Where Magic Shows Up In Your Hand…

Yep, that’s right – you can see potential for Magic in your hands!  Magic means that easy sweep of being in the right place, at the right time, with the right mix of people for things to change, poof!  And you can see if you have it right there in your hands…

Look for an M shape, and no not everyone has it.  The good news is that you can ADD it to your hands, change your mind and change your line.  I know because I have done just that.  Stay tuned for those who are missing it and I’ll tell you how later.  First to those lucky folks with the mark right in front of them…

Because I am still having challenges with the graphics on these posts, I’m posting the pic on Facebook.  See it explained there in detail.  I’m offering a bonus – for all those who ‘Like’ the page you have a chance to win a Gift from me.  One lucky participant will be receiving my Holiday Gift of a one hour hand analysis reading awarded December 15th.  You can keep it for yourself or give it away, your choice!

Back to the Magic in your hand…It has to do with the MAGNETISM of the heart.  When you start with heart you tap into the magnetic pull that is 5,000 times more powerful than what you think.  This starting point helps bring the things you are passionate about into your life so you can add to it, expand it, build on it and make it as big as you like.

The Magic M uses the Life Line, the Heart Line and the Head Line which we all have.  So the building blocks are there for each of us.  Then add in the Fate Line or Saturn Line that runs right up from your wrist and connects all three major lines. After all, Saturn offers wisdom learned from experience – this is the line that is the backbone of magic.  Good news, right?

We remember stories, so let me share some magic with you from one of my favorites.  This one happened to me after I built up my Saturn line and connected the other three – so it serves was as a reminder of all that is possible for anyone.

I flew to New Zealand for my birthday trip with only 7 days to do both North and South Islands.  A tall order, but I was geared up for it.  I made friends on the long plane ride there when my flight attendant admired my new lipstick shade.  I’d found it in an out of the way little boutique near my house and she had never seen one quite that color.  I thought about it a moment and gifted her with the lipstick because she loved it so much.

It was a brand new tube only worn for that trip, so she was tickled pink – the shade of the lipstick by the way.

When she found out it was my birthday trip she was intrigued.  She asked a few more questions and then let me sleep until we got to Auckland where I would catch the flight down to the South Island.   The second plane ride was a short hop on a smaller jet and since it was now 6am New Zealand time, it was pretty empty.  Guess what, she was my flight attendant again.  Right place, right time, right people…

A few minutes after take off, she quietly told me to follow her.  We walked up to the cockpit.  Keep in mind this was BEFORE 9/11 changed flight rules.  She pulled down the jump seat, stepped out of the cockpit and sat me down with the pilots.  These two hilarious and skilled chaps made me feel right at home.  They proceeded to point out the views from 20,000 feet up so I could see ALL of both North and South New Zealand in one flight.

It was her birthday present to me since I had so little time!  Incredible, right?  It gets better.  They even let me stay in the cockpit through landing.  What a magical flight that was.

This is what happens when your heart, your head and your life are anchored in ways of being that connect you with the big wide world!  It was easy to be generous, the lipstick wasn’t a calculated move, it was an impulse motivated by her enthusiasm and joy over something so simple.  I could get another, it wasn’t expensive so why not give?

That ripple carried out and into something special that I can only describe as Magic.  There are stories upon stories to be told.  Please share one of yours on my Facebook page and you receive a second entry into the free one hour hand analysis reading with me as my Holiday Gift. That’s how much I love hearing the ‘magic’, especially this time of year!

For those of you who don’t have Facebook (it’s true) you can email me at Info@TruthinHand.com.  For all those who email you get an additional entry – that’s up to three entries, if you are counting.  Liking the page on Facebook, sharing a story of your magic moments on Facebook and emailing me you’d like an extra entry!

Meanwhile, tomorrow kicks off the Magic Season starting with Gratitude – the automatic Heart Line booster.  As for me, I’m grateful to have you in my life.  And I’ll be sharing how to add the missing line in our next post.  Stay tuned…

Happy Thanksgiving to all – may you see the Magic in your lives around you!

Lisa Greenfield


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What a great story….. I learned a ton in that one.. like how nice it was to fly before 9/11…… and I didn’t do enough of it then.. GREAT birthday.. such a great way to celebrate!

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