Your Daily Tarot Feb 8th -14th – Sweet Valentines

Here’s your Daily Tarot a Week at a time – thank you for your investment with me and I look forward to all this year has to offer!  If you’ve stumbled onto this page thanks to someone sharing it with you and want to be sure you get your own copy emailed each week to have it right in your inbox HERE. Or you can check back Sundays as my gift to you.

It’s my way of giving you some of my favorite creation tools, to make the best stories of each day.  Share them with someone you love.  There’s power in the story we tell ourselves and these visual symbols help make your world a bigger, better creation!  Feeling like a little Tarot just isn’t enough?  Book your session with Lisa Here.

The Card of the Week gives an overall theme to help kick in extra layers of meaning around the card of the day.  Use it as a pair of night vision goggles to help clarify what’s been out of focus or shadowed.

This week has plenty of MAJOR help to transform your possibilities into sweeter dreams come true.  ENJOY!


Card of the Week – Three of Bows

3 Bows Bordered

The three of Bows offers you the sweet promise of your ship almost at the dock.  It’s in the harbor, you can see it sailing in, you are sooooo close to holding what you wish for in your hands.  Savor the approaching good fortune, enjoy the anticipation and know that your vision for what you wish for is at hand.  Just be prepared for it to be more than what you imagined.  Don’t let rigid expectations of what it ‘should’ be keep you from celebrating all the good that is coming your way!





Day One – King of Arrows

King of ArrowsThis high flying gives you clear vision for all the possibilities.  It is the cool breath of fresh air that sharpens your perspectives, clarifies your choices and allows you to make intelligent choices on what’s required next.   Let the full landscape of all that’s in your life give you guidance on what comes next.  Trust the choice you make and watch for analysis paralysis.  Some reasoning is good, to much stops you from acting on it.

Take Action:  See the options ahead of you, before you choose and move in that direction clarify what you want to feel, then prepare to move in that direction.




Day Two – The Archer

The ArcherThe Archer asks you to use yesterday’s big picture to make your aim steady and true.  Rather than actions or outcomes, choose the way you want to feel because of that action or outcome.  Then use the feelings to draw in all the resources available to you to help you land a bull’s eye for your desires.  This card says call on all the parts of you, vision, heart, mind and body to help your dreams come true!

Take Action:  Use the checklist of vision, heart, mind and body – in that order – to see where you have more resources available to you for whatever you wish to make real.  Sit quietly and let all the information become clear.  The Universe wants to help you!



Day Three – The Wanderer

The WandererThe Wanderer says it’s time to trust your heart instead of your head and take a brave leap of faith!  This is not about figuring out what you can do, can make work.  This is about risking going for what you really want and trusting the Universe will come in to help.  The blind leap is required in order to activate the magic showing up.  Don’t decide too soon whether the leap is a success or failure.  Let it all unfold over the coming year.

Take Action:  Write down your big wish, put it someplace safe or burn it and send it out to the world.  Just anchor this moment and the wish!




Day Four – Queen of Stones

Queen StonesThis Queen says the right attitude will change EVERYTHING for you.  Notice the resources you have around you, there is more for you than you realize.  Take a moment, see and appreciate all the natural rhythms in a day.  Nature can teach us so very much, pay attention to what your body feels like in the middle of this season.  Just as the reassurance of the solid earth is something you can walk on, so is the abundance there for you too.  Savor it…

Take Action:  Make a gratitude list of the things you can see, touch, taste and hear that make you feel good!




Day Five – Seven of Stones

7 StonesThis seven says the last few days have helped you heal some of the trauma of last year’s transformation.  Be gentle with yourself and know that time will help you move past the old hurts, fears and struggles while you just pay attention to the cycles, patterns and trust the wisdom of mother nature.  The body knows what to do even without a map to steer by.  Like an animal giving birth, the natural order of things takes over.  Feel your way through the day.  Don’t rush, take your time.

Take Action:  Today let your body decide what is a yes and what is a no.  If it’s a yes, you will feel lighter, happier.  If it’s a no or a not now, you will feel tighter and contracted.




Day Six – The Pole Star

Pole StarOh my friend, you are made of the same atoms that make up the Stars in the sky! This card promises a new hope or a profound change.  Take heart on your journey, while it’s still young and unfolding, your Destiny is at hand!  No darkness, disappointment or delay can stop what is yours from arriving.  Take heart… Your dreams are coming true!

Take Action:  Repeat your big dream from earlier this week at a time that is meaningful to you.  Sunrise, Sunset, high noon.  Pick your time and say it out-loud for the universe to answer you!




Day Seven – The Seer


The Seer says trust the deep feminine magic of knowing.  You are ready to take the visions and ideas out of the possibilities category and act on them guided by all your senses.  Look for signs from the Universe.  Play with the magic of the mystical.  When you truly believe in what you want, the world offers up more than you knew to ask for.  Enjoy your Valentine’s Day – believing in your dreams makes it the love, love, loveliest day!

Take Action:  Pull an angel card, throw the i-Ching, get a reading wherever feels right for you.  Let the oracle give you what you need and use the insight with confidence!

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