What’s Your Capacity To Love?

Did you know you can see a person’s capacity to love in their hands?  YepHeart Line - Sample Hand, it’s written right there on our palms using the heart and head line to tell you what the blessings and challenges are for you (or someone you love) – when you know what you are looking at.

Want some help?  Yeah, I thought you might…

The first line placement, the one we all share – is earth.  You can see by the picture that all the other lines travel over the ‘earth’ region on their way to their own particular end point.  If it ends up near the fingers it’s air on the inside finger and fire on the outside finger.  Water is low and straight past the middle finger and ending under the first finger.

Earth is the physical, our bodies and most importantly, the relationship we have with ourselves.  It is marked in flesh and blood. The quality of the relationships we have with others is always resting on top of the relationship we have with US.

When earth is in your heart line placement, your capacity for connecting with others is usually concerned with what you do together.  The caution with this is if you are unaware of the facets of earth, it can make you completely oblivious to your impact on those around you.  Earth can have the hardest time seeing the big picture.  It can get into things quickly for the security a relationship offers.

This placement is the one that most drastically underestimates itself and the world around them.  It leaves you feeling overwhelmed and scrambling until you realize your challenges are there as a pathway to see and understand yourself, your likes, your dislikes and so much more.

This is the one placement keyed into knowing the world is a safe place and you have an honored roll you play in it.  When you finally grasp the truth about how it’s all working together – this placement is a powerhouse.  Until then, you tend to stay with what you know, fighting the good fights. And some not so good ones – you know what I mean earth people.

So this placement can have the biggest challenge with relationships until they flip the viewpoint and turn it on themselves rather than what is going on around them.  Whenever you find yourself triggered, worried, hurt, angry, jealous or more – the place to swing it back to is ALWAYS you.  What’s your story – not what are ‘they’ doing.  This is the secret to moving beyond the starting gate in love.

Does this mean NO or low relationship capacity…?

Guess again.  While earth has the biggest leap to make in relationships, it also brings the most solid, concrete, trustworthy ‘show up for the hard stuff’ energy along with it.  The thing is, earth does best in relationship with patient, good collaboration and then it bears the best fruit!

Until they realize they have good partners, collaborators and loved ones earth has a struggle in store for them.  But it’s struggle with a purpose!  Think of it like the butterfly fighting to get out of the cocoon.  It’s the effort to break free that gives blood flow to the wings and allows it to fly.  Earth is much like that!  Or you can be stubbornly stuck like bedrock that requires dynamite skillfully applied to get it to move…

The same energy goes into the head line, except there it is even more geared towards ACTION.  These energizer bunnies are rarely slowed down long enough to see the big picture.  They are too busy making stuff happen!

After all our hearts are what makes us feel safe, secure, loved and our heads are what we use to go about making those desires real.

That’s the difference between the heart and head line.  It’s also the reason your heart line is the top line on your hand for a reason – heart first, head second.  That’s the combo for real success in living and loving your lives.

Here’s to my MONTH OF LOVE that kicks off today!  Next up let’s talk about water and your emotions, the good the bad and the feeling with their capacity for love.


Thank you and talk with you soon…

Lisa Greenfield



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