Partial Eclipse of the Heart – This Solar Eclipse & You

The Solar Eclipse Thursday is the bookend to our total Solar Eclipse last August in North America.  It’s right on the heels of Valentine’s Day, and oddly enough, this one’s story is a partial eclipse of the heart.  The gap between what you want to happen and what actually happens is a source of pain and enlightenment right now.  Ego is served up on a platter to reveal the shadows in our love story and other relationships.

We learn in childhood how safe or unsafe it is to emotionally connect with others.  Without big events in adulthood that force us to examine those patterns, we can go on like lemmings to repeat the story even when it doesn’t get us where we wish to go.  Dissatisfaction prods you to honestly evaluate what you want now and assess what it will take to achieve it.  Time to create dreams that collaborate with the world around you rather than compete for what you believe are scarce resources. An additional reminder, trust the timing on all this.  In the gap between the dream and now you notice a rich bounty of fresh information to shape your choice.

Slowing down long enough to make vibrant, updated selections pays off for you.    There are details in this 15 minute audio on how to benefit from this Eclipse Season of discontent.  It has several of my all too human moments in it.  Your generosity in listening is appreciated, I chose to leave them in rather than attempt a perfect recording.

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Imagine what you want your world to look like, feel like.   Give yourself some quality daydreaming time the next few weeks.  It’s a great way to help flush what you don’t want and replace it with more of what you do.  The trick is allow others this same process without seeing differences of opinions as a threat.  It’s possible now and increasingly necessary.  You have a part to play in how this unfolds.  Your longings, wishes and dreams are a unique contribution to the overall story.  What you don’t want is a start towards understanding better what you do want.

These next couple weeks dissatisfaction stands out, so use this clarity to flesh out the opposite view.  From the place of what’s undesirable, navigate towards what satisfies you. Then find  others who long for what you do, or a similar version of it.  Those are your people.  Spend some time with them and watch what emerges.

In answer to the many distress calls I’ve had, here’s a short one on one session for those who need additional insight.  “Problems don’t stay problems, they become something else,” let’s turn yours upside down together. Get specific about what moves you closer to those dreams come true.  It’s good only until midnight Saturday.   Get your reading HERE.

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