Unlock Love The Relationship Secret In Your Hands

The lines of your hands write your relationship blueprint.  Those curves and shapes reveal your relationship capacity (and your shadow).  They answer the question of how high can you fly and how low you can go.  Are you ready to stretch into a mutually passionate, more satisfying, exciting and even more lasting love with those lines and expert help to guide you?

Then join the Love Unlocked Experience and discover how to make the most with what’s right in your hands.  You’ll want to join if you want any of these results:

Free Yourself from “Control” Strategies that Harm Relationships – (you know, the thing you say you’ll never do again…until the next time)

Shift Out of Blame, Pain, and Resentment – Hello, freedom!

Understand Intimacy and Expand Your Capacity for Love

Mindfully Rewire the Brain for More Loving Relationships – replace those unloving habits that poison connections

Learn Where Your Gifts Go Against Tribal Laws And How To Survive And Thrive As An Individual

A Chance to Open Your Heart to See the Total Greatness In YOU that is meant to be loved (Was that a sigh of relief I just heard?)


This beta experience with Lisa applies the latest updates in Hand Analysis to your relationships over a five week period beginning Monday night October 8th.  Get relationship ready for the holidays with the big Truth in Hand to help you celebrate in your own particular style.

You receive a deep discount for your feedback and participation as the new program unfolds.  Get a better love life while Lisa gets your personal feedback to improve the results from your drive to love and be loved more effectively.

Here’s what you get for your time:

Understand the Love Code language in hands – yours, partners, family and friends – to immediately shift old patterns and struggle (Priceless)

Enjoy live access to Lisa and her lifetime of research on four 75 minute Zoom Calls (free downloadable app with camera for interactive discussion)  ($1,500 Value)

Receive an E-book that details your Life Purpose, Lesson and School and find out where love fits in your Destiny ($199 Value)

Calls will be recorded so you can listen again and again when you need reminding (Priceless)

Total value    $1,699           Beta Experience Actual Price  $150         (Over 85% Savings for being first to experience)

Bonus – receive a private channeled session from our Special Guest Speaker, one of Lisa’s favorite ‘go to channelers’,  Medium Ingrid Turner .  Jump onboard by midnight October 6th and collect yours.  If you want to be sure you grab your seat and take your love life ‘in hand’, book your spot NOW when you click here.

Class size is limited for quality time – so email Lisa quickly if you have questions before you join the fun.  Just put Beta Team in the subject line and she’ll move those questions to the top of the response chain.


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