My Child’s A Star – Destiny In Hand

Would your life change if you won the lottery?

Well, when you know what your unique Purpose is on Earth…

This wisdom is money in the bank!

As a parent you know that warm swell of pride when you see your child do something remarkable, right?  Or that clutch of nerves when they are struggling with something you want to be easy for them…You want the best of everything for them.

It’s natural to want your child to shine the brightest they can, so the whole world can see what you see, even if it’s easier to picture when they are blissfully sleeping, hmmm.

Did you know the Treasure Map of your child’s unique Destiny is one wired into their hands, specific to them from before birth – it’s in their fingerprints.

In your prints rests the sweet spot of each child’s ease and genius along with the place’s we struggle.  The good news is, when you understand the struggle, it helps build mental and moral muscles that enables each individual to live their Destiny!

For example, one shining young lady was giving her parents fits because she bounced from thing to thing to thing without ever seeming to concentrate or engage for any length of time anywhere.  They didn’t want to medicate her but were struggling to understand how to parent and nurture all this rolling energy.

Well one look at her fingerprints and we had our road map.  She was wired for super-overachievement and had a lot of territory in her big Life Purpose.  What became incredibly clear was her Destiny was linked to mass communication and what she was experiencing, even early on, was similar to the frenzy of choices we have today in ways to connect in our world.

Once they knew the goal was to release worry about what she was doing and help her observe and learn how she processes (and later manages) a world of information as her sweet spot – they could support her becoming the Masterful Communicator she is Destined to be…without her feeling shamed or blamed for that big appetite for new information and a short attention span!

With the reading, they knew her mind would bottleneck her, have her swimming in data instead of focusing on her genius of understanding innovative ways to use the data.   The parents could support and help her to shift focus to where it does the most good for her.  I have no doubt we will see her talents someday in the not to distant future!

Knowing how to leverage the gifts and work with the challenges can mean a world of difference for parents.  After all, this reading is the most customized insight you can get short of a DNA report.  It’s written in their hands! (Fun for the whole family when you can see where Destinies intertwine, too)

Having this level of insight can mean you help your child know themselves, really know themselves and their place in the world.  With that information, worlds can shift!  After all, Walt Disney didn’t have the biggest Destiny out there, he simply did the most with his!

Would you like to give your child the kind of support that means, as one way they can live their biggest life possible with the most joy?  Like winning the lottery in life, indeed…Get yours HERE!

Lisa Greenfield has read well over 20,000 hands in her lifetime and brings a rich history of practical experience, special training and heart for children (and parents) to her readings.

All that’s required is clear digital photos or scans of each fingertip and print, (if you aren’t in the Hollywood area for in-person) labeled as to which hand and finger, then the research begins.  After all, with seven print types and ten fingers, a mathematician recently told Lisa there are at least 3.5 Million possible combinations.  That’s pretty specific information in our hands, right!

It takes up to a week to research and then you have your choice of in-person or recorded phone sessions for the ‘Reveal’ of your child’s Destiny!  You also receive a one page summary to refer back to for a guide line on keeping your child focused in the direction that best serves their gifts!

What are you waiting for… Your child’s Destiny is RIGHT AT THEIR FINGERTIPS.  Why not unlock that treasure chest and let your whole family benefit from the riches.  This information serves you all the rest of your lives!  Now that’s an investment that pays off…Right!


Want the inside scoop but have an eye on the budget, don’t worry, there is a family-friendly option for you to do at home.  Lisa’s Three Hidden Keys E-Book walks you through how to do it yourself.  It comes with a group call once a month to get your questions answered about how to understand the process.  It’s that important to me that you tap into your Truth in Hand…

Here’s what some of Lisa’s Clients wanted to share about what this insight can do for you!

“Lisa’s life purpose reading was like she was looking into my soul and explaining to me how i tick and where i am going in my life and the greatness that I am pre-destined for!  It is so beautiful to have this angel on earth (Lisa Greenfield) help me see the guideposts inside myself and in my life and to TRUST them… it really  has helped me to know myself deeper and know what I am up to in this beautiful lifetime, not to mention Lisa has given me such excitement to what my life has in store for me!”  Tracy Jai Edwards, Actress

Doing Lisa’s “Life Purpose Reading” was incredibly beneficial in giving me additional insight on things which I always felt was inherently holding me back from my full potential, but was never able to effectively articulate or verbalize.  What I had received was an incredible amount of clarity on the needed balances I need to create in my life to find my full power.  Since then, I’ve found myself really living in the flow, which is what we all desire, right?  As a creative + business professional, I’ve found so much more business and opportunities come my way, and the best part is, I find that I am now living in a space where I KNOW, not in a theoretical sense, but truly feeling that more abundance is coming my way.  Thank you Lisa!!!   Michael Antosy

My life has improved dramatically since Lisa Greenfield came into it! My friends and family will attest to this – just ask for the list of amazing events professionally and personally that have taken place! My Life Purpose reading helped me with aspects of myself that I’ve felt have been challenging for me for many years. I used to feel somewhat afraid of my own power, but that is no longer the case. I now am fascinated and inspired to explore my own sense of empowerment, and her reading gave me ‘permission’ to truly get in touch with what I need and to cultivate the courage to ask for it. I have also experienced a newfound sense of trust in life and trust in myself.  Run, don’t walk, to a the gift of a Life Purpose reading with Lisa! We all deserve such truth, love, and connection in our lives.  Katharine Leonard

I have seen myself spiritually and professionally grow by leaps and bounds from working with Lisa. I have a new found confidence that escaped me before. She has so much love and compassion for her clients. She is driven to help you succeed and will stop at nothing to see that happen. She gives more than you have paid for by selflessly going the extra mile. I highly recommend Lisa and her talent, and her intuitive power. She is the new era of spirituality. You can trust that you are going to see results, but you have to be willing to do the work!  Tracy-VP of Design Entertainment Company



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