Gemini New Moon – Eris, Chaos and A Yes

Today’s New Moon is going to usher in change for you if you are open to it.  With the Asteroid Eris activated it’s time to add back in the feminine power of a different kind.  We’ve had the kick ass version ramped up since the sixties, really coming full circle with the advent of so many really dark and dangerous feminine role models, including shows that glorified Bad Behavior and feminine super heroes that took no prisoners and triumphed through courage and risk.  Definitely stereotype busting expansion out in the world.

I like the full range of options and celebrate the expanding palette of how women do their lives, yet there is one more that is ready to be added back to the pantheon, one I’ve not seen too many examples of in our world .  In this week’s Daily Tarot report you can see The Green Woman archetype came up strongly.  This is the archetype of lush bountiful feminine that uses attraction rather than action to draw in a broad array of options to choose from in life.  It represents a yes to stillness that allows things to develop and come about in perfect time.

This is not a helpless state of inactivity.  But it runs counter to what the Mars/Sun energy asks us the next few weeks as they team up to force change.  Those two add a speed and an urgency to the mix that’s almost visible as it erupts in the urge to do something.  Which makes the feminine pause feel almost out of sync and quite possibly unwelcome for you or those around you.  That very tension is part of what helps unusual applications of the divine feminine energy emerge with strength.

Women have eight ‘switchboards’ in their neural circuitry to help them process emotions.  It’s one of the ways the female brain is different from the male.  Most of our brain is identical between the two genders but a small percentage is different and this is one arena it varies.  Which means the pause is even more important for women right now then men.  What’s wild, though, is the way men process is affected by women’s state of being, so that stillness is a catalyst for so much more than just the individual.

When the feminine is still, receives all the information and allows emotions to flow without immediately moving to act or control it, this has a domino effect thanks to our interconnections and mirror neurons and a lot more geek speak I won’t bore you with today.  If you want to help usher in a safer world, it starts when you allow the chaos to swirl while you manage your fear brain (and those eight switchboard centers if you’re female). 

I’m a big fan of a little exercise I call the Breath of Love .  It’s a simple way to get your brain stem off high alert and puts your frontal lobe back in charge in less than three breaths of time.  It’s free, portable and legal so take it with you and use as needed particularly the next few days.

When the frontal lobe is back in charge you can much more easily get still regardless of what’s going on around you.  Right now the rising tension and change in the world feels really frightening to some, while for others it’s merely nibbling away at peace of mind from the background.  But you can especially feel it in relationships, all kinds of relationships because that’s an extra layer of vulnerability.  Let me give you an example.

Tensions have been bubbling up between people who normally don’t experience a lot of conflict in relationship.  For those who are more used to fights, theirs are scaling up into new heights of emotional spillage.  It’s not easy to navigate that space with Jupiter opposite Uranus in the relationship zone.  Change is upon us and no one escapes it.  So then the only question is how? Now to my example…

One couple I know had challenges the last couple months where the man made choices that really worried the woman as to whether he could be someone to rely on in partnership.  She wanted him to assume more responsibility and threw down a challenge.  It was a bit out of character for her but circumstances and influences urged her to express herself first on the more masculine side.

By the way, a woman’s first example of how to use power as a female is from their Mother.  So it’s not surprising that most women drop into ‘momming’ their partners when they themselves feel unsafe or insecure.  It’s the most familiar form of control we have that goes all the way back to infancy.  Also, not surprisingly, the man in this story refused to give in to the challenge (said no to Mom) and threw down one of his own challenges.  Perfect illustration for what this energy is right now. 

She softened, shifted back into a place where she owned her feelings and shared how his behavior made her feel rather than trying to get him to behave another way.  Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding.  Progress.  The two of them together work on moving forward more organically  that builds intimacy without control strategies rather than with threats or challenges.  Ah, the emerging model for co-creation.  The microcosm will ultimately help shift the macrocosm.  Eventually nations will get there too…

One person, moment by moment, has to risk sharing what they want to create and then invite the other to play with them there.  How they other does it (or doesn’t) shapes what comes next.  It has to have room for the unknown – hello unknown. In a world that offers up Three Steps To Financial Security or the Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People, we demand roadmaps.  Right now, the new maps are still being written and this is what the pause helps contribute, space to map out a fresh path to collaboration.  One that is rich with possibilities and potential.  But first we have to be willing to say Yes to what looks like chaos.

The Universe helps us build trust for the swirling unformed future when we put a hold on so quickly working to define or explain it.  Are you a Yes for this exercise the next few weeks?  Trust me I know how hard it is.  I’ve been almost obsessed with timing things.  It’s my mind trying to grab onto control with something it can measure. The last laugh is on me because the more I try to manage time the more it slides out from under me.  Leading up to the New Moon I caught myself timing everything from how long I spent writing one article versus another, to minutes before I switch loads in the washer and even how long the eggs cooled after boiling them.

I’m laughing because only one of them went as planned.  I did remember to get my yoga pants out of the dryer after 10 minutes to let them finish air drying.  But everything else went spectacularly wrong including boiled eggs that sat out four hours because I missed the timer and forgot they were there.  To eat them or not, now that’s the dilemma?

You get my drift, right?  As the uncertainty mounts and its pressure, you will find your own ways of trying to contain it.  That’s what our minds do, especially the women.  So try breathing to drop in, center yourself and be present with the chaos.  It’s a way of being kind to yourself with all the undercurrents flowing right now.    

Meanwhile, this links back to the Full Moon of May 10th which linked back to the Full Moon of March 11th.  The dominoes are laying out.  Rage, anger, frustration and all the layers in between of the masculine are the flip side of creation passion.  Try to see the Masculine in a different light if you can – after all this is the Gemini New Moon.  There’s room for both sexes and both their principles within us. 

What are you a Yes for also means trust what you are a No for, too.  I love it when a colleague shared this New Moon brought addition by subtraction.  What you don’t have or what is withheld shows you were you are committed, what you long for enough to persevere when you don’t get it immediately.  I imagine it as sculpting.  Michelangelo once said he looked at the stone and cut away anything that wasn’t what he pictured. 

This New Moon perhaps you’d like to set the intention to let the next couple weeks show you where the No’s are there to cut away anything that isn’t a Yes for you.  It’s a healthy way to manage being still, observant and reflective without rushing to action.  Then when you do act, you can be dazzled by how much more is possible. 

Wishing you very well this New Moon,

Lisa Greenfield

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