Products – Life Purpose Jewelry

We make our lives more decorative, beautiful, use clothes, tattoos, and jewelry as a statement about our style.  Imagine having actual words about who you are and what’s so very unique and special about you included in your style!

You can do that now with Life Purpose Jewelry – it truly is decoration with a Purpose!

You can wear your a solid reminder of what your greatest contribution and strength you bring to the world right there, close to your heart , written in stone or metal for the world to see and you to feel – any time you like.

Have it etched on Stone or on Metal Dog Tags, you decide.  Your Destiny will look good on you no matter what you are wearing!

The jewelry is the easy part, the first step is your Life Purpose.  Those fingerprints of yours offer over a million possible combinations to help understand the very individual gifts and struggles that represent you.  So how do you get to that Destiny on Display?

If you have already had your Life Purpose Reading with Lisa in the last six months, all you have to do is order using the form below.  Once we have that, we will get started on yours!  Thank you,


P.S.  Don’t worry about the pricing box just yet… We are under construction and appreciate your patience!  You will not be charged again, just taking down the vitals.  What we need is your information and shipping address along with which selection is your choice.  The submit button simply sends us information, not ringing up a sale!