Video & A Free Gift With Purchase This Weekend…

I have a gift for you!  I’ll keep it short because I am staggered by the amount of email I am getting this Black Friday weekend.  Whew, right?

I want to share more about YOU that may even help you navigate the season.

When is a little more insight into you a bad thing? I believe, NEVER..

Want  to see what your ‘heart type’ is based on the four elements, Earth, Air, Fire and Water?  Even just knowing that element you can tell a lot more about how you feel safest, where you are most on purpose when understanding any situation.

For example, Earth feels safest with known activities, making things happen.  Water feels safest sharing heartfelt moments with those they care about.  Air feels best when discussing ideas, excited about that huge vista around them and Fire is off investigating known boundaries and exploring ever expanding ways to get to new possibilities.

The featured picture above shows which one is YOUR heart type and this 3 minute video explains it for you in more detail.

The really good news… Your FREE GIFT WITH PURCHASE means you receive the Three Hidden Keys To Unlock Your Life Purpose PLUS an audio explaining each element in much greater detail!  These four individual audios are 90 additional minutes of insight into you along with Your Life Purpose revealed by the Three Hidden Keys.

You get the Keys to the Kingdom AND SO MUCH MORE all for a price over 60% off your Life Purpose reading – plus the $450 value of those gift audios!

I want my Black Friday offer to make a difference – in how you see you!  Share it with those you love. – it really is a present that won’t be forgotten at a steal of a deal!

I invite you to take 3 minutes to check out YOUR HEART TYPE.

Then by all means treat yourself and those you love to one thing they won’t forget this holiday season – the Three Hidden Keys To Unlock Your Life Purpose and the Free Gift Audios to sweeten the deal!

Lots of juicy insight into the wonderful world right in your hands.

The Audios are only included when you purchase by Monday – get your Free Gift With Purchase NOW!  (your $450 value)






Thank you and Happy Holidays!


Lisa Greenfield

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