Your Destiny Is The Journey Of A Lifetime – The Truth Of You

Your destiny is rarely what you think it is, however it is always what you long for.  The bridge between your head and heart is in how you tell your story.

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Your destiny is rarely what you think it is, however it is always what you long for.  The bridge between them is in how you tell your story.  Most of our deepest unhappiness and frustration occurs when we don’t understand our own story.  Instead we see our lives and choices through the filter of inherited beliefs or commonly accepted ‘norms’ that flatten out the richest individuals curves of you.

Relief is always there at the end of your hands.

Your fingerprints, one of the most unique things about you, tell the Truth of your greatest contribution in life, your blind spots and where you struggle.  There are clear genetic maps of where you are at your best and where you are, well, challenged.  Or as I like to say, those places where you’re going to be caught being human.

But surprise, this information also includes a personalized map of how you are best wired to get out of ‘stuck’ and back on track with your gifts front and center!  Where wouldn’t that information be useful, hmmm?

There is an experience ‘at hand’ for you and it can make all the difference in your life, once you better understand the story of YOU.  Are you curious…?

Join Lisa on a gift information call each Saturday in May – or get the recording to see if this once in a lifetime experience is for you.  Register for the call details/recording

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In the Jungle of Peru Lisa shares the deep magic of you combined with a three night Shamanic vision quest.  The vision you receive is the gift of YOU.  Peel off the layers of false conditioning, the mental chatter and drop down into the real core of you.  Once you do, you take that wisdom when you return to your life.

You never lose what you gain here…instead you build on it.


♥ The Experience – Your Truth in Hand Journey


Life Purpose Reading ($595 Value)

Fingerprints Reveal Your Life Purpose – your special gift, the sweet spot where you succeed without effort, often without even realizing the genius available to us.  Your School is where you struggle the most, feeling the lack and contrast until you understand how to translate or transform that struggle into good effort applied for results.  Your School can be every bit as powerful to unlock as your gift is, for it often clouds us experiencing the full beauty of our genius anchored in our Life Purpose.

Finally the Life Lesson represents your tests in life.  Remember, you can Ace a test!  This insight shows you where and how well we navigate between the struggle and the sweet spot so we can adjust and enjoy what we create at a richer level and broader level!  Powerful help when you have it ‘in hand’.

How would your life change if you brought the combined wisdom of all three with you to what you are experiencing every day?

This experience includes a written guide ($199 Value) you use with Lisa to reveal these three keys for you.  Good news is you have it at hand for future explorations and further revelations!  It holds a wealth of insight into you and how you are designed to stand out and where you are meant to belong.

When you commit to the Peru intensive, you receive your Life Purpose Reveal included with the cost of the Intensive.  There is no additional charge for your Destiny, sweet!  Space is limited to six individuals, so be sure to speak up if you are interested.

Trip to Peru May 27-June 2nd – Details here.  (If you are part of the Life Purpose Journey you need to let them know if you contact them directly – limited to 6 individuals)

A Week long exploration of your Truth in an exquisite Amazon jungle, combined with three nights of Sacred Ceremony with traditional plant medicine

Journey work is the perfect marriage of your Truth in Hand and the means to engage more of you in the life you were born to live.  This ancient tribal wisdom combined with hand analysis brings you abundant ways to feel into your heart and see the beauty, power, and magic that is all of you and from there live the life you love and love the life you live

One group follow-up call post trip to anchor what you learn about YOU

Feel free to email me  with questions.  I look forward to ‘seeing’ you


Payment Plans are available.  Flight to and from Lima not included, all other travel and accommodations are included.  See the full itinerary here:

I went to the jungle, and it changed everything for the better.

I want that for you… Join me and discover the Magic of YOU.

Lisa Greenfield