Love & Be Loved – Healing the Wounded Feminine

“We are not held back by the love we didn’t receive in the past, but by the love we don’t give in the present”.  Marianne Williamson wrote that and this eclipse season is all about healing the wounded place at our core that keeps us from joy and love.  This eight week class walks you back to the more authentic you underneath the scars from the past.

To prepare for the call on February 8th you are invited to bring one story from your past where you felt helpless or hopeless when it came to love.  Don’t edit yourself!   Write it or simply record it on your phone as your starting point.  The goal is to tell the old story where there is pain.  We will work with this story to re-view history, using a variety of tools to help you take back your creativity, power and put an end to suffering from this or any other story.

Send Lisa your birth information with date, time and city plus a picture of your labeled left and right hands.  Be sure she has this by February 6th.  One reminder email will go out and it helps to have the 360 degree view when you begin class so you get the most benefit from it.  Think of the time you take to prepare as a start in self love.  You are worth your time…

The calls will be on Zoom, which can be downloaded for free on your phone or computer in advance.  They are February 8th, 22, March 6th and 20th for the final call.  The invite to join the live call goes to the email you registered/payed with unless you direct Lisa otherwise.  I look forward to accompanying you on the journey back to self love these next couple of months.

Thank you,


Lisa Greenfield