you have the life you really want that includes how those icky bits can HELP you, yes I said help.  And we’ll do it all using insight paired with LOVE.  That’s right, I want you to fall in love with YOU and I can show you how.

Join In The Community to:

Understand Intimacy, Expand Your Capacity for Love

Mindfully Rewire the Brain for More Loving Relationships

Freeing Ourselves from “Control” Strategies that Harm Relationships

Deepening Attention to Explore ‘Who We Are’

Shifting Out of Blame, Pain, and Resentment

A Chance to Open Your Heart to See the Total Goodness In YOU

A guided tour of your Destiny means a guided tour of your patterns and how to go beyond them when you see just how delicious you can be.

Here are some examples of how the Life Purpose Series works for others…

From Corporate Ho Hum to Cordon Bleu Spotlight

From business suits, panty hose, the same old round of boring meetings and conversations to Chef’s training with a wild mix of flavors combined to delight. That’s what’s possible with the Truth’s additional insight.  My client discovered her Destiny is Public Impact in the Creative Arts.  Cut to her auditioning for Mark Burnett in addition to being private Chef for jet-setting clients.  Nothing boring there…

Did her knowing her Destiny change who she is?  Not at all…

Did it make it easier to reach out for things in line with that bigger view of her?  Absolutely!  And that my friends, opens whole new doors of opportunity…

A Bit of Mouse Magic in a Telecom World

Or how about a Mobile Telecom phenom who bailed on her mid six-figure global job to start her own business only to be doubting and questioning her sanity two years later as she struggles to bring about a major shift in the market?  Her Life Purpose  reveals she has a Destiny very much like Walt Disney!

 Talk about fueling the fires of belief when they were burning so low…

This insight opens up a much bigger view of YOU with a ring of Truth you can see spreading outward.

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Take your future in hand and meet the world with the power right there at your fingertips!

Heres what past attendees and clients have to say about Lisa and the course:

The Life Purpose reading and  tele-class with Lisa Greenfield was enthralling and eye opening all at once.  I knew she was speaking the truth because I could feel that truth deeply.  It gave me new tools to cope in areas I knew I was struggling.  I highly recommend both the reading and the classes with Lisa!  Ingrid Turner – Owner Social Brilliance

Lisa Greenfield’s insight and overwhelming clarity she shares with you will “hands down” improve your life. When you leave her you carry with you a new sense of being grounded and a clarity that can only improve your life on a solid day to day basis.   Gary Goldman, 1st AD  Shameless, Entourage

I just finished Lisa’s class about our Life Purpose, Destiny and Lesson. Her knowledge, insights and clarity are brilliant and she is “one of a kind”, taking us into the new paradigm. Anyone would be blessed to be guided and embraced by her teachings and heart. I am so grateful.  Lisa Cohen – Life Coach

We’ll identify and dive into YOUR LIFE PURPOSE.  Curious how it works???

We will take one focused day and two follow up calls where you’ll get to know your mind, body, heart, and spirit up close in way you’ll delight to know-  as it shows up in your hands. We’ll take an honest look at your strengths, your weaknesses, and how to work with each to maximum capacity – harness the buried treasure inside each of us…

In three weeks, you’ll understand how to transform some of your toughest behaviors into your greatest triumphs. After all, it’s action that translates knowledge into power!


Here’s what you’ll receive…

1) Your unique purpose on earth identified in your fingerpints, and tools to help you put that to work and craft a bigger life – work, personal, health.

2) Solid real-world, skill-building ‘exercises’ to help rewire old thought patterns that create disconnect, pain and drama.

3) A supportive community for ongoing reinforcement to live in bigger patterns than what you inherited.

4) An understanding of how you work best, and an applied, practical way of being that accesses the biggest part of you – encompassing the whole of you.


How all this happens…

– 20 minutes teaching

– 40 minutes discussion: applying what you’ve learned to your life, problem-solving, skills training and coaching.


Feeling the I’m IN Vibe?  Click here…

Full Schedule

Dates:  11/8/14 Weekend Option    11/5/14  Weekday Option

Intensive Schedule:

10-10:30am PDT Intro:  How you live Your Big Life – Overview

Building Blocks -10:45-11:45am PDT   Beginning with Earth and sensory retraining

12:00 – 1:00pm PDT   Move to Water and emotional skill building

Lunch Break

2:00-3pm   Big Picture: Add in Air and the brain-train rewire

3:15- 4:15pm PDT   Finish with Fire and our inborn intuition

4:15-4:30pm PDT Recap the day

First follow up the following week – Revisit the elements, the brain retraining and questions answered

6-7pm PDT

Second follow up three weeks after class ends – anchor in the integrated view of you and check in on brain retraining.

Weekend Intensive Date Saturday –  11/1  10-4:30pm

Weekday Intensive Date Wednesday  11/5  10-4:30pm


What’s included in the Intensive:

Life Purpose Research and Reveal – $595  (Priceless Truth about you)

6.75 Hours shared consulting/class time with Lisa – $2,025

One Life Purpose clarity reading one on one with Lisa before Class – $150

Done for you Elemental Worksheets to help anchor what we discuss in class – $300

(Priceless – a community and lifelong portable brain-retraining skills to support your positive growth)

Total VALUE: $3,070

Actual Price – over 80% Discount! 

It never pays to discount your destiny. It does pay to share it with like-minded individuals. Sharing the time with me is how you receive an over 80% discount without any loss in value! For early sign up you receive the one day intensive for the price of the Life Purpose Reading – $595!  Grab yours now, it’s only good for a few days more!


Because I hate price to be the reason you miss out, there is a two-payment plan.  Payments are four weeks apart.

Click here to lock in your payment plan.

The time is right to dive into that bigger, richer, happier you.  Lock in the best price and then let’s start with the best you. We need your fingerprints so your DESTINY can be researched and share with you, so let’s start that ball rolling when you say YES to you.  Make this your best year yet… really see the Truth about YOU is worth loving.

Thank you for the opportunity to share what I love most – the Truth of the best YOU possible,

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