Your Hand – The, Astrology, Elements And YOU

There is powerful information in our hands, literally.  So let’s make sense of this together, shall we?

We all have a body, mind, heart and something more intangible that we call spirit or intuition if you like.  It’s that simple – those four basic building blocks are what each of us play with in our lives.

Everyone has their own set of elements that corresponds to the lines on their hands and astrological sign. Understanding your own elements not only gives you a deeper understanding of your own behavior and patterns, it also helps you gain a deeper understanding of how you relate to others.

Each element represents some of our inborn gifts along with specific challenges.


Earth (in Astrology that’s Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn) represents the physical world, our bodies and our actions.  In your palms is it the short strait heart or head line, ending under an inside finger.  Earth has tremendous power as the place where we connect measurably with each other and the bigger world using our five senses.  It is a rich playground and offers enormous information and feedback for us.

Earth SymbolFor Earth people – I’ll call you Generators because you are the engine that drives so much of the world we live in – you’re discovering Self Empowerment.  Every challenge that comes up, every dream or goal you have is to show you more of how much influence you have in the world.

Remember you are like the seed that must trust the destruction of its shell to bloom and grow while it works with the soil, the sun, the light and the water to become all it is mean to be and bear fruit.  Patience and collaboration are required to help you bloom and make things happen rather than battling what’s happening to you!



Then we have Water and our hearts (in Astrology that’s Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces).  In our hands it is the heart line that stays low and straight ending underneath the first finger or even running off the palm! It’s the head line that ends under and inside finger (ring or middle) curving down towards the wrist even if it doesn’t get all the way down.  In fingerprints is the is Loop.

Water people – I call you Connectors, live in an emotional pool that swims in each of us and can be hard to measure and quantify, unlike our bodies with a precise step by step action.  Emotions have a Water Symbolflow to them and tend to take on the shape of whatever contains them.  It is the unconscious collective of feelings shared universally and is beyond measurement.

Water learns in relationship with others, getting greater understanding of how powerful you are in one to one interactions.  After all, water can wear down a rock!  Trust the flow of emotions will build and fall back much like the waves.  It requires time to see if the repeating wave in then wave out is moving you closer to what you want or showing you where you are ready to let go as the ‘tide’ goes out.  It’s in feeling your way through things that connections become bigger than you ever could have imagined!


Add in Air,  our Mind (in Astrology that’s Gemini, Libra or Aquarius).  In our Heart Line is it the shorter curved line ending in the region up near our middle finger.  In our Head Line it is the straight line that ends underneath an outside finger near the center of the palm.  In our fingerprints it is the Tented Arch.

Air Symbol Air people are our Innovators because Air lifts us up out of the deep well of emotions and gives us the clearer big picture view of what happens to us.  This is where stories are born and we make meaning out of what is within us and going on outside of ourselves.

Our mind is the Air Traffic Control tower showing you how you are powerful in the one to many arena.  The challenge for Air is to remember that to stay in ‘control’ with the mind means being locked in a tower and never on the plane.  Learning to balance the big view with actual experience is what makes your life so much richer.  From that place, the ‘control tower’ your ideas and inspirations help improve the world!



Finally we have Fire which is the spirit or intuition we all have within us (in Astrology that’s Aries, Leo or Sagittarius).  Fire Heart and Head lines go the furthest distance.  They end under an outside finger (pointer or little finger) curving quite a bit up or down towards the wrist. In fingerprints it is the Whorl.

Fire SymbolFire allows us to sense something just out of sight and goes back to survival skills when sensing danger or possibility you couldn’t yet see or understand.  Fire people – my Inspirationals learn where about power in the one to the Divine instinct, what drives us to create more than what we are living and go beyond into creation possibilities.

You are our inspired leaders, sometimes leading by example when you strike out in directions we’ve never thought of going before.  Look for the inspired moments in life and follow the ones that stay clearly lit for you.  Your example draws others to you like moths to a flame.  Be the warmth of Divine inspiration for the right crowd and make our world bigger than we thought possible!



Feeling like a snapshot of you isn’t nearly enough of a good thing… I AGREE!

So let’s get your close up going, why don’t we!

We can do this bite size or you can go all in, pick and choose how much of you it’s time to know…

With so very much of you to reveal, let’s start element by element.

We’ll start at the very beginning, a very good place to start:

Knowing YOU is the first step to making 2016 The Year Dreams Come True!  Here’s the ‘must knows’ about the Uniquely YOU packages.

Get to know you through:

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  4. Two audio Q&A sessions about your element, hear answers to real life problems and how to put your special gifts to best use (Approx. an hour each)
  5. Do it yourself check list with summary and mini quiz to help you check how well you remember some key things to help you

Now all that’s left is to select the Element that’s ‘you’!  Don’t worry, if you have more than one, start with the one that most calls you and look for a surprise in your inbox when it comes to getting more of you. Each option has over 3 hours of YOU time to start at almost 90% off just the audios alone!

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I’m committed to making that as easy as possible for you.  So join me…

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