Fall In Love With YOU – With Truth In Hand

You are invited for one of a kind experience to spend quality time getting to know the biggest part of you, one revealed by your own body.  It is your Unique Purpose on Earth!  It’s never to late to really SEE the Truth of YOU.

Do you want to know what self love is?  Well investing quality time and attention getting to know YOU, really seeing the Big Truth of you, is one very powerful way. The whole Truth of who you are is so much bigger than the comfortable (or uncomfortable) ways you may be used to ‘seeing’ yourself.

What happens when you permission and a place to give yourself much needed, focused and loving attention?


Life reshapes itself around us and eases up or changes when how we define ourselves expands.

All our relationships with others, family, friends, lovers and spouses transform when we change how we see and relate to ourselves.

Self love is the tipping point, the deepest transformation and the most powerful investment for joyful change.  But how does one learn to love oneself better?  It’s in the quality time you spend with you, about you.

Which is why this experience is so powerful.  Using Lisa’s background and training she pulls from resources that includes neuroscience, psychology and metaphysics to give you both the practical and the mystical tools loved and used by people around the globe.

You will see yourself in a way that is so absolutely unique to you that no two fingerprints are the same, you are that special and one of kind.  Let’s explore what this means to you in ways that will shape how you do each day moving forward to allow more fun in and keep stress and yuck well handled and balanced!

If you are ready to see and love yourself more deeply, honestly, expansively – then this is for you… Because working together getting to know you is LOVE IN ACTION.

This quality time focused on what’s unique about you, special about you and how you relate to that expanded view of you gently replaces unloving ways you learned as coping skills.

Plus, having the best parts of you witnessed by others in safe space anchors that bigger Truth in your body, heart and mind.

Discover where you were specifically designed to shine, what keeps you stuck and how your individually tailored path to get out of challenge and into your Genius Zone .  Now isn’t that worth some of your time?  It’s never too late to love more of you!

Feeling ready for a change, change that starts with you making you a priority for a few hours?    Grab yours here…

Join In The Experience to:

Expand Your Intimacy and Your Capacity for Love starting with YOU

Mindfully Rewire the Brain for More Joy

Free Yourself from “Control” Strategies that Weigh Down Relationships

Deepen Attention while You Lovingly Explore ‘Who I Am Now’

Transforming Blame, Pain, and Resentment to Rework the ‘Sticky’ Out of Your Life

Aligning with Your Unique gifts to better share them with the world easily

A guided tour of your Destiny means you see just how delicious you can be – and that it’s revealed by your own body!

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The Call Series is spread out over 4-6 calls depending on the size of the group.

We identify and dive into YOUR LIFE PURPOSE.  Curious how it works???

How all this happens…Each section of the day includes:
Section 1 – Your Life Purpose, Lesson and School – What they mean and how to put that information to work living and loving your biggest Destiny.  You came here to contribute your very own ‘something’ and if you’re still here there’s upside!

Section 2 – How you are uniquely wired to create and act from a powerful place in your life revealed by your fingerprints – I’ve got news, life gets a whole lot easier and more fun when you know how your are divinely ‘wired’.  Doesn’t that sound good?

Section 3 – Putting it all together to get your blueprint for owning and operating your very own Destiny and living your Purpose on Earth.  Practice using the scoop on you to make your new awareness part of every day.  Be different without struggling to be different – just by being more of the authentic you!
The Experience is recorded so you don’t have to miss a detail about you.  Listen as often as you need reminding about the bigger Truth of you!

These three groundwork call segments show you how your mind, body, heart, and spirit up close in ways to that will amaze and delight you to know-  as it specifically shows up in your hands. We’ll take an honest look at your strengths, your weaknesses, and how to work with each as you were specifically designed for success – harness the buried treasure inside each of us… Even your faults have hidden treasure and this experience is a way to understand and transform your relationship with those shadow elements we all have.  Relief and amazement are just a click and a call away.

You’ll understand how to transform some of your toughest behaviors into your greatest triumphs. After all, it’s action that translates knowledge into power!  You will also receive an invitation for the follow up call end of the month to check in to make sure you have support as you expand on your new knowledge and take it into the world.

What’s included in the Experience:

Life Purpose Three Hidden Keys Guide  – $199 Value (Priceless Truth about you, your Life Purpose, Life Lesson and School)

6 Hours shared consulting/class time with Lisa – $1,800

Done for you Elemental Worksheets to help anchor what we discuss in class – $400

(Priceless – shared brain-retraining skills to support your positive growth)

Total VALUE: $2,399

Actual Price – $595    A 75% Discount! 

