Solar Eclipse And Important Change

We have a total Solar Eclipse happening next week and if you live in Cairn Australia you will see the sun disappear.  The last eclipse of 2012 and the end of the Mayan long count approaches.    Eclipses have long been an object of fascination, dread and superstition.  After all, the life-giving sun was ‘swallowed’ and appears vulnerable.  To the ancients, if the sun could be swallowed and obscured, how much more weren’t we at risk.


Which is why I am writing you today.  I’ve been silent much of the summer dealing with my own personal eclipses and rebirths.  Much of it from working with so many people who are struggling to shift, transform, make sense of or otherwise survive the crises this year has brought up for them.  I am not excluded from that.  My own odyssey has been strange and wonderful dealing with the transformation that is coming.  It is both freeing and energizing to go beyond ego into the power of a personal choice.  More on that later…


The Mayan myth of the end of the world has to do with the death of ego, where the head is cut off and rolls into the abyss.  Interestingly – that has astrological significance.  The Mayans call the abyss the ‘dark rift’ which happens to correspond with the line up of planets occurring the last months of this year.  This Solar Eclipse is like the ‘head’ or Sun rolling into the dark abyss.  Interesting, yes?


So what does the myth, the eclipse and the astronomy have to do with important change you may ask?  Well, I was hoping you might wonder that…let me see if I can show you what I see.


Let’s look at our relationships.  Having been close at hand to so many struggles with relationships going on, not to mention my own progress along this path, you definitely see EGO make it’s presence known.   In fact, I think ego is one of the most powerful influences in our culture today.   Celebrity worship, extravagant engagements and weddings for marriages that last minutes, teenagers declaring that there is no point in living if you aren’t going to be famous.  Oh yes, ego is alive and thriving.


May I remind you then, that our brain has a unique survival tool built into our unconscious.  It will attack us on our strengths NOT our weaknesses, because the mind reads expansion as risk.  All risk, be it physical, mental or emotional lights up the same region of the brain.  When our brain sees potential risk, our cunning unconscious security system goes to work trying to minimize the damage. It does this by misleading us, stirring up fear and doubt, judgment and criticism as weapons to get us to dial back the expansion.


Which is where EGO comes in to play.  After all, ego is the mask of true self, real self knowledge.  Ego has to have its own way because it requires validation.  Ego can’t share the spotlight because if it isn’t about me, the world will end.  It is false strength that consumes energy without giving much of anything back, always taking rarely giving.


When we let our egos decide it takes us out of the present and contracts the energy rather than trusting ourselves, trusting others and letting the moments unfold.  I have yet to see ego show up where some element of controlling or managing behavior isn’t also present.  You’ve seen it – the ‘who’s is right and who is wrong’ arguments.  Resentment at another for wanting something different than what you want.  Certainty that we have to defend ourselves against attack.


Well, this old behavior is up for an ending.  I personally feel the Mayan calendar points to the end of the world as we know it WITHIN US.  The pressures of the outside world are intensifying as added drama.  People are suffering in very real ways.  Look at the East Coast after Hurricane Sandy.  Don’t get me started on Haiti or even the Tsunami victims that are still struggling how many years later – or Katrina survivors.  The outside world is conspiring to help shift the inside world.  The stakes are very high indeed.  How are you going to do the day to day?  With ego driving, bringing fear, doubt, judgment and criticism along for company?


Or will you tap into the power that rests behind ego, fear, doubt and the others?  Connect with people in a different, richer more uplifting way?  Remember, in order for any real change to translate for us as humans we need to experience an action to shift it from knowing into doing.  That’s the bodies way of anchoring any real change.  The more you do something the more powerfully the change is recognized as real, lasting, trustworthy.  It’s why they say 21 days to form a new habit.  The body needs to experience more than a change of thought, you require movement that mirrors the thought.


If you know you are ready to surrender ego, I am doing a call next Monday night before the eclipse.  It won’t be a bang the drums and scare the dragons kind of call (the way the Chinese weathered the eclipses).   I’ve updated that into a modern equivalent.  We are going to do a five step process on the call to move from the old state of ego and into a more powerful state of knowing with take-aways for those who are serious about making this important change real in the lives and their bodies.

  • We start the call learn how to take the ego mask off and drop into a different way of doing by seeing recognizing current patterns.  Step back, see the whole picture.
  • Then you receive specific information, using the lines in your hand as your personal guide, to re-VIEW your own limitations that ego guards.  Time to let go.
  • You personalize the change for you, making it specific and resonant.
  • Then use that specific personalized change as a way to take your existing wiring and safely expand your possibilities without sending your brain into overdrive.
  • Finally, you have your action plan to move the change through your body and out of the mind’s playing field in time for the eclipse.


Because this is a coaching call the investment of time and money is a way to signal your intention for real shift.  What I invest in, I value.  Is this a change that is valuable to you?

For those of you who know you want the change possible on this 75 minute call, the early pricing of $29 is good until Thursday morning.  Then the price goes up to $39.

How are you going to finish the year?  Whether you do it with me on the call or someplace that pulls you forward, do it knowing that there is nothing you surrender in ego that you don’t get back 1,000 fold in anything you do.

Trust me, I have some short but powerful stories to share on what is possible when you surrender ego to get soooooo much more.  That is where the magic lives, I’m living proof of it.

I want each and everyone one of you who chooses it to have the magic for yourselves.  Join me why don’t you…




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