It never pays to discount your destiny. It does pay to share it with like-minded individuals.  Sharing the time with me is how you receive a 75% discount without any loss in value! Grab yours now, it’s only good for a few days more!

Here’s a simple summary of what you receive when you say YES to your Destiny now!

1) Your Three Hidden Keys Illustrated Guide to identify your unique purpose on earth identified in your fingerprints, and tools to help you put that to work and craft a bigger life – work, personal, health.  Refer to it over and over when you need reminding of how special you are!

2) Solid real-world, skill-building ‘exercises’ to help rewire old thought patterns that create disconnect, pain and drama.  (Did I hear a sigh of relief?)

3) A supportive community for ongoing reinforcement to live in bigger patterns than what you inherited. (People who see the big Truth of YOU)

4) An understanding of how you work best, and an applied, practical way of being that accesses the biggest part of you – encompassing the whole of you.

How all this happens…Each call segment includes

– Lisa’s teaching time

– Interactive hand’s on coaching and discussion: applying what you’ve learned to your life, problem-solving, skills training and coaching.

All calls are recorded so you don’t have to miss a detail about you.  Listen as often as you need reminding about the bigger Truth of you!


Because I hate price to be the reason you miss out, there is a two-payment plan.  Payments are three weeks apart to be sure you can enjoy getting to know you with a little less struggle.

Click here to lock in your payment plan.

With your own body giving you insight and a few hours of export support you can unlock those secrets and turn your struggles into efforts rewarded, turn challenges into triumphs and have a lot more JOY in the process.

I’m going to show you how to fall more deeply in love with you in a way that will keep on building and growing over your life time.  This new, richer relationship with you will ripple into all the areas of your life, then just watch what happens!

Start UNLOCKING those hidden keys… This is FOR QUALITY TIME WITH YOU. 

Here are some examples of how the Life Purpose Love YOU Experience works for others…

From Corporate Ho Hum to Cordon Bleu Spotlight

From business suits, panty hose, the same old round of boring meetings and conversations to Chef’s training with a wild mix of flavors combined to delight. That’s what’s possible with the Truth’s additional insight.  My client discovered her Destiny is Public Impact in the Creative Arts.  Cut to her auditioning for Mark Burnett in addition to being private Chef for jet-setting clients.  Nothing boring there…

Did her knowing her Destiny change who she is?  Not at all…

Did it make it easier to reach out for things in line with that bigger view of her?  Absolutely!  And that my friends, opens whole new doors of opportunity…

A Bit of Mouse Magic in a Telecom World

Or how about a Mobile Telecom phenom who bailed on her mid six-figure global job to start her own business only to be doubting and questioning her sanity two years later as she struggles to bring about a major shift in the market?  Her Life Purpose  reveals she has a Destiny very much like Walt Disney!

 Talk about fueling the fires of belief when they were burning so low…

This insight opens up a much bigger view of YOU with a ring of Truth you can see spreading outward.

Clicking here means saying YES to knowing YOU, and committing quality time to do so.  You are worth YOUR TIME!

Take your future in hand and meet the world with the power right there at your fingertips!

Heres what past attendees and clients have to say about Lisa and the course:

The Life Purpose reading and  tele-class with Lisa Greenfield was enthralling and eye opening all at once.  I knew she was speaking the truth because I could feel that truth deeply.  It gave me new tools to cope in areas I knew I was struggling.  I highly recommend both the reading and the classes with Lisa!  Ingrid Turner – Owner Social Brilliance

Lisa Greenfield’s insight and overwhelming clarity she shares with you will “hands down” improve your life. When you leave her you carry with you a new sense of being grounded and a clarity that can only improve your life on a solid day to day basis.   Gary Goldman, 1st AD  Shameless, Entourage

I just finished Lisa’s class about our Life Purpose, Destiny and Lesson. Her knowledge, insights and clarity are brilliant and she is “one of a kind”, taking us into the new paradigm. Anyone would be blessed to be guided and embraced by her teachings and heart. I am so grateful.  Lisa Cohen – Life Coach

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If you know you want your Destiny and prefer to ‘Do It Yourself’, then take advantage of the Illustrated Guide to “Three Hidden Keys To Unlock Your Destiny”.  Lisa walks you through how to read your own prints, and start living that bigger life.

Thank you for the opportunity to share what I love most – the Truth of the best YOU possible,

